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Writing Rooms give you more control of your writing projects

Decide who sees and who works on the writing projects

Provide writers with real-time feedback each step of the way

Gain insight into how voting was cast by entry

Detailed stats on writing

Who uses Skrawl Writing Rooms?

Studios & Publishers

The Skrawl Writing Room can serve as an online writing room for studios, publishers, or anyone that has an idea for a story or script. Skrawl is the industry’s first online writing room helping connect writers side-by-side and streamline their work on ideas, stories, new episodes, and scripts.

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"Skrawl allows our writers to collaborate with fans and steer storylines in all new directions. It gives the control we need to better manage our writing projects."

Erik Yeager, Director of Media
Legendarium Media

Universities & Colleges

The Skrawl Writing Room is perfect for engaging students in the classroom. Teachers or Professors can orchestrate a class project, view entries from each of the students, provide real time feedback, and monitor progress through a comprehensive statistics board.

For Universities & Colleges
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"Skrawl is perfect for engaging students in any class or education level."

Dr. Anamika Ghoshal, Assistant Professor of Criminology
Stonehill College