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Write about anything — seriously! Ideal for any idea, topic, subject or major


Provide students with feedback & comments in real-time


Allow students to write independently or work together in groups


Encourage deliberation & conversation through collaborative writing

A New Approach to Assignment Writing

Key Features

  • Invite-only access
  • One-to-one feedback
  • Customizable deadlines
  • Real-time analytics
  • Track students’ progress
  • Ideal for groups of 5 or more
  • Easy to use
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Universities & Writing Groups

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"Skrawl is perfect for engaging students in any class or education level."

Dr. Anamika Ghoshal, Assistant Professor of Criminology
Stonehill College

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What They Wanted To Do

Increase student engagement and participation through collaboration amongst classmates and the integration of technology

What They Did

Dr. Anamika Ghoshal and her “Writing for Criminology” students used collaborative platform Skrawl to create six discussion projects on topics and themes introduced in the seminar

What They Accomplished

Inclusion of new technology and collaborative approach to writing increased students’ participation throughout the semester by 247 percent and provided students with a new opportunity to review the curriculum

Who Uses Writing Rooms?

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • MFA Programs
  • Writing Groups & Workshops
  • Book Clubs
  • Publishers
  • Screenwriters
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