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Bit 1 Chapter 1

Stepping off the plane, he shielded his eyes from the harsh sunlight that seemed to be illuminating the small tarmac at the Westmead airport in the small town of Belmead, which happens to be about 8 hours away from his small home town of Lorwick, located in Arias, Rosewards. He sighed in sadness; he wasn’t expecting to be home so soon, especially without T. Again he sighed not wanting to attract attention to himself or his uniform he hurried into the building and for the luggage carousel, picking his duffel bag and backpack out of the line and headed towards the counter to check-in with the clerks so they could inform headquarters that he had made it safely. The lady smiled at him briefly and scanned his identification card, punched in a few things into the computer and handed him a stack of papers in a manila folder, she smiled again and sent him on his way. He grabbed his ID and the folder, shouldering his bags he headed for the arrival area for pick up. It was downfall or working for the military, having to wait on someone to come get you from the airport, instead of doing it yourself. He smiled slightly knowing he would get to see his family again, but it just wasn’t the same not without T. It just wasn’t the same; he didn’t know what he would do now. He felt lost as his boots collided with the airports concrete floor, and he didn’t know if he could put on a brave face for his family. Hell he didn’t even know what he was going to do with his life now. All he knew was his love wasn’t with him and that he had to deal with it somehow. Rounding the corner to the arrival area his mind was shattered from its thoughts when he heard a shrill screech and “CAIIIIDEEEE” come from a blurry bounding blob. Than he felt the thud of the figure colliding with him. “Katie-Katz” he called back hugging his sister so tight he thought she would combust “I’ve missed you Caiyden and I am so sorry about T. I know this is hard for you but we will get through this together, all of us will” she murmured to him and slightly let go of him and tried to grab his bag and there it was his realisation that the events that happened in the war zone not only affected him and his love life but it also effected those around him. That he could grieve and mourn with those closest to him before it was time to lay his man to rest, before it was time for their final farewell or as T would have put it their “till death do us part” . He sniffled at that though and followed his sister out to the family vehicle where his parents were waiting for them, both smiling yet the sadness showed in their eyes as clear as the sea. His mother was the first to hug him, like only a mother would with so much compassion and sympathy he thought it would smother him. “Hi Mom” he managed out slightly. He didn’t know if he could actually speak now, or even if he could actually function all he knew was he needed to hold it together till he was alone in his room. His mother whispered words about love and loss to him and how it would take time for him to truly love again, yet he didn’t actually believe her. It was impossible for him to love again, his heart was gone. He let go and slowly moved onto his dad whose normal stony expression was replaced with a look so heart wrenching Caiyden wished his father’s normal expression was back. He went to go shake his father’s hand “Sir” he murmured softly His dad nodded an engulfed him in a hug “Son, I am so sorry” he said. With that Caiyden knew the flood gates would open and all of a sudden he couldn’t control his tears, he started sobbing uncontrollably as his dad tucked him into the back of the vehicle and buckled him in like a child. Everyone soon followed suit and got into the car for the journey home, which on a normal occasion would be filled with chatter, laughter, music, memories and well stolen kisses from T, but now that was all gone, the happiness that had surrounded Caiyden was now gone and all he could think as his parents pulled out of the airport lot and onto the winding busy roads Belmead and started the 8 hour trek home, was “Will the pain ever stop cause internally I feel like I am dying without him and there is nothing I can do to bring him back and it is all my fault.”


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