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“Excellent well,” Lord Arryn said in reply, appraising Ned with a look with which sensation lingered long after the glance was gone. This was a man who knew and was capable of quickly judging a variety of people. Ned just hoped when weighed by such he was not found wanting. “A bit more than a pup, I wager,” Arryn added with a nod to Ned’s father.

“He will be a fine and worthy foster, I assure you.”

“One can only hope.”

“And you, Ned, are you excited to join my household and be raised as one of my own?”

“Excited does not fully describe the emotion, my lord,” Ned said, peering at his father. To turn him out—without a word of warning… He had done nothing but bring honor to his family and now this—to be nothing more than a hostage in another man’s home, learning his ways, and not his own. Ned exhaled and steeled himself. Still, there might be an advantage to be had—surely his father would not throw him away but place him strategically. Lord Arryn was peering down his nose at him, deciphering his words and tone. Ned straightened his back and pushed back his shoulders. Quiet Wolf or not, now was the time for well-placed words. “I am honored, my lord.”

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