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Bit 1 Before A King

Eddard (Ned) Stark, the head of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North, was dedicated husband and father. Later betrayed by his political allies and arrested for treason, he is forced to confess a crime he did not commit to protect his family. He would be executed at the Joffery Baratheon. This would create the conflict between the House Stark and House Lannister that set the stage for the War of the Five Kings.

As a young child, he quickly developed his skill a swordsman. Eddard was the second son of Lord Rickard Stark.  Lord Rickard served King Aerys II Targaryen as Warden of the North. Eddard's older brother Brandon was Rickard's heir. Eddard also has a younger sister Lyanna and a younger brother Benjen.  As he developed into a young man, Rickard took notice and found Eddard a a stoic, dutiful and honorable young man. 

One early Summer day, Brandon, Ned's oldest brother and Rickard's future heir, was working on his fighting skills with Lars; one of Rickards best soldiers. Lars stood well over six and a half feet tall and carried scars across his face from. "Boy don't just stand there," say Lars. Ned picks up one of the swords. "Now fight your do it. Attack him!" 

Brandon thrusted his sword toward Ned and knocked him back as well as the sword from his hand. Ned couldn't believe his brother attacked him so forcefully. This would enrage him. Ned stood up tackled Brandon to the ground and began punching him in the face over and over again. Lars finally pulled Ned off his brother and restrained him. 

Minutes later, the horns sounded. Someone was entering from the North wall. This person would change the course of Ned's life forever. 


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