Bit 2 Finally going to Hogwarts

Me, my mother and my brother all run out the door making sure that my father can't hear us leaving the front door, because today is the day when I will be leaving for Hogwarts. But at the same time I am really worried that they won't be safe without me. "Mother will you two be safe? I would hate to go knowing you won't be safe." I asked worried.

She nodded as she pushed me into the car. "I informed the minsetry and said that there isn't any free wizards at the moment to take his memermory away, and already to many of our neighbours know about us, to put it on hold so fast. The only thing that they can do is to put me and your brother at a safe house." She smiled as she thrown up on the side walk. "Stupid Pregnacy." She moaned.

"Mum you not pregent again are you?" I asked.

"Winona I will talk to you through Owl, at this moment in time i need you to get on that train and be safe from your father, as he will use you to keep us." She agued and from that i spoke nothing as we drove to London train station and we made our way to platform 9 3/4. I then hugged her as i made my way onto the train.


On the train i found an empty compartmant and sat down and pulled out a book that was given to me by my grandmother. It was called The Warriors: The sight. It sounds quiet interesting. 

Bit 1

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  • Summer Helm
    Summer Helm almost 4 years ago

    The plot could be more interesting/enthralling if small grammar/spelling errors were fixed.

  • Skrawl Community Manager
    Skrawl Community Manager almost 4 years ago

    I love the cover for the warriors book! the cat looks like my cat