Six a.m, March 13, 2013, my mom comes running in. I was screaming because I couldn't feel my legs because I was in so much pain. I couldn't walk and it was getting harder to breathe. My twin sister, Kaitlin, was getting very scared and my youngest sister gave me her favorite blanket because it makes her feel better when she hurts. My mom took me to the doctor and they ran blood tests. Turns out, my hemoglobin levels were at a 6.4 and at 14 they were supposed to be at a 12 or 13. I was told to go to Kansas City the next day for a blood transfusion. March 14, 2013: I walk into the hospital ready for the transfusion and I was a nervous wreck. It was over in three hours. And the worst thing happened nine days later. My body rejected the blood given to me.

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