I want to go home.

I don’t want to be here, they’re trying to force me to do things, terrible things. They locked me in the room as they all stood surrounding me. Lilly taking the first move. “You have to go in the closet with each of us and do something.” I knew exactly what she was talking about. I was so afraid I just stood there. Mia calls out, “you and Victoria have to go in the closet now.” As my heart began to pound, I closed my eyes hoping this wasn’t real. I went into the closet with Victoria, they shut the door. I tried to open the door just to find them holding it shut. Victoria forced me to kiss her and touch her in different areas. Knowing I had to do this with two others just made me feel so numb inside. I just wanted to play with someone my age for a change.

I have done everything that was told of me. Before they let me out of the room, they made it very clear that I couldn’t mention this to anyone. I rushed out the room to find an adult to ask if I could call my mom. Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep my calm and act normal. I call my mom to tell her to come get me because I’m not feeling too good. Feeling a bit of relief when my mom said she was on the way. I sat outside on the steps waiting for my mom, didn’t move a muscle. Trying to figure out what just happened, I just didn’t understand it.

My mom finally pulls up and before she could make a complete stop, I was already opening the car door. “What’s wrong with you,” she said. Umm, I’m just not feeling too good. We ate noodles and I guess my stomach didn’t agree with it.

Cover Bit 2

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