Won By:
Julie Callcott

Competed against 10 entries

Bit 2 My Street

Thinking back to a time when I was a child

Of maybe eight, nine or ten,

And we would play hide and seek there

Then when found, start all over again.

It was a proper road to play in

Where cars were slow and few,

And if you didn't know the driver

They would always definitely know you!

My parents owned the General Store

On the corner of My Street,

Selling it all from a pin to an elephant

To make any visit complete.

Our neighbours were so lovely

Known to us as Auntie and Uncle in this day,

Where help and understanding was no more

Than a knock on the wall away!

Games for us were simple

Just a piece of chalk and a brick to play,

A gentle game of hopscotch

Before the rain fell and washed it away.

Then on moving house in nineteen seventy seven

Came a totally different place,

With no business ties to restrict anymore

And we had loads of garden space.

The first thing that I really remember

Was that this particular year,

Brought Silver Jubilee Celebrations

For our Queen who we love so dear,

We all received an invitation

To join the street party no less,

With bunting hung from lampposts

And triangular sandwiches of mustard and cress.

Balloons, cake and fizzy drinks

Ice Cream, Crisps and music to share,

Showing a cause of celebration

With happiness spread everywhere.

There were pristine white net curtains

Hanging at windows regularly cleaned,

Floors were moped and streets were swept,

And your doorstep almost gleamed!

It was a place that had security

Where we could laugh or shed a tear,

Somewhere to find companionship

Everyday throughout the year.

Bit 1 Bit 3

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  • GI
    Gary Ives 4 months ago


  • AD
    Ann Doman 4 months ago

    Well done Julie, a different way to tell a story.

  • MB
    Miss Kerry Ball 4 months ago

    Congratulations Julie.

  • AC
    Ann Chilton 4 months ago

    Congratulations Julie, beautiful writing.

  • PC
    Peter Chilton 4 months ago

    Well done Julie, this was my favourite.

  • JC
    J Chilton 4 months ago

    I agree with you Andrea. I found it difficult to choose.There was more than 3 I could have voted for.

  • ar
    andrea robathan 4 months ago

    All of the entries I read were good for different reasons, and so it was very hard to decide on which to vote for - well done everyone.