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I can’t spell by AGD

I can’t spell, well that is to say I’m not the greatest speller in the world and thank God for the person who invented the spell checker. You may wonder why I make such a statement but over the years I have convinced myself that the reason for this affliction is changing schools at the age of seven. Strange as it might seem I can spell words like thrombocytopaenia due to my career in the National Health Service, but then I used it daily, but when it comes to common little everyday words, forget it, the brain goes blank. I have a problem with the le, el or ly endings of words and have to think very hard about the usage of as and has.

Until two months prior to my seventh birthday I attended a school in the West Smethwick and in the November of that year I moved with my family to Brades Village, funnily enough this location was approximately half way between where my parents grew up. On the Monday after we moved into our new house I was enrolled in the local school in Tividale and it was at this stage in my education that things changed,

Although I had only been in full time education for two years I had read all the infant books, I think it was the Dick and Dora series, and had progressed to the Wild Ranger Books that the junior pupils read. Each book, depending upon which on you were reading, had a different coloured stripe running across the front cover. If I remember clearly the last one I read had a purple band, no that’s not quite right, lilac would be nearer the true colour. To me these were proper grown up books being hard backs unlike the soft ones that the infants used.

Anyway, when I went to my new school I don’t think the teaching staff believed I could read to that standard and put be back on baby books, Janet and John this time. Did all schools at this period use the same sets infant reading books? Due to this regression back to baby readers I lost interest in reading and I’m honestly convinced this is when my spelling ability declined. To put it plainly I was bored with these simple books.

What I remember most about the Wild Ranger Books was the story about the naughty monkey. Not so long ago I mentioned this story to my mom who defiantly thought I had finely lost the plot. Let me tell you the tale of this very naughty primate. If I recall it correctly this monkey escaped from a travelling circus and went exploring around the town. One of his escapades was on entering a house via an upstairs window and after gaining entry to the lady’s bedroom he began to investigate her dressing table. Here the cheeky chappie began putting on her necklaces, bracelets, hair slides, rings etc. before finally discovering her face powder. This was not the type of small compact used by ladies today but the old fashioned loose stuff with a powder puff. Well I’m sure you can imagine what happened next. A powdered monkey, dressing table, bedroom carpet, you name it monkey made sure it was decorated with face powder. He surely had fun until he was recaptured by his handler from the circus.

Maybe these childhood memories are not quite true in reality and I’m finding an excuse for my poor spelling but then again there just maybe a grain of truth in it.

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  • MB
    Miss Kerry Ball 4 months ago

    I have wrote the second theme It's My Street. Fun read. I do hope though, although you won My School.It would be worth entering in the second theme also as there's always a chance of a double up win! I will be writing the 4 themes. So come on get that pen a rolling again. Good luck!

  • ar
    andrea robathan 4 months ago

    An interesting piece, well written. Congratulations.

  • GI
    Gary Ives 4 months ago


  • MB
    Miss Kerry Ball 4 months ago

    Congratulation and well done to you.