So at this point I was about 7 going on to 8 years old, I was really enjoying my life well new life living with martin, martin was quiet popular, so there would always be people around the house, if it wasn’t his friends it was his family. It was always nice to have people come around.

I remember my mum being quiet sometimes she was happy with martin, they would dance with eachother, cook together in the kitchen. We would go to the kingdom hall as a family. But even though I was very young something didn’t seem right. I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

One night when I was sleeping, my door opened and someone came into my room, it was martin he woke me out of my sleep, I don’t know what time it was but it was late at night. He said “jen jen” and tapped me on my shoulder gentley a few times. I didn’t no what he was waking me up for I just assumed something had happened.

He said “I wanted to play a game with you” I said “what game” confused? He said “whatever happens this is going to be our secret”. I didn’t say anything and I was still half asleep. He sat by my bedside where I was laying down, the name of the game was horsey’s. he started to stroke my arm down to my hands.

I just layed there and smiled slightly, he then stroked my leg and slowly pulled the sheets off me. He said “you’re a good girl Janelle and I care about you a lot but this has to stay between me and you, do you understand”? I said in quite a quiet voice “yes ok” a lot of things didn’t make sense to me. I even said to him “why cant we play this game at a normal time instead of the night”? he replied “ because certain games can only be played at night time or when mummy is not around”.

I said “does mummy no about this game”? “no”! he replied in quite a firm voice, mummy most importantly should never no..because she wouldn’t understand”. “Ok” I replied anxiously. I did find it weired that mummy couldn’t no about it but I just thought it was a daddy and daughter thing so I thought NOTHING OF IT !

What was more twisted about this situation is he said its completely normal and as a child its something your going to believe……….. what he did next started to make me even more confused. He lifted up my pyjama top and slowly started to touch my chest, I started to think to myself ( this is a weird game of horsey’s) but I just went with it because I trusted him………….he said “this type of game needs all my clothes off, don’t worry its nothing to be afraid of”.

So he slowly took off my pyjama top, then my pyjama trousers, he dazed at me for a second then said “very nice”. He then stood up and took off his trousers as he was already topless. He layed next to me and started to touch me on my private parts and stroked my belly. He said ‘all I need you to do is relax with a smile on his face, I said “why do we need to be naked”? ‘its part of the game’ “ok” I shrugged.

He then sort of came on top of me and kissed me on my forehead , he took out some sort of sweet looking wrapper that took out of his pyjama trousers, it was a gold looking colour. I didn’t no what it was used for. Before I could ask what it was, he said, “ im going to need to use this as it’s a way to protect ourself, the first time this happens it may hurt abit but I promise you will get used to it”.

When he was explaining this he stood up and took my quilt and layed it on the floor (why?) he said “just lie on this and relax”. He had baby oil, he then poured some in his hands and rubbed iton what I would call his private parts. He put what was in the gold wrapper , and placed it on his private parts, then put more baby oil on it and rubbed it back and forth……….i just thought to myself what is going to happen next………?


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