Bit 2 Omake: The Three Beauties of the Leaf.

In the village of Konoha walked three best friends and former teammates.

Kushina Uzumaki, a beautiful woman with ankle-length red hair and violet eyes, walked in the middle of her two friends; Mikoto Uchiha and Akemi Senju. They walked down the streets, chatting away happily, laughing and paid no mind to the looks they got from passerby's.

The three women had known each other for years, from their days at the ninja academy to being teammates in the same squad. Of the three, only Kushina and Akemi were pregnant. Mikoto held her infant -- a boy a little over two months old, in her arms.

"Kyaaa! Sasuke is soo handsome, ya know!" exclaimed Kushina as she put a hand to her belly and started rubbing in gentle circles. "It's only a matter of time, and he'll soon have his pick of the girls just like Fugaku." She leaned over to Sasuke and blew a raspberry into his cheek.

Sasuke let out a loud squeal and scowled back at Kushina.

"Keep that up and he'll start disliking you," giggled Akemi, a woman with shoulder length copper hair and turquoise eyes. "Won't you? Yes you will! Yes you will, you handsome boy!" she cooed in a high voice. "You and your handsome face. Handsome, handsome, handsome."

A woman with waist length black hair, rolled her black eyes heavenward and chuckled. Her name was Mikoto Uchiha. You'd think she'd be used to her friends and their antics after all these years. "If I return home and cannot get Sasuke down for his nap due to being too fussy, I'm blaming both of you."

Akemi smiled at her friend. "You know, I still can't believe all three of us are having boys. Kazuo is excited and can't wait to talk sons with the guys."

In her mind, Akemi already pictured her husband at a bar with Inoichi, Shikaku, and Choza, drinking saké and swapping son stories with Choza and Shikaku. Inoichi was the only one amongst his friends and teammates to have a daughter.

"We all expected you to have a girl, ya know," said Kushina, punching the air in front of her and smiling. "You're only the biggest girly girl in the whole village. So it surprised us as much as it you, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know, well at least Kazuo is thrilled about it."

"The shinobi most likely to be popular with his academy peers, to be fashionable, top of his class and class president like Fugaku, or at least, part of the student council, just like his momma." Kushina reminisced of both of her friend's time at the academy.

In childhood, throughout her time at the academy, Kushina had been the tomboy, the one you'd see roughhousing with students; throwing them around like rag dolls and pummeling them to the ground. It's how, Mikoto and Akemi recalled, Kushina later became renown as the Red-Hot Bloody Habanero amongst her peers.

Mikoto laughed at the two.

"You both are due soon right? This is a good a time as any to come up with names for your soon-to-be little ones. Have you got any names planned, Kushina?"

Kushina smiled. "Minato and I decided on naming our little one Naruto, after a character in Master Jiraiya's book in the hopes he grows up as kind and determined as the character he's named after, and like Master Jiraiya, of course."

Akemi snorted unladylike. "Let's just hope he don't grow up to have Master Jiraiya's perverted tendencies, too."

Kushina paled and a visible shudder ran up and down her spine. To her utter horror, she hadn't thought of that outcome. How could she forget that Jiraiya, one of the Sannin, had questionable habits?

He called it research, but his research got him beat to a bloody raw pulp by Lady Tsunade, his teammate and fellow Sannin, a woman with a temper rivaling her own, when she caught him peeping on her in the bathhouse. Luckily for him, Tsunade had been a medic and one of the best.

"I'm sure he'll be a little gentleman to the girls, if you have anything to say about it," Mikoto gave her friend a reassuring pat on the back and turned to Akemi. "What about you? Have you and Kazuo come up with any names yet?"

"Well, Kazuo always liked the name Raiden," Akemi stopped mid sentence to brush hair from her face, and continued. "And since the baby is a boy and we agreed he'd name it if were the case, that's the name we're going with."

Mikoto thought the name to be lovely, and said so. "Raiden, it has such a powerful meaning. I assume you and Kazuo are naming him that because of the meaning behind it?"

Akemi nodded. "Well yeah, and we wanted to break from Hino naming tradition, of course."

Kushina let out an excited squeal making Mikoto and Akemi cringe from the unexpected outburst, and Sasuke to glare up at her. "So handsome ya know!" she exclaimed. "Naruto, Raiden, and Sasuke will be the dream team of the century." She stopped and laughed at her thoughts. "An Uzumaki, Senju and an Uchiha? What could possibly go wrong? Assuming one of them don't start a war over a girl or something."

Akemi looked absolutely mortified, her facial expression said as much. Mikoto giggled and started rocking Sasuke.

"I'd say not. My little boy is going to stay pure and innocent," said Akemi with a giggle. "As the heir of the Senju clan, Raiden's going to focus on his ninja career, his love life can wait until he's older. Much, much older."

Kushina snorted. "Yeah, sure, as pure and innocent as you when we were teenagers." Mikoto laughed out loud at that and Akemi, her normally pale cheeks turned as bright a red as Kushina's hair, at the reminder of all her ex boyfriends.

"I thought we agreed we wouldn't talk about that!" Akemi whined with both of her best friends cracking up on both sides of her. "Do you remember that loudmouth rapper from the Cloud?" Kushina continued not missing a beat, and Mikoto nodded, giggling behind her hand.

"Yes, unlike that puppeteer from the Sand, he was fun and had an interesting personality."

"Akemi, Mikoto, Kushina wait up!" The three friends paused at the familiar voice calling out to them, and turned around. A tall man with red eyes and white hair, ran through a crowd of villagers. Kazuo Senju weaved through a crowd of villagers, in, out and around, coming close to a collision course with a woman but spun out of the way just in time to avoid her.

"Sorry 'bout that lady!" He yelled over his shoulder and the woman, she flipped him off and stomped off; grumbling all the while.

"I still find it hard to believe that goof is an elite ninja." Kushina whispered in amusement, while Mikoto and Akemi watched, the latter of whom had a red tint to her cheeks.

'How does he manage to be both handsome and embarrassing at the same time?' Akemi thought to herself. Kazuo held one hand up, waving it in the air to flag the ladies down.

Kazuo managed to make his way to the women - without anymore mishaps - and gave an exhausted smile. "Sorry about that ladies. I just got back from my mission." he said as way of explanation.

Mikoto's eyebrows shot up. "Has Fugaku got back as well?"

Kazuo nodded back at her and looked down to Sasuke, all wrapped up and snug in his mother's arms. "He's a chunky little dude, isn't he? What have you and Fugaku been feeding him Mikoto?"

Akemi face palmed while Kushina punched Kazuo full in the face, glaring, with her long hair split into nine parts and flaming upwards. "You fool! Don't be so mean to Sasuke, it's baby fat and he'll grow out of it, ya know!!"

Mikoto frowned at her best friend's husband while making a 'tsk tsk' sound. Akemi pouted at her husband -twitching in the dirt and holding his face- with her arms crossed. Kushina cracked her knuckles, sporting a victorious look on her face.

"Well, we better get going. Bye guys." Akemi waved goodbye to her friends, gave Sasuke a peck on the forehead, and left with her husband who continued to whine about getting punched while the baby got kissed.

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