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Bit 1 What is Cosplay

Let's start at the very beginning. Cosplay is short for costume play were you dress up as a character. In short its kind of more like dressing up as your favorite character for Halloween, only on a big and much better scale.

Cosplay started during the end of the 1930s when a couple went to the first World Science Fiction Convention in New York City dressed as a space-age superhero thinking that was what you were supposed to do. Since then more and more people started to dress up to attend conventions. Cosplay, as we know it got its start graining ground at science fiction conventions such as Star Trek and Star Wars conventions as more people started dressing like their favorite characters because of the media exposer of these cons due to tv and newspaper costume play, began to spread across the world. It took hold in Japan with the anime and manga community and started to go by “cosplay” in the early 1980s and we have been using it ever since.

What elements make up a great cosplay

There are a few different things that make up a great cosplay:





Optional things are:


Color Contacts

SFX Makeup


These topics are to name a few, and in each video, we will go through each one as we can go into more detail.

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