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Antonio Carter Jr., affectionately known to our family as Snoop. To his loyal fans he's known precisely as Team Eastside Snoop or Baking Soda. He was undoubtedly a thriving rap star with thousands of countless faithful followers from around the social world. Naturally born to Antonio Sr. and my lovely sister Aquisha; his gifted siblings Lamont Jr. and Takara, with one precious niece Niya. He justly earned notoriety rapping with the popular Hip Hop independent group Team Eastside based in Detroit, MI. His initial start up came with performing with the Hustle Kings, which consist precisely of many key members including his talented brother Boosie. The Hustle Kings properly began falling apart with independent artists moving onto other aspects of their moral lives. With Boosie earnestly considering the trucking industry and respectively becoming a devoted father. Snoop kept it promptly moving by carefully bringing in more creative people and going through name changes, but settled on Team Eastside. As the group gained notoriety and becoming an economical entrepreneur, capital started coming in from performing, frequent appearances, and promoting events. On August 20, 2018, he was cruelly murdered on the eastern side of Detroit on Flanders Street near Gratiot Avenue located in 9th local precinct. Intentionally shot four precise times after apparently filming a fascinating video, and pronounced dead on the select scene. 


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