My name is Norah, I am from Saudi Arabia, born and raised in Saudi

many don’t know how it is like to live in Saudi Arabia, although many know that its not easy especially for women, I wish I could say its not true, unfortunately, it is not easy for independent and free-minded especially girls to grow up and live in Saudi, some women have adopted the way of our society, the traditional thinking and behaving, they became another copy of many others, go to school, grow up to get married, have kids and raise them the same way their parents did.

Me and many other free minded Saudi girls, the ones who want to create their own lives, choose what to experience and what to explore, some of us Succeeded being free to choose, and others tried but they couldn’t get through the society, their own parents and relatives, they had to face the reality of being born as a female in Saudi, there are red lines between her and the freedom of living, she has been programmed to be dominated and ruled by others, her family members. the idea of being free independent is complicated because the society tells all girls one thing, life revolves around men, a husband is a future for any girl, a woman without a man can't do much.

What I mean by independent Female in Saudi Arabia, is a women who have the freedom to choose where she will live, and the freedom to work any kind of job she chooses, without any Without interference or controlling from her family, for example, many girls like my sisters, and many others cant work in many places because she will be dealing with men in the workplace, also many girls have the skill to be working in TV but they couldn't, because the family are afraid of what might others say, and many girls want to be models, also they can’t, not because they didn’t find the job vacancy, because their families say they cant. in our society, if a female has been studying or working abroad, living on her own, her chances of getting married to Saudi men are less than the girl who has been studying and living in Saudi with her family, men in my country when they want to get marry they look for a girl from a conservative family a girl who hadn’t got so much freedom in her life, a girl who hasn’t been exposed to life, because to them the open-minded girl from the open-minded family, is not as decent as the girl from the conservative family, so most of the men in my country search for the open-minded girlfriends, but marry the conservative close-minded girl, this way they can become sure the girl they are marrying never have been with any other man before beside her family members.

what about the fact that people are what they are in the inside, not what they pretend to be in the outside, she might never be able to be free to have relationships with men, but nobody knows what are her thoughts and intentions, for example, she might be gay! or she might not be faithful, wherein the other hand the free girl she might have relationships with men, but her intentions are more decent and clear, she experienced life and she knows what she wants.

That is how I have been living my life in Saudi Arabia, with contradicting minds, I see it in my family members, in my friends, most of the society is living a lie, mostly they are lying to themselves because each one is terrified of what might others say.

In Saudi Arabia you see houses with high walls, People pretend to be perfect worshipers of god, and behind the walls, or behind their faces, no one knows, until today people don’t understand the fact that its ok to be a sinner, if the freedom of living considered as a sin, then I am proud to say I live to sin every single day.

I am different than most people, I want to make a change in the world, I simply refuse to be what others want me to be, my family, society.

I didn’t come to life knowing exactly what I want to be in life, but since I am given a life I am also given a choice, I am not here to be a follower, that's, not the purpose why I’m here, to live life just like how others are living it. the purpose why I am created is to create, this information gave me the courage to be myself, free from the culture, free from the idea of god, free from any religion.

The way I was punished for being a female certainly made me dream of the day I travel away from Saudi, to a place where its ok to be myself, to a place where what I am passionate about is called art. not shame, I determined on being a Dancer, since I was a little girl, it makes me happy and other people as well, when I dance I feel freer than the bird, I glow, and I flow with energy, I have always knew I am unique, even the way I look is different than most girls in my country, I have a perfect body tall slim, my bone structure is amazing, I probably got it from my Egyptian blood from my mother side, Dark eyes and high nose from my father.

with a beautiful curly hair. tanned skin, when I was a teenager, I used to pose in front of the mirror, now I own it to my self to be a model. before I thought its impossible, the idea of being a model is not welcomed in my family, although a part of me knew it is going to happen someday, I am a positive person, and unbelievably persistent, everyone has a good story to tell, this is mine,


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