In the beginning, there was darkness passing over a game controller, shoes, now approaching a bed. The sheets begin to rustle, feet moving side to side, laying on his back. Seeing a teenage boy whose facial expression continues to change. Eyes open, head facing to the side seeing only darkness. With a blink, a blurry red number began to appear.

Blinking multiple times the numbers now became vivid showing three thirty-three in the morning. His eyes start to itch. The boy thinks to himself 'raise your arm to rub them.’ Nothing happens, feeling a little heavy; his throat starts to feel itchy. The boy thinks to himself 'why can't I feel my arms?'

What once appeared to be a dark room now seems clear-- suddenly he was able to see more. Looking around with his eyes, seeing the dresser on the right side of the bed where the clock sits on.Little grunting, whimpering coming from the boy as he tries to move his fingers, hand or even his arms. Quickly looking down at his right arm relieved to see them. Yet, the heavy feeling is still there if not getting worse. Each finger and arm feels shackled down, becoming numb. Pain starts to come over him as he tries to move his legs; they felt exactly the same way.

The boy becomes worrisome realizing he's unable to move his whole body. The bed squeaks as if something is slowly creeping up to him. The numb feeling gets worse from the legs to the stomach covering the whole body, leaving him feeling wrapped tightly to the bed from head to toe. A heavier pressure feeling falls on him like a two hundred pound person sitting on top of him.

With what little strength he has left, he slowly moves his head painfully feeling for every inch of movement, breathing heavily, looking down. Thanks to the little light coming from the clock, he sees his sheets covering him. Wondering to himself what could it be that's making him feel like this, suddenly he sees a slight shadow movement lowering onto his body. Bump-bump, his heart starts to beat faster with a chill of a presence near him. Slowly looking up it, it gets darker forming a shape of a dark figured person forming.

Looking at the ceiling seeing only darkness a bit of relief came over him. In a flash, eyes appear shaped like cats glowing dark yellow, staring back at him with a hostile stare. Turning a dark red color so horrifying sends a shock down his spine followed by sweat. Panting hard trying to breath as the eyes glared down at him.Still trying to move he lightly feels cold hands wrapping around his throat but gradually feels the heavy pressure of them. Open his mouth to gasp for air, screaming only brief letters: 'H...E...L' mouth feeling dry, as if he was in the desert for days without water, sweating like it too. A sinister smile slowly starts to appear underneath the red cat-like eyes than yellow, fang- like teeth slowly start to show from the smile.

Laying there feeling powerless, the boy eyes slowly close as he stops trying to speak or even struggle appears the boy soul is leaving his body. Light comes from underneath his door- the evil red eyes slowly turn to look towards the door, a faint shape of a head appears with two horns. The hands lifted the boy gasped for air as his soul came back to his body. The dark figure quickly turns back to look at the boy with those sinister eyes, now turned into an angry expression, quickly pressing back on his throat. The light underneath the door shines brighter: in an instant the door creaks open a little bit. Just as fast as it opens; it shuts the same time as the dark shadow just vanished. The boy quickly gets up, gasping for air, his hand feeling on his throat, looking around his dark room thinking: 'was this real or a nightmare?'


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  • Dutch Dimanche
    Dutch Dimanche 7 months ago

    I would say it's realistic more so than dark. The story gets little brighter in couple chapters. I wrote it that way because I know people have experience situation similar to this. Kinda gives the reader a chance to be in there shoes.

  • RB
    Rhönde Brathwaite 8 months ago

    Why is it so dark?