Bit 1 Chapter One: Good Times 

Come on, Brittany! They're almost here! Our men are almost onstage!"

Brittany Ybarra shook her head at her friend, Kendra Jackson's outrageous statement, throwing the bag of popcorn she'd fetched out of her pantry and waited for it to finish in the microwave. She and Kendra had had a lazy day away from school and were watching their usual morning shows when a commercial announced that One Direction would be making an appearance on Ellen and would be finishing with a new song they had recently written and hadn't yet released to the public.

Ellen was indeed one of the usual television programs that was run by a fifty year-old woman with short dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes (which made her look like a dike) and an extremely energetic persona, who was the host and had the exact name used for the show.

One direction was the name of the mainstream band Brittany and Kendra had been obsessed with for a few years now. It consisted of five men, all ages ranging from seventeen to twenty-four, and having the exact look that made them look like the ultimate rockstars-something their manager sought to do, no doubt. Though, the style of music was milder most of the time. Hollywood's heartthrobs, is what New York Times had labeled them.

Just like any other teenage girl, Brittany and Kendra wished that the men would somehow, by some miracle, know of their existence and would ask them to join them on a night out on the town, though they knew when they called the band members "their men", it was only a joke.

Pondering on the thought, Brittany knew deep in her heart that if that were to ever happen, Kendra would definitely be the eligible bachelorette. Staring at her gorgeous friend bouncing off her family's white leather couch impatiently, she took note of the luscious blonde curls, deep emerald eyes, smooth complexion, and thin frame. Perfection.

Unlike her, with her thick dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, bulbous nose, and average body type, though she knew she had no one else to blame for that but herself. She chose to do nothing about it.

Each of the band members, according to their sources and outlets, had worked their asses off to get to the success they had shown. They had each lived in run-down apartments and originated from some of the Northern and Southern parts of London, which were poverty striken, doing everything they could to support their families. Ranging from working random odd jobs to not getting enough hours in suffering bakeries.

It wasn't until 2009 that their luck would change. Fate would have it-though one of their own, Liam, had auditioned two years before and had failed-that they all would audition on the same day and succeed with flying colors, then come in second place set as a group on a well-known reality T.V. show.

They were all talented, that was for sure, though their talents differentiated in several ways; their tones, ranges, and styles. Where some of them could sing well in pop music, others excelled in older, different genres. Because of their back stories and their determination shown in performances, Brittany looked up to them. They inspired her.

She was pulled out of her reverie when Kendra screeched, "YES! I TOLD YOU COMMERCIALS DON'T LAST FOREVER! THEY'RE- OH MY GOD, THEY'RE WALKING ON! THEY'RE WALKING ON!" She was now standing on the couch, jumping like it was a trampoline, and staring at Brittany with a wild look in her eyes. This behavior, however, was normal.

"Okay, okay," Brittany replied, holding up a finger, "Give me just thirty more seconds. The popcorn's almost there-"


"Alright!" Brittany rolled her eyes, then lowered her voice to a whisper, "You act like it's your kidnapped child you're seeing for the first time."

Kendra's eyes, which had been glued solidly to the wide flatscreen, snapped to Brittany, a look of utter fury in them. "I HEARD YOU! DON'T TEST ME!"

Brittany held up both her hands in defeat. She understood-to an extent-where Kendra came from. She was just as much into the One Direction fandom as she was and would wait outside Best Buy at one in the morning (granted, if her parents dare let her) to get her hands on the new album in stock, but even she had to admit; Kendra's behavior towards these men was always over the top. They might as well have been fiction because she would never meet them in her life.

She suddenly pictured a crazed Kendra, all dressed in One Direction merchandise (shirts and all) and carring a knife, looming at the front lawn of their residence, confessing her undying love for them. She shook uncomfortably from the visual. She understood that Kendra was fourteen, and that was how most girls her age reacted to men they couldn't have-especially celebrities- but she, herself, was only two years older. Kendra was certainly able to control herself.

Turning back to the microwave, Brittany saw that ten seconds remained. She tapped her foot impatiently, wanting to take the popcorn out immediately. No matter how rash, she sided with Kendra. Especially now. She'd wanted to watch Ellen from the start and see all five band members bound into the room, from behind a closed entryway like every guest always did. It always made the entrance more spectacular. She was most excited to see one member in particular...

Once she heard the familiar ring, she snatched the bag and opened it, burning her hand in the process. With the heat wafting out the top, Brittany sprinted over to the couch, breathing heavily.

Kendra scoffed. "Took you long enough. Just in time. Didn't miss much." She looked down at the scorching bag. "Don't mind if I do!"

Brittany, however, paid no attention to the way Kendra grabbed a handful and shoved it all in her mouth like an animal. She was too entranced by what she saw on the television.

As far as the band members were concerned, nothing had changed. One of the first seated on the long U-shaped couch next to Ellen's small blue armchair, sat a timid looking man with a soft expression, brown mop- styled hair that swept over his forehead, green eyes, a thin, but stocky build (like the rest of the members), and wore bright colored jeans with suspenders over a white T-shirt.

The next member wore a solemn and very grave expression, letting on that he wasn't one to be trifled with, had olive toned skin, black hair styled up in a stiff quiff, brown eyes that almost appeared black, and wore tight black clothes completed with a black leather jacket.

The next member appeared pretty basic; he seemed laid back and care free, with both his arms stretched out across the back of the couch, short and perfectly trimmed brown hair, nut brown eyes, wore a long sleeved blue paid shirt and baggy tan jeans, and displayed a wide grin to top it all off.

The next member looked much younger (which he wasn't) and less mature than the rest, had shaggy bright blonde hair with brown roots, pale blue eyes, wore a blue polo shirt and skinny jeans, and bright blue braces adorned his teeth.

All the band members were dressed to impress, contrary to what they usually wore onstage, that was for sure, but the only face Brittany was fascinated with was one with a large bundle of curly hair.

The last, and fifth member, sitting on the end of the couch had a sweet, whimsical aura about him, he had large fluffy, curly brown hair that could almost amount to an afro, dark green eyes, and wore a plain white T-shirt with a black blazer and black jeans. He was pressing his lips together as if to suppress a laugh or even a smile.

Brittany rested a hand under her chin and sighed, admiring the sight of him. Yes, he was good looking, she knew that. But that wasn't the sole reason for her... infatuation? He was smart, outgoing, awkward (which was adorable), and had the most riveting performance out of all the members. When he let himself go onstage, he oozed confidence and delivered raw emotion. When he was feeling pained, you saw it. When he wanted to cry, you'd want to do it along with him.

"Alright, alright!" Ellen's soft voice blared from the television, trying to calm the excited audience in her studio down. "I know I'm excited too! It's not everyday your new hits are number one in the billboard charts!" After a few screams and cheering from the audience, Ellen said, "And if that wasn't enough, they have a new album, Good Times, coming out in a few weeks!"

The audience erupted in tremendous applause and hollering, causing Ellen to cover her ears playfully and the band members to smile excitedly. After Ellen managed to hush the audience up by signaling with her hands, she focused on the celebrities on her couch, twisting around on her chair.

"So," she began, the room now deathly quiet, "it's nice to see you all again. How long has it been since the last time you all stepped foot in here?"

The members all looked at each other for a moment before the member with mop-styled hair, known as Louis Tomlinson, spoke up. He scratched his head. "I think the last time we were here was two years ago when we signed with Syco."

Staring at the flat screen from her own couch, Brittany knew Syco was the record label they'd signed with.

"Wow," Ellen sounded incredulous, "has it really been that long? I mean, it's obvious that career-wise, things are working out well for you guys. But what about off the record?"

All five men leaned foward, looking as confused as ever, hoping for more insight.

"Are any of you off the market? I can imagine all the women must be filing up at your door. If that's not the case, I'd be more than willing to take up the offer."

A few people from the audience erupted in laughter, along with Kendra and Brittany, due to the fact Ellen was known to be lesbian. This comedy tactic was something she often used and it always worked. Seeing how it took her guests off guard made it all the more satisfying.

It took a minute for the band members to realize that Ellen was just pulling their leg and for them to recuperate. When they were able to mantain their composure and get out a few laughs themselves, the care-free member, known as Liam Payne, shook his head, fighting off some laughter. "No. None of us are dating at the moment; we've decided that we need to focus on our career first."

"Are you sure?" Ellen continued, holding a hand over her heart, as if wounded. "I promise, I usually look better than this. I'm a lot of fun! It'll only get better from here on out!" Another burst of laughter.

"No," Liam reassured, "actually, some of us had to leave our ex's behind." He stared pointedly at the member with blue braces, known as Niall Horan. He performed a double take, as if astounded that he'd been singled out.

"Okay, I get it." Ellen said, "I'll stop teasing you guys. A little bit. But before I go on, I'd just like to say, Harry, Zayn, you two have been awfully quiet all this time. For that, I have to turn the attention to you."

After contemplating, The member with the quiff-styled hair, known as Zayn Malik and the member with curly hair, known as Harry Styles both shrugged.

"Zayn," Ellen went on, "I'm sure that most of us saw your performance of Candlelight last week. I just have to say that those high notes you hit were just superb-actually, now that I think about it, all of you did amazing!"

The audience let out a burst of earsplitting applause and screams. All the members laughed from the positivity and each thanked the compliment they received.

"It's been hard work," Zayn said, "before I joined these men that I've worked so close to, I couldn't have imagined hitting those notes. Not in a million years. We've all worked our hardest to make everything perfect from our lines to our choreography."

"Oh, I agree," Ellen re-positioned herself on her chair, motioning towards a screen settled on a far wall behind her. "That's why I've taken the time to put together some old pictures. Take a look,"

On the screen, lay two separate photos side-by-side. The left photo showed a few boys in faded jeans and colorful hoodies, surrounded by a large group of contestants performing a dance number. The right photo showed the same boys, all huddled together in various types of clothing, holding microphones, singing a song together.

The audience was soon divided; half of them burst out in laughter and half of them hooted energetically. The band members, however, joined only one side. They couldn't contain the laughter that combusted; they held their stomachs while they jiggled.

"How did you get that?" Harry exclaimed. "Those were our X-Factor days. We looked awful!"

"I have my ways." She paused, smirking. "As I see, this is quite hilarious. I'll wait until this all dies down." She stared straight into the camera with a knowing look in her eyes.

After a minute or two, the laughter had subsided. When Ellen felt she had full attention she said, "Now, back to the subject of your music. There's been rumours circulating. First off, Niall, there's sources saying that you are the only one writing music?"

"Well," Niall began in his silky Irish accent, compared to the other members British ones. "That's not true. If that was case, we wouldn't even be a group. Though all of us are equally active on the writing process, I do do the majority of it and play the instruments. It's something we've all agreed on."

Satisfied with Niall's answer, Ellen nodded confidently and change direction. "Louis. There are people skeptical about whether you use too much auto-tune?"

"Actually-" Louis began, but was cut off by niall.

"Louis voice sounds just as it did on the X-Factor. I, for one, think his voice is unique and complements all our voices perfectly. Yes, when we signed with Syco, Louis was the first one to be approached for auto-tune, But I actually told our management that if they put it on Louis, I wouldn't sing."

Ellen clapped her hands together enthusiastically. "Really? That's crazy. Oh my god!" Ellen then stared back at the camera. "Seriously. I love these kids. We'll be back after the break!"

After a commercial about toothpaste turned on, both Kendra and Brittany slowly turned their heads toward each other, barely able to contain their excitement. They both shrieked, and shouted in unison, "YOU KNOW WHAT'S NEXT!"

After talking about which member they each had a crush on- wheras, Kendra favored Zayn and Brittany favored Harry- Kendra said,

"Ugh! I can't believe it! They looked so good!"

Brittany grunted in agreement. "I know!" She then jumped up from the couch. "Oh, I need to go to the bathroom. Unless you need to first?"

"No! I'm not going anywhere! You may be okay with it, but I don't want to miss a second of this song!"

When Brittany returned from the bathroom, she had made it within seconds of Ellen returning-the screen had gone black. Ellen, as usual, was standing by a tall projecter-which was laying over two double doors- that had a photo of each of the members posing in various angles, while she held a clipboard in her hands.

"Everyone, please welcome the men of One Direction, multi-platinum selling artists singing Good Times!"

The double doors opened to reveal a wide stage holding a set of instruments and a blue backdrop, under intense lighting. Along with a few men on drums, showing One Direction's logo, niall held up a bright red guitar, now strumming a few chords.

The intro consisted of a melodic tune which then introduced Harry's line, which showcased his deep raspy tone,

I see you sitting there, in your underwear, oh without a care.

Louis then sang his line, which introduced his soft, light, and even tone,

You act like you didn't get enough, you're a runner up, it's like you've had enough.

Then Zayn jumped in with his smooth vibrato,

But there's something you just don't understand. It's that I could be your man.

Then they all sang in unison, their voices blending together, creating what sounded like a choir filling up the studio with an echo.

Oh, you just need to take a chance on me, I could make you believe that I am the one for you. I promise it'll just take one kiss, give your life a little twist, your mine, my heart is what you'll miss. These are the good times.

In the living room, both Kendra and Brittany were joyfully dancing to the song enjoying themselves.

Back on Ellen, the man on the drums thumped out a rhythmic beat, causing the song to sound more upbeat. And so did the members singing,

Niall began to sing in his high pitched tone,

Come on and take my hand, we don't even need to plan, don't wanna be your friend.Yeah.

Liam then sang in his low and smooth vibrato,

Oh baby I can't breathe, I'm getting in too deep, come and just lay beside me.

Soon, Zayn sang the same hook, the members repeated the chorus, then they reached the bridge, which zayn sang,

I want you to know that I can't do this alone. I'll deal with all your scars so we're in the same boat. Just tell when you're ready, then we'll go. Nobody has to know. Nobody has to know!

Zayn hit a high, piercing note and the members all finished the chorus, then ended the song, with the audience going wild, with Ellen barely able to speak over the rukus.

"One direction everybody!" She then turned to the camera. "And see you all next week!"

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