*** Sneak Peek*** Damn, even though me and my baby Khia had a rough night, I had to think of something quick. Make up sex is the best sex. The whole time in the car, we argued nonstop. Once we got to the crib, she wanted to continue arguing but I was over it. I took her straight to the bed. I gave her the best head and sucked the fuck out of that pussy. I flicked my tongue up and down that sweet pussy. After I started licking and sucking on that pussy, she began to relax. I heard her moan quietly, at first. That’s when I knew I had her. My tongue game was vicious. I slowly started swirling my tongue in circles. I looked up as I continued to swirl my tongue and saw her eyes rolling back with her mouth wide open. She grabbed my head as her legs started trembling. I didn’t stop until I felt her legs stop shaking.

“Turn that ass over,” I told her. She did as she was told. She was dickmatized for real. Face down, ass up is just how I liked it. I didn’t even take my time with her. I shoved my dick so deep in that pussy.

“Damn, daddy! Fuck!” she yelled as I pumped in her, showing her no mercy.

“You like that shit, don’t you?” I said as I grabbed that ass hitting that shit hard. A nigga was going to work on that pussy.

“Mmm, yes. I love that shit,” she moaned. She aimlessly grabbed on things until she got the pillow, as I continued to pound that pussy to its death. She put her face in the pillow and screamed so she wouldn’t be so loud. She was taking all this dick.

“Shit, baby. I’m about to cum!” I yelled out. I felt her near her release too. So, I went harder and faster. After a while, we both came together. I pulled out of her and laid beside her. Sex with my baby, Khia, is always so damn good.

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