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Bit 1 Bit 1 Part 1-Logan night out and my night out

Logan's P.O.V.

This town is so vulnerable it's almost a joke. I can find anyone who can fall into my spell and feed on. Plus with my charm, good looks, and style no girl could resist me. Even if I have to feed on her. But one can't always be running around looking for victims to feed on. There's other things I can do beside feed on someone's blood, like go for a drink at a bar or simply drink at home. But it's not right to just waste good alcohol such as what I keep at home. I remember a local bar not far from a bar where I could go drink.

My P.O.V

Since I moved to this town, I didn't know what to expect. Excitement or boredom, adventure or no adventure, passion or no passion. Well, I found some excitement in this area. Stores, activities but no REAL excitement, passion, or adventure yet. Maybe it will come, maybe it won't. Who knows when I will achieve all that I asked for. I thought about heading out to eat tonight. Some time away from home is always good for me. There's a local bar not too far that I think I'll go to. It isn't too far from a bank and there food is suppose to be good. I'm going to head there tonight and maybe order a drink.

Logan P.O.V.

Well, this wasn't hard to find. The bar is quite modest and clean from what I see. Juice box and pool table not too far behind. Any potential victims in this bar... none that I could see. There's the drunk depress fool getting ready to leave. A hooker trying to look for a client for the night.

Hang on, what's this...

This girl with long medium brownish blonde hair and fair skin. She almost looks like Mariah Carey.

She'll do.

Better put my charm on.

My P.O.V

Well, the bar looks like the way it has always been since I remember. It is a pretty clean one and modest looking. Hearing that drunk moan and groan as I enter is a usual thing in a bar. Did I encounter a prostitute with a client just now? Well, I might as well sit and order.


There's a handsome guy with icy blue eyes and dark hair wearing a leather jacket. He appears to be older but young looking. He must have a girlfriend or is married.

Wait... is he smiling at me?

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