You’re lost? Do you need a self-help book, or a compass? You probably want the book, since your holding the book in your hands. Any self-help book you have read was probably filled with fancy information and modern writing. I write this book to reach others and connect with those on a personal level. I don’t want this book to be designed as a “fix all” or a “cure all”; it is simply for anyone who wants a peak into my life.

I have always struggled with communication. As a child I struggled with speech Apraxia and stuttering. In school I discovered I enjoyed writing and using words on paper and not using my words to speak. I was quiet in high school, shy and awkward, (who wasn’t that way). Compared to now I am more social but still awkward. As I get older I continue with this passion for writing. I have tried blogging and have enjoyed it. It’s a simple way for me to express myself. I find communication for me to be difficult for me at times. Typing/ writing are more flexible for me to communicate. So, grab your coffee and put your feet up, don’t expect to be blown away, only expect to listen and understand raw emotions.


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