I wish i could say this book will change your life, but that would be just straight up bullshit. This book will tell you what a troubled, confused,difficult human being witnessed while being in love. This is based on a true story.

Chapter 1

We have all heard the line “ you’re young and love is not what it seems” . Heartbreaks hurt and feeling depressed is so magical? Being a teen and having a wild teenage hood is so not what it seems like to me, I fell in love instantly with a guy who just smiled at me. Seriously universe? Wanna throw so rounds with me? I’m sick of it. Why does a guy have to be such a kind, sweet, absolutely perfect human being to appear in my life? Especially when i can’t have him. For real?

Let’s call this guy Neptune. So, Neptune was nice, he had a past girlfriend (lets call her Eclipse). Neptune still had feelings for Eclipse and I had to, no matter how hard it hurt, tell him to talk it out with her.

Neptune is very nice and very sweet. We have similar interests and similar pasts, we both suck at love.

He seems misunderstood and confused , he tries to hide the pain and gives his best but to Eclipse it wasn’t enough.

Yes, he messed up and hurt her, But didn’t she love him after all?

Being misunderstood and being upset. overthinking how much you should give away or take. Is a story of how i grew up.

I always put everyone first and never gave time to myself, I always thought too much or too little i tried to be perfect when perfect didn’t exist. Right now i’m still figuring out who I am.


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