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Bit 1 Stuck In The Middle

Have you ever wondered what its like to feel the odd one out? Whether it’s being the odd one out of the family or through school or a group of friends? Hi, my names Kirsty and I want to share with you my story.

Growing up has always been hard for as I was and still only the only child. My parents had been separated since I was 9 years old. I had a bad childhood growing up, my mother was an alcoholic and my father at the time was too interested in doing personal projects on cars that he brought quite frequently. When I was a baby I was diagnosed with a lot of problems from ADHD, hearing problems to breathing and throat problems. My mother couldn’t figure out what was wrong until she had me diagnosed.

I remember always telling my Mum and Dad that it was very hard for me to breathe at night. I was always the one that had to have a fan on or a window open just so I could breathe in some fresh air at night. Or maybe once I think about it now maybe its more of a habit by just having the thought in my head of just knowing that a window was open would just make me feel better. And it did.

Being the only child was always great but somewhat boring for me. Oh don’t get me wrong I would always get what I demanded as a child and asked for but it was somewhat boring too. My childhood was very difficult as mum and dad used to fight all the time. I remember I was always running to my room turning the music up so I couldn’t hear any yelling nor yet any physical violence. I remember opening my bedroom door every time after an hour or so to see if everything had quieted down. Yet I do briefly remember that dad had gone somewhere out the house while mum was around. Or yet one time I remember that Mum and Dad were fighting about something and I remember when I was at least five or six years old mum used to put dads dirty dishes is his bed under the covers. And yes you are right if your thinking that, Dad absolutely cracked it. Don’t forget that this time mum was drunk and intoxicated with alcohol at the time. I remember running to get the phone to call the police straight away because I knew what dad was going to do, especially once he found out that dirty dishes were placed in his bed. Is not a very nice thing at all. And so of course dad got locked up in the cells for the night due to the physical violence that mum had to put up with all the time. I can never forget that feeling when a parent is handcuffed and taken away from the police when you’re a little girl. I said my goodbye as I felt is was the end of the world. Mind me, I didn’t know what to think! Nor what was even really happening at the time. 

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