As she stood by the bedside of their bachelor pad, she began thinking of what he might say next or what he might do next, she was so afraid. She managed to pull herself together just enough to be able to walk to the bathroom and wash her face but as soon as she turned around Daniel was infront of her starring at her, she looked into his eyes and she couldnt see her Daniel, the loving man she knew. She instead saw an empty body with no soul, no hope, no love, nothing, just a body, he had this look on his face that she didnt recognize like he was a completely different person, she stood frozen with fear, breathing heavy. He looked at her with utter disgust and started screaming at her, words she couldnt even make out because she was so distressed. He grabbed her by the side of her arms squeezing her tightly than throwing down against the edge of the toilet and pushing her in a seating position. She screamed out with pain and fear as she sat ontop of the toilet throwing her hands infront of her face pleading with him to stop "Youre hurting me, please stop" she cried in agony, but he just continued to press her down and push her saying "You making me do this, You making me an ugly person i hate you", He pushed her so hard she fell and hit the side of her head on the bathroom wall and bit her lip open. She felt the cold sensation of blood gushing out of her mouth,holding her hands to her mouth she let the blood escape in hopes that he might see it and stop and yes it worked, he saw her blood and paused with shame, coming to his senses he finally stopped and let out a deep painful cry "Alice im so sorry , im sorry" stuttering and gasping for air the words took time to come out of his mouth "I.....I didnt mean to hurt, .... you like sorry" and he tried his best to help her up but she was so weak from the pain she could barley stand, he managed to helped her to the was basin and wash most of the blood off her, she was in a state of twilight within her self trying to come to terms with what just happened, "How could,OMG,What?......How?.....Why?.....I.....", everything felt like a bad nightmare to her, never had she ever thought he would do this, especially not to her.The image she once had of him, of their great life together had just died in an instance, "What happens now....?if i show him in upset he might attack me again, if i try to leave he might hurt me again, Oh God what do i do, i have nothing and no one, i gave up my life for him i left everything for him, where do i go?" she felt as though the angel of death came to take her and all that was left of her was sorrow and darkness.But she couldnt let him see her state, she bit her teeth together and gulped the tears back in pretending to be emotionless, "Maybe he wont hurt me if i dont say a word to him", she climbed in bed and sobbed herself to sleep.......with him next to her.

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