As her body hit the ground all she could think of was, was ........Nothing.

Nothing but shock and confusion took over her mind paralyzing her body with fear and she didnt understand what was happening or what would happen next, she took a deep breath in, slowly trying to puzzle her emotions together and as she exhaled her tears began to roll down her rosy cheeks and make its way to the floor as she lay still flat on her stomach. Finally when she came to an idea of what had just happened to her she began sobbing with extreme pain, she had this huge lump in her throat and started breathing so heavy she nearly chocked on the air she took in. She couldnt speak, the only thing that came out where tears, the tears from her somewhat green eyes, Her tears took control and they felt like her body was toxic and needed to escape. Her body than began to shake as she reached for the edge of the bed which was right infront of her, looking at her fingers and feeling like she was in a bad dream, she slowly lifted herself off the ground still shaking as though she was standing in a middle of a winter snow storm, Her mind started re-calling what happened and she couldnt believe that this man, the man she had fallen inlove with and had been dating a little over a year, could do something like this to her. Daniel Nicklas wasnt just a typical guy No, he was an attractive young man with mid long black hair and baby brown eyes, Alice fell inlove the second she saw his picture on this dating app she joined. He was muscular and being in his early 20s they both had alot in common including being a single parent. The day Alice met him she knew he was the one, the one whom she intened on spending her life with, he was a dream come true, everything she had hoped for in a man and he was perfect, Too Perfect.......

Cover Bit 2

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