Hey Im Ruby, Ruby Galore.Well atleast that's what i changed my name to About 2 years ago..Right now im living in year 2018.My Era is hip to the opposite of the things that our ancestors tried to teach us. I was born in 1993 Im what you would call A Summer's baby. June 15th Time 11:55 :06/15/ @ 11:55(1+5=6) june 6th Month. What does it mean !! Im a Gemini. I love astrology. I have noticed so much truth in it observing others behaviours asking questions and just analyzing the truth in it and the characteristics seem to make sense in my personal opinion. My sign represents the twins.My Planet is Mercury. (Communication)I Might switch of subjects very often but get use to it. Im a regular human being like You, Like Any Celebrity..President, like Any being ..Im a part of this Universe just Like You. Just a spirit telling her Story. Just a female spirit. Giving you insight on a different mind. Hoping that if you relate that you to understand that you are not alone. You are Never alone. Writing this book has been an idea i had for some years now. I just never knew in what chapter of my life to Start. I knew that if i wanted to make this happen successfully I would have to dig deep in to my conscious, subconscious. My heart. ❤ Myself. That thought alone created a massive amount of fear I procrastinated for very long. I procrasinated with everything i wanted to accomplish. I have been scared of excelling. I thought to myself "This book is huge to me. means me having to be honest this means me having to think of all the emotions i bottled in for soo long. All the confusion.. Everything... Am i ready.... Do i really want to put myself out there? The Real Me. The person in my head that communicates to me.. Not my Outer Being. Then ... I just had this gut feeling that...someone can relate. Someone could relate. And maybe I can help. I feel as though anybody can help in some way. if you are a reader you know that you can gain something in almost anything that you read. So Im turning to this book In to my own little Therapy Session in hopes that this will free me.

This is My story , and my name is Coraima Gonzalez. 


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  • KG
    Katrisha Gibbs 9 months ago

    I like it! I'm doing the same thing. Not sure when you posted this, but hopefully you are still working on it. If not, get back on it!