Bit 1 Full Short Story

Father’s Cave

By: C.J. Kirby

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. I just… Can’t believe… We’re doing this.” Billy Griffith said as he was walking through the woods.

Trevor Thompson turned around to look at Billy, “Man, We’ve been talking about this forever now and we’re finally doing it! It’ll be fine. You’re not scared are ya lil bill? Ohhhh lil bill… You scared lil Bill?”

“Oh shut up won’t ya!” Billy said as he was trying not to trip as they were walking down a slope. Billy and his friends we’re seniors of Three Cross High, class of 1996. This was their senior skip day, and Trevor and Billy have been planning since they started high school as freshman.

The group consisted of Billy, Trevor, his girlfriend Sydney Campbell, Ryan Wheeler, and his girlfriend Yenn Holley. They are on their way to camp outside of a cave in the middle of Tom Sawyer Park. It’s not just any ordinary cave. This cave was special. This cave was believed to be haunted for a long time.

As they were hiking, Billy decided to keep talking about how crazy of an idea it was. He wanted to go none the less but he couldn’t help but feel wrong about it, “I don’t know if I can explain this enough. This cave was connected to a tunnel that was underneath an asylum. This Asylum was not the kindest of mental hospitals. They encouraged torture. These people used electric shock therapies and lobotomies as means to heal. Patients had to have died by their hands some of the time.”

Ryan laughed as if it was just a fairytale and said, “Dude, what does that have to do with this cave? Who cares if it was underneath it? It’s not like the asylum is there now or anything… But wouldn’t that be cool as shit if it were!?”

Billy tried explaining more, “First of all, I don’t ever remembering shit being cool but we'll save that for another time. Secondly, this cave was an escape route for patients trying to find freedom. I doubt much of them survived considering what I’ve researched. It can get pretty dangerous the further you go with all of the water you have to swim through and everything. Plus, they most likely didn’t have any flashlights or anything so they could have been lo-”

Yenn decided to add something, “You know… You talk a lot.”

Billy rolled his eyes. He never really liked Yenn. She wasn’t really a part of the group. She was a little more popular than the rest so she felt like she was above them all. He didn’t know what Ryan saw in her. He knew what he saw on the outside, which was a nice set of tits and a nice ass, but on the inside, the only thing billy saw was one word… BITCH.

Billy felt a little bad at Jenn's comment. He always felt like the odd one out. He wasn’t the coolest by any means but he was always accepted by Trevor and Ryan. They were friends since elementary school. They called each other the three musketeers and said it proudly until they reached junior high. Saying things like that could get you either beat up, or called a queer for the rest of their school days, so they all agreed it was best to keep it on the down low. That didn’t mean they didn’t say it when it was just the three of them hanging out.

Trevor felt bad for what was said about Billy and spoke, “That was actually really interesting. It’s good to know what we are getting ourselves into beforehand. I had no idea about the asylum killing them and shit. Where’d you find that from man?”

Billy smiled that what he was saying was actually interested to the three musketeers at least. This was just their trip after all. It was supposed to just be the three of them but he knew better. Trevor had been with Sydney for almost a year and a half now, and even though Ryan was only with Yenn for about a month, it was an opportunity to get laid and Ryan was going to take every chance he could.

He said, “I went to the library yesterday and found some old newspaper articles based on it. They were accused of killing and torturing the patients, which eventually led to them being shut down. It’s fucked up man. Some of the stuff I read was just sick.”

They were still walking and Sydney said, “Hey, I think we made it. Look!”

They all looked diagonally to their right as they were passing through the trees and found a cave revealing itself through the trees. If it weren’t for Sydney spotting it, they probably would have walked right past it.

They all smiled at the sight of it. It was truly remarkable even though it was trashy and plain creepy. The entryway was made up of bricks that were covered in graffiti. Some of the artwork had sayings like, “Watch your step” and “There’s no lost and found in this cave. You lost? You’re gone forever.” And they couldn’t see anything past the entrance other than darkness.

Trevor smiled at Sydney and said, “Good eye babe. We made it.” He reached down and kissed her.

Billy didn’t want to look at that. It was hard for him to know he didn’t have a girl during this trip. He was the third wheel and has been for a while. It wasn’t like he wasn’t attractive. A lot of people thought he was cute. He was just awkward and quiet. He wasn’t a sports guy, he wasn’t really popular, he was just himself. An average guy who is desperately waiting for someone to find him perfect just by being himself. He had his bad days but Trevor and Ryan would give him a pep talk, which helped him stay positive for another few months or so. He would act like it anyways.

They all dropped their backpacks and supplies on a flat surface in front of the entrance to set up camp. There were three tents and they made sure to set them farthest away from the cave. They didn’t want to be closer than they had to just incase. Last thing they want is a crazed ghost to sneak in their tent and fuck with them any more than their brain was already doing to them.

After everything was set up, they all decided to walk to the lake. It was about a ten minute walk from where they were camped at. Billy grabbed the big radio they brought to play music and Ryan dragged along the cooler which was filled with beer. They had soda with them as well but to start the occasion right, he decided to put the beer in that his older brother bought for them first. As they were walking through the trees, Billy said, “Okay, from what I researched, there should be a nice spot directly ahead of us. It said to turn left from the entrance if you were staring at it.”

“We’re going the right direction then right?” Sydney said as her arm was locked into Trevor’s.

Billy answered, “This would be the right way. Just a little bit of walking and we should walk right up to it.”

It was truly a sight to see. The trees were starting to get their leaves back and the air was smelling lively. It made Billy think of the good times when they were all kids. The three guys would ride up to Billy’s grandparents house for the weekend. His grandparents lived on a giant hill in the middle of nowhere. The house was surrounded by trees and it was filled with exploration. One time, the kids finally talked Billy’s grandfather into making them wooden swords and shields so they could go play Dungeons and Dragons. There were also times where they would set an alarm for early in the morning, just to pack up a lunch box full of soda and poptarts. They would just go out for hours acting like soldiers.

The Three Musketeers had some good times up there. A lot of fighting orcs and goblins, having army battles, and four wheeler rides which ended really quick after Billy broke his arm. Billy felt lucky to be alive after that incident. The helmet was too big for his tiny head and turned backwards as he was driving down the hill. He ripped the helmet off of his head to see the four wheeler aimed right at the tree. Those privileges were taken away as quick as it was when he smacked into the tree. He truly believed God was rescuing him that day. People would think that when you smack head on into a tree, you would fly face first into it, but it was different for little ten year old Billy that day.

“Billy… What’re you thinking about so much?” Trevor said staring at space gazed Billy.

Billy snapped out of it, “What? Oh, sorry. It’s nothing really… You remember my grandparent’s old house?”

Ryan jumped in, “Dude, that place was the shit when we were little. I remember the time we all fought with machetes… And remember the fort we built?”

Trevor laughed as he took a drink of his beer, “Okay. I remember the fort that Billy and I built when we were kids. I don’t remember you helping through any of it Ryan!”

Billy said, “Yeah, we worked our asses off building that thing and even got cut to hell. All you did was stand there, listen to music, and complain about how the fort was too far away from the house, saying bears could jump out and eat us.”

Yenn looked at Ryan as she was giggling and he was choking in embarrassment, “Well ugh.. I was just making sure you all were doing it correctly. Besides, who was the one that built the zipline huh!?”

“My Dad built the zipline.” Billy said.

“Yeah, well who tried it out first!?”

Trevor answered that question quickly, “You because we forced you to.”

Everyone laughed except for Ryan as he said, “Okay okay. Funny, funny, funny guys… Look! I think we made it.”

Within seconds, they arrived to the spot Billy was talking about. It was absolutely beautiful. They walk out of the trees and find themselves standing on top of a cliff hanging over the water. The water looked nice and warm as they saw the hot sun reflecting off from it. They all looked off the cliff at the water and Yenn impatiently said, “Well! Let’s get this party started.”

Within a few minutes, the girls took their clothes off to show off their bathing suits underneath. All the guys had to do was take their shirts off considering they were already wearing their swim shorts. Billy hit play on his boombox that he got for Christmas this past year. On the cassette tape had a lot of popular songs the guys liked. It went from Nirvana, to Alice in Chains, and even had a little bit of NWA on the mixtape. Everyone grabbed a beer from the cooler and had a good time.

“Who’s jumping in first?” Trevor said as he was standing at the edge.

Sydney replied, “Usually it’s best to say ladies first but I think the men should go first to make sure it’s safe inside. You want to protect me right babe?”

Trevor smiled at her putting that into consideration, “You know… That’s a good idea but I don’t know if that can work. I’m sorry in advance.”

She was confused on what he was saying and said, “Advance for wha-”

Before she could finish her question, Trevor pushed her off the cliff into the water. As she was falling, he knew that he would be in trouble for that, but it was too good to pass up. It wasn’t a big cliff by any means anyways he thought.

As she splashed in the water and rose back up, she screamed, “I can’t believe you Trevor Thomson! You’re dead!”

Everyone was laughing. Billy looked over to see Trevor with the biggest smile on his face as he was jumping off the cliff to land beside her. Billy could tell in Trevor's eyes that he was madly in love with that girl. He told Billy several times that he was going to propose to the girl when the time was right. Billy was both happy and jealous of him sometimes, but he wouldn’t let that ruin his senior year. His relationship didn’t ruin their friendship with Billy, so why would he try to get in the way he thought.

A few minutes passed and everyone was swimming except for Billy. He was sitting at the edge of the cliff drinking his beer and listening to Nirvana. He took in a deep breath after he took a drink and said, “This sure does smell like teen spirit.”

He went to take another drink of his beer, but heard someone yelling, “Hey, Billy-O-Pal, why don’t you get your nerdy ass into this water and swim with us for awhile?”

Billy took his last drink of that can of bud and looked down. He knew Trevor was the one saying that. Ryan was too busy play fighting with Yenn.

He stood up from the edge and said, “You want me to get in?”

Trevor replied, “No, I want you to sit your ass down and act like you’re not here like you were doing for the past ten minutes!”

Billy didn’t realize he was sitting there for so long. He was just relaxing, “I really doubt it’s been that long. I was working on my surfer tan ya know?”

Sydney said, “Quit being a dweeb and get in!”

She was laughing and Billy knew she was just playing around. He smiled and said, “I think I know what to do!”

Trevor said, “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

Just as Trevor finished, Billy was already in the air, on his way down, to crash into the water on top of Trevor. Unless he moved out of the way, which is exactly what he did as his eyes widened in shock. Trevor held his breath, ducked into the water, and scooted over as fast as he could. Luckily, he succeeded. Billy landed in the water right beside Trevor.

They both got their heads above water and Billy was laughing, which caused Trevor to splash water as hard as he could at Billy, “You idiot! You could have broken my neck or something!”

“I knew you would move out of the way! Don’t be a drama queen.”

Trevor said, “Oh, I’ll show everyone who the drama queen is when I hold you under water until you choke for air!”

He went toward Billy which caused them both to laugh and struggle to breath, as their heads were dropping in and out of water like bobbers on a fishing pole.

They swam for about an hour before they noticed the sun was starting to set. They got out of the water and climbed up a path that led back up to the top of the cliff to dry off. Within minutes, they were packed up and on their way back to their camp.

As they were walking back, Sydney spoke, “Hey, have you all heard of this new band? I think their name is Backstreet Boys? They released an album last week and it’s been getting huge.”

The guys were making puke noises as they were hearing the disgust of what she was saying. Ryan looked over and said, “Are you talking about those prissy dude’s that sing the song they always play on the radio? They’re going to flop.”

Sydney jumped in, “I disagree. Everybody is an amazing song and I’m pretty sure I’m going to marry one of them.”

Trevor’s mouth dropped as he looked over at her and she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan said, “I’m sorry but there not going to be anything like Nirvana or chains. Those are real bands. Not some gay orgy group that all have to sing together just to sound good.”

Yenn smacked Ryan in the arm, “They’re not gay! They can get more than you big boy.”

Ryan smiled, “At least you know I’m big baby.”

Billy interrupted everyone’s talk about the boy band and said, “What the fuck happened here!?”

They all looked to their camp to find it destroyed. The tents fell down and the bags they brought were looked through. Their clothes and belongings were scattered across the ground as if someone were looking for something. Ryan freaked out, “SHIT!”

He ran over to his backpack and opened a pocket that seemed to have been created by him. It was on the inside of the pencil pocket. There was a little compartment that he slipped his finger into and pulled back which caused velcro to rip apart.

Trevor said, “What dude? What?”

Ryan’s hand was in the pocket and he calmed down and said, “Oh thank God. Everything is okay.”

Trevor replied, “What are you talking about!?”

Ryan then pulled out a pistol that was in the pocket. It caused everyone to jump. Yenn said, “Jesus Ryan, where’d you get that!?”

He looked at it and said, “It’s my dad’s .38 snub nose. I knew he kept it in a little lunch box inside the garage so I decided to take it for precaution.”

Billy blurted, “What the fuck do you think is going to happen dude!?”

“I don’t know. Just incase. Thank God it wasn’t stolen. If my dad found out I took it, he would kick my ass for sure.”

They all looked around at the mess and sydney said, “What happened? Do you think someone is trying to scare us off or something?”

Trevor was thinking but couldn’t put his finger on it, “I’m not sure. It could’ve been an animal or something.”

Yenn was being a smart ass but she was right, “I don’t know any animals that could unzip backpacks and take everything out.”

“Monkeys could.”

Everyone looked over at Ryan, shocked, that he would say something so stupid. He was never the smartest out of the three but surely he was smarter than that. Billy thought that until now and said, “Monkeys aren’t around here dumbass.”

“Fuck, I don’t know! I say it was just an animal.”

Sydney said, “What if someone was trying to scare us or something? To tell us to leave.”

Trevor looked over at Sydney and said, “If anyone was here, they’re gone now. It’s probably just a group of kids that know about it here and are trying to scare us. It’ll be okay. Let’s just clean this shit up and get back to our day.”

Everyone’s belongings were picked up and the tents were put back together. It didn’t take long for everyone to get back into the swing of things and enjoy their time. The sun was just about gone and Ryan and Trevor built a fire for everyone to roast hot dogs and smores. Ryan was feeling really good at this point and started to be vulgar. He grabbed a hotdog and put it in the zipper of his pants, “Hey guys look at my weiner. Does anybody want my hotdog? Anyone? It’s good!”

Yenn said, “I’m sorry baby. I only like foot longs.”

Everyone was surprised at what was said and screamed in laughter. Ryan looked down at the hot dog and said, “Oh poor little guy. Looks like now isn’t the time.”

When everyone finished eating, Trevor stood up and threw his can of beer in the fire, “Alright guys. It’s time for what we’ve been waiting for.”

He turned on the flashlight and pointed it at the cave. The flashlight shined on the graffitied brick entrance, but didn’t show anything else beyond the entrance, except for complete darkness. He then brought the flashlight below his head and flashed it on his face, “We have some history to explore. Mwa ha ha ha haaaa.”

Ryan stood up and said, “ If you’re talking about looking for the bones of the loonies who tried escaping, then yes. Let’s do this.”

Sydney rolled her eyes, “You’re sick Ryan. Besides, they could have escaped. You never know.”

Ryan pulled out his pistol and held it up by his head like a secret agent, “Let’s find out then. You all think I could shoot a ghost? Is that possible?”

Billy was shocked at how stupid Ryan could be sometimes, “Ghosts are invisible most of the time. There’s no chance of you being able to shoot one. Plus, they can go through walls and shit so the bullet would most likely go right through them.”

“Enough Mr. Know it all! I want to kill some ghosts. Let’s do this!”

They packed their gear which consisted of beer and headlights that strap onto their head. Billy brought a tape recorder to document the walkthrough to see if he could hear any voices. As they were all standing beside each other in the entrance, Billy looked at everyone, “You guys ready?”


“Hell yeah!”

“Ready Freddy.”

“No way to back out now.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at Yenn’s comment. She always had an attitude.

They each stepped in together and looked around the haunted cave. So far so good, but it was only the beginning. They shined lights on the walls that were decorated with spray paint. Sydney found artwork of a red elephant tied up to balloons. She thought it was beautiful… Maybe in a sick and demented way but still.

They kept walking further in the cave and it was completely deserted. They couldn’t find anything the least bit scary. The only thing scary about the cave was the graffiti and the thoughts that were constantly going through their heads.

Ryan walked over to a wall that had small writing. The writing read:


He had shivers going up his spine and gulped before saying, “Guys… Guys, look at this.”

The rest of the group started walking toward him, but he felt something brush against his foot. Fear consumed his frightened heart and he jumped back, while firing two shots at the ground before realizing it was just a rat.

The blast of the gun made everyone cover their ears until the ringing stopped. Once it stopped, Trevor shouted, “What the fuck man!? It was just a rat you spaz.”

“Man, I read the fucking writing on the wall and felt that thing on my foot. Look what it says. You can’t blame me for freaking the fuck out!”

They all read the writing about the father’s cave and felt colder. They were all quiet until Trevor broke the silence. “Yeah. That’s pretty weird but that doesn’t give you the right to be so trigger happy. Give me the gun.”

“Hell no man! It’s my dad’s gun. I’m not giving you shit.”

“Then give Billy the gun. He will hold onto it and he won’t fire it. It’ll all be okay. Just hand it to him and we can go further.”

Ryan was offended and furious, but gave in. He smacked the gun into Billy’s hand and said, “You leave a scratch on it, I’m a dead man. Which means you’re going to be a dead man. Got it?”

Billy said, “Aye aye captain.”

They all proceeded further into the cave. After reading about the sad souls, they were a little on edge. They were looking over their shoulder repeatedly as if someone would creep up to them from behind. Billy said, “Well let’s see if we can find some sad souls.”

Sydney said, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea Billy. Maybe we should turn that recorder off and give it a rest.”

“There won’t be any harm in this. It’ll be okay… I think.” Billy said and then started questioning the so called “spirits”.

He started talking, “Are there any spirits that would like to speak with us today? Any at all?”

The only sound was the steps they were all taking and drips of water dripping from the cave due to moisture.

He went on, “The story goes that inmates from an asylum used these passages as a way to escape to freedom. Is that true? Are any of the spirits of the inmates here tonight?”

A few seconds passed and eventually a sound echoed through the cave. Nothing loud and intimidating. It was a sound of someone weeping as if in pain and suffering. It caused everyone to gasp and look all around them, only to find complete darkness and solid rock on their sides. Billy dropped the recorder and it broke as it smacked against the stone. Billy said, “Shit! The recorder’s busted.”

Ryan whispered, “What the fuck was that?”

Sydney answered instantly, “I don’t know but I think I want to get the hell out of here now.”

Trevor tried to comfort her by softly laying his arm around her side and squeezing her hip intimately, “Baby… It’s okay. They can’t hurt us. Whatever it was, it was probably just answering to Billy’s question. That’s all. By the way Billy, that was crazy.”

Billy was almost positive he wasn’t the only one that became paralyzed as the sound came through the cave. He didn’t know what direction it even came from. When Trevor made the comment, all Billy could do to show appreciation was give a slight smile. Yenn looked ahead and saw something on the wall, “Over there! There’s something else on the wall.”

They all walked further down and found another message written on the wall.


Sydney covered her mouth. She was starting to sweat and feel uncomfortable in her skin, “Trevor, this is getting fucked up. I want to get out of here.”

“Babe please. Me and the guys have been planning this for so long. We are not leaving now. We need to see what is further down. There could be answers or something.”

She was getting pissed. She wanted to smack and tell him to wake the fuck up from this dreamland. This was too real for her and she was starting to regret that she even came. She loved Trevor but this was starting to feel dangerous. She didn’t feel safe. With every step she took, it felt like she was getting further away from life.

Trevor said, “Please… Do this for me and I promise you won’t regret this. I’ll take you anywhere you want after graduation. We can go to any beach, any amusement park, we can even try to go on that cruise you were talking about. I’m sure we can work something out.”

As much as she wanted to tell him to fuck off and make him take her back home, she had to give in. They did plan this years ago and she didn’t want to be the party pooper who ruined it all. She rolled her eyes and smacked him on the chest, “Fine but dammit, if this gets any more fucked up than what it already is, we are getting the fuck out of this place.”

“Of course. I’m scared too but I’ll protect us. You have nothing to worry about.”

They both smiled as they leaned into each other to kiss. Yenn couldn’t resist and said, “Oh gag, get yourselves a room.”

They crept further to find more writing on the side of the cave. It read:


Billy looked ahead and said, “There’s more to the writing on down the path. Let’s finish what it says and we will go back. I don’t like this either.”

They walked to the other writing.


It was getting harder for them to walk further but Billy tried to push forward, “There’s more writing ahead. The dots at the end of the statement shows it’s not finished. Come on.”

He moved ahead of everyone. Out of everyone there, he was the most concerned on the writing. What could this mean? What was going on here? Was someone living in the cave? Who’s the father the writing is talking about?

The rest followed close behind. They made it to the rest of the writing.



This was the time to leave. Sydney couldn’t take this anymore and she said, “Okay. That’s enough. We’re leaving now!”

She grabbed Trevor’s hand and turned around to find a figure in a black cloak standing behind everyone. He must have been watching the whole time and no one even noticed. She screamed as loud as she could and everyone turned around to see the figure from behind. Trevor put his hand in front of her and told everybody to scoot back. He then said, “Listen here you sick fuck, this isn’t a game. Let us out and nobody will get hurt.”

The robed figure didn’t say a word. The figure stood there for a second and then slowly starting walking to them one foot at a time. It wasn’t quick about it. It was being patient as if it knew it were going to get them anyways.

The group started scooting back and Trevor said, “Get the gun out now!”

Ryan yelled out, “I don’t have it! I gave it to Billy. Get it out now!”

Billy nervously reached for the gun that was tucked into the back of his pants but his hands were trembling so much, he dropped the gun on the ground, “Shit guys! I dropped it!”

Trevor yelled, “Pick it up quickly!”

He turned around and saw the gun. That wasn’t all though. Beside the gun was a foot. He looked up and all he could see was the end of a shovel smacking him in the face. He fell down on the ground and saw stars. His hearing was starting to disappear and just before he lost his vision, he saw a group of robed figures come out of the dark and swarm in on the rest of the group. Then it was black.


Billy took a slow breath and could smell a campfire. When he took a breath, he realized he was asleep. All he could remember was him and his friends going to camp out outside of the haunted cave. He figured he was sitting outside by the fire, but realized he was completely wrong as he opened his eyes.

It was blurry at first, but when his eyes started to focus, he found himself in a room. The walls were made of rock. He looked up to find an opening showing the stars outside. He was still in the cave. He looked back down to see two torches on one side and another torch on the other, with a robed man standing in the center with a mask. The mask was the most ungodly thing he had ever seen. Something straight out of a horror movie. The mask looked like it was the skull of some animal with large sharp horns that curved to his shoulders.

Billy tried to move but couldn’t. He looked down to find himself tied to some sort of stake. Terror was just starting to creep up his body as he tried to shake himself free. It wouldn’t budge. Then, he heard voices beside him. He looked over to find his friends tied up as well, but they weren’t tied to stakes. They were tied to upside down crosses.

The group was all trapped there with no strength to break free. From what Billy could see, they looked like they were beaten pretty good before being tied up. They were all awake though. All they were doing was staring at the ground until Billy made a noise. Trevor was the one beside him. Trevor slowly raised his head to look at Billy. He looked as if he were defeated and his soul was already gone. Usually Billy could see a twinkle in Trevor’s eye but not this time. It was dull and lost until they heard a slow beat of a drum.

The drum was a steady pace. Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Billy saw Trevor’s eyes widen and he turned his head to see what Trevor was so afraid of. A large group filled of robed figures approached into the room. Some were tall and some were small. They slowly walked and surrounded the group from all over and waited until the drum stopped.

Once the drum made its final boom, the group all fell to their knees and mumbled these strange prayers. Billy couldn’t hear what was going on but he guessed that it must be some sort of service. The man in the mask had a very deep and crisp voice, “You all may remove your hoods.”

The group all removed their hoods and what Billy saw was unbelievable. All the people had upside down crosses on their foreheads and the worst part of it all was that there were children as well. The children looked excited and pleased to be a part of this cultish service. Billy looked over as Sydney started to shake and cry. She couldn’t say any words due to her mouth being gagged. Everyone’s was in the group. Noises were all they could make.

The man in the mask eventually spoke once more, “We will begin the ceremony of thou father. Remove the cloth that’s tied to their mouth.”

Some of the men responded and did as they were told as if they were controlled. They were in a way. In some way, Billy thought that the man in the mask was some sort of priest in their eyes. Once the men removed the bondages on the group’s mouth, Yenn was the first to speak up, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US!?”

The group smiled as if they were amused in Yenn’s tone. They found pleasure in it and from what Yenn could tell in some of the men, it made them hard. No one spoke a word though. They stayed down on their knees and waited for further instruction.

The masked man said, “Tonight, is a special night for us brothers and sisters. We have guests that will be joining us in this special ceremony. Our father has been kind to us all over the past years. We’ve done our parts and he has done his. Tonight was going to be a simple night of rejoicement, but now we’ve had a change of plans.”

Everyone clapped and shook their heads yes for what the priest was saying. None of the group understood what was going on but they damn sure knew it wasn’t going to be good. The masked man continued to speak. “Let us pray shall we?”

Everyone bowed their heads in prayer. They all started to whisper things Billy couldn’t understand and then the priest prayed louder, “Thou father, we thank you for the love and protection you have given us over the many years. Even with our parents and parents before them, have been greatly appreciated by your support and protection father. Tonight we all come together in your home, to love and respect you. We worship you like no other father has and we will do your bidding until the end of our days.”

The man finished up the prayer speaking in some sort of tongue that Billy didn’t recognize. After the priest finished the words, so did the others saying the same thing. They all raised their heads to look to the priest for further instruction. As much as Billy didn’t want to hear any part of this, he spoke, “W-W-Who’s your father?”

Everyone turned their head to billy and pointed at him with a smile, but then slowly turned their heads and fingers toward the priest. The priest slowly scooted out of the way and pointed to an image on the wall. The fire was the only source of light that showed the disturbing image. It was the face of the devil. Or so it seemed. It had sharp teeth and horns and it was drawn with some sort of red ink. The more Billy thought about it, the more horrified he became.

Tears ran down Sydney’s face as she realized what type of people these were. She had always been scared of cultist and especially demonic cults. She whimpered and then screamed, “LET US OUT OF HERE!”

She kept trying to break free but there was no chance in that happening. They were all trapped. All they could do was wait until it was all over. The priest spoke more, “Thou father has protected us through things more than you all could even comprehend. Since you all, were so kind enough to enter his home. We will all thank him once more and reward him with a feast.”


The priest walked closer to Yenn. With every step he took, it became harder for Yenn to breathe. He took his last step and stood right in front of her. He caressed his hand gently on her cheek and said, “Oh we can… Weeee cannnnn…”

Tears finally spilled out of her sockets as she was being violated by the priest. He then spoke again but quickly, “And we will.”

Just then he grabbed a blade that was tucked into his robe and slashed her throat with one solid movement. When her neck split open, the shock she consumed was unreal. Her eyes became wide open and the only noise she could make was a short gasp. The cut was clean and it took a second for blood to reach the exit wound, but when it did. It didn’t end. Blood poured and poured onto the ground. She lost strength in holding her head up and it fell down to her chest.

Ryan instantly screamed no just before it happened. He had this feeling digging in the back of his head telling him that something bad was going to happen. When he saw the blood, he shouted, “NOOO GOD NOOO. YOU ALL ARE FUCKING NUTS!”

The priest walked over to a wooden bowl that was sitting below the image they all pointed at. He picked it up and walked back over to Yenn’s sacrificed body and held the bowl up to her neck to fill, “Now we will begin the ceremony. As you all know, father encourages us to feast with him, as we are his family. We will pass the bowl around and each take a sip.”

The priest passed the bowl around and the group watched them each take a drink of the fresh blood that was kept warm inside of Yenn’s body. Sydney was watching them all take turns drinking from the bowl. Even the children smiled and happily took a drink, as if it were just as normal as drinking tropical punch. As everyone was drinking, the priest went ahead and slashed Ryan’s throat as well in one fast movement. It was all coming to an end for Billy and his friends.

The sight of it all made Sydney vomit on herself. She was starting to have a panic attack. She takes medicine to help balance it out, but this made it unstable. Her mind was a whirlpool of fear, slowly eating at her heart until it couldn’t take anymore. Trevor looked at her as he as crying and said, “Baby, it’s okay. Listen to me. It’ll all be okay and we will get through this together. We’ll make it out of this!”

“I want to go home Trevor. I want to just go ho-”

Just before she could finish speaking, the priest slit her throat as well, causing a waterfall of red to pour into the floor. Billy dropped his head in disgust. The agony he was experiencing was like no other. All he could do was blame himself for all of this. If it weren’t for him bringing up the idea all those years ago, and it was all his fault they kept going further in the cave. He just wanted to finish the writing on the wall. Why couldn’t he have just agreed and have them all go back to the camp?

As his head hung low, he saw the blood going in a line to the drawing on the wall. There were indentions in the floor that collected blood and made it flow to the drawing on the wall. He heard more screaming which caused him to snap out of the strange trance he was in as he was watching the blood travel down the room.

He looked up to find Trevor trying to break free. All he could do is jerk and pull on his constraints and scream, “YOU SICK FUCKS! YOU ALL WILL PAY. I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!”

The priest replied, “Is that so young man? Is that what you think is going to happen tonight? You think you’re going to just break free from your post and kill all twenty five of us? I think you’ve mistaken. I advise you to keep quiet before I lose my patience and make a mess with you.”

Trevor felt lost and defeated anyways. He didn’t care what happened to him anymore, “BRING IT YOU SICK OLD MAN. YOU ALL ARE COWARDS THAT CAN’T FIGHT YOUR BATTLES ALONE LIKE MEN!”



The priest walked quickly over to Trevor and lunged the blade deep into Trevor’s stomach. He started pulling the blade sideways on the stomach. He wanted to see the boy’s intestines fall to the floor. Just before the priest could see that happen, Trevor finally caused the cross to break loose. The cross fell toward Billy and caused his cross to break as well.

Billy fell to the ground and when he hit, he felt the constraints break free. He looked over at Trevor and just before Trevor died, he was able to say, “Runnn.. RUN!”

Billy listened. He picked himself up and pushed through a few of the cult members that were blocking the entryway to the room. Once he escaped the room, it became dark. He couldn’t see anything but darkness. He dragged his hand along the wall to feel where he was going. He heard the priest yell from the room, “Get the boy NOW!”

At this point, he could hear footsteps and talking going on in the group of psycho’s. He had no choice but to keep running. He took a few more steps and realized he hit a dead end as he smacked his head hard against rock. His body dropped to the floor and his vision started getting blurry again. Seconds past and he saw light coming toward him and in the light, were members of the demonic cult that he was trying so desperately to escape. They walked up to him and it all went black once more.


Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom… Billy could hear the steady beat of a drum. He started to open his eyes slowly and when he did, all that could go through his head was hatred for himself. He wished he never woke up. Why couldn’t they have ended his life already? He saw that he was back in the room where he was held against his will. He saw the cult kneeled down. They were bowing their heads and praising to the drawing on the wall.

Billy tried to move but he was tied down in a sitting position directly in front of the drawing. Something was wrong with the picture though. It seemed to have been moving in a way as if the rock was water. The chanting grew louder and louder with every second until Billy saw something crawling out of the wall. Something Billy could only think was pure evil. Thou father, the devil crawled through the solid rock as if walking through a portal.

The dark spirit was on its knees, but looking directly into Billy’s eyes. It was beautiful. It had pale skin as white as snow, with the coldest blue eyes that shined brighter than the fire. Almost as if they were glowing alive. The creature smiled kindly as if it didn’t mean any harm. Billy would’ve felt sorry for the thing if it weren’t for the circumstances. The monster was skin and bone, and only wore to what Billy thought to be a tattered black skirt that hung from the waist down to its ankles. Around the spirits waist were large thorns that were sewn into the monsters waist. It slowly started to dip its hand into the blood formed around him and drank.

Billy started to gasp uncontrollably as if he was running out of air. He quietly said, “Please… Please don’t hurt me. I beg of you. God, please help me.”

The spirit stopped drinking instantly and looked at Billy with wide eyes. The thing looked offended. It was straight horror in Billy’s eyes. Billy felt as if something were entering his mind but he was tranced into the creature’s cold, heartless eyes. As blood was dripping down the monster’s covered chin, the thing spoke clearly to Billy, but the mouth didn’t move, “My father, your lord… Can’t help you now.”

Tears slowly escaped Billy’s eyelids, “No no no no no… Oh God.”

The creature started crawling on all four of his limbs like an animal about to pounce on its prey. The closer it came to Billy, the more its body changed. Its nails grew, its teeth grew sharp, but the worst part of all were the eyes. The eyes went from icy blue, to a fiery red, and just before Billy could say another word, the Devil himself feasted on the innocent soul of Billy Griffith. The cave was filled with one last scream and then thou father’s cave was finally quiet.


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