Bit 1 Full Short Story

Not My Stop

By: C.J. Kirby

Brittany needed this night. Everything that has been going on in her life had been an overload of stress and anxiety that’s slowly draining her into nothing. She used to be a happy girl that didn’t have a care in the world but things sort of change when depression creeps up on you and never lets go until you’re either dead or you defeat the beast. Tonight was was one of her shots of defeating the beast.

“Brittany Hope finally going out to party for once. This is a rare occasion girls. Let’s make this last!” Rose said to the group of five at the V-club of Huntington West Virginia. There wasn’t much in the shit hole of a city but the girls loved listening to live music and it was a fairly interesting place to go to meet new people. Everyone clung their shot glasses together and took their drink and Brittany finished hers last. She wasn’t much of a drinker and everytime alcohol touched her tongue, she wanted to hurl it back up.

She finished her shot of fireball in two drinks. The first one was barely even a drink and she about whined about how bad it tasted but soon gave in and just forced it down her throat. She didn’t want to be made fun of or ruin the fun of the night. Everyone cheered Brittany on once she finished it all up and her best friend Susan said, “Look at you miss hard ass. Not too much longer and you’re going to learn to outdrink all of us.”

Brittany couldn’t help but smile at the stupid comment, “Oh shut up. It was one shot! Besides, I’ve had better and more important things to do.”

Susan replied, “Well tonight you don’t which reminds me…” She taps her hand on the bartenders table and says, “Hey, can I get another round of fireball for myself and these amazing girls of mine?”

Brittany couldn’t help but worry about how the night was going to be if she was already starting her second shot. She was a lightweight and didn’t drink much by any means. Last time she actually tried to drink a lot was in highschool and it led her puking on her ex boyfriend in front of everyone in her school. Ever since, she was very cautious of how much she drank. She looked over at Susan and said, “Shouldn’t we.. You know… pace ourselves or something?”

Jessica which was Brittany’s least favorite out of Susan’s friends jumped in on the conversation, “Oh Brittany, don’t be so uptight. Loosen up and have some fun for once.”

Brittany rolled her eyes and got up from the table. She walked to the outside section of the bar and Susan followed her out and said, “Brittany! What’s going on? She was just playing around. Everything is fine.”

“Look, I’m sorry for walking out. But that bitch pisses me off. She’s annoying. Why did you even invite her here?”

“I didn’t! She invited herself. Hey, she’s not that bad once you get to know her. Yeah, she can be a real cunt sometimes but that’s just in her nature. You just have to pick and choose what to hear come out of her mouth sometimes. Come back inside… One of the bands are about to play.”

Brittany stood silent for a second but eventually gave in, “Fine! But if she doesn’t stop, I’m going to punch the bitch in the face.”

Susan laughed, “Yeah, like that’s going to happen. You’ve never fought in your life! She’d probably kill you.”

They walked back inside to join the girls, just in time to hear the starting band introduce themselves. The singer of the band said, “What’s up V-club, we are Six Days!”

It wasn’t a big band because no one was really paying attention to them except for a couple people standing right by the stage. Everyone was just standing around drinking and talking amongst themselves. Brittany walked over to the table and grabbed her shot and took it whole with one drink. She slammed the glass down and looked at Jessica, “Let’s go have some fun shall we?”

The girls walked over to the stage to listen to the music the bands were playing. The band started off with a song called New. It was a slow and melodic song and Brittany secretly enjoyed it a lot. She felt eerie listening to the song and the lyrics. It reminded her of herself and how her depression was destroying her. She felt alone and was desperate for something new to come along and cause the depression to deteriorate from her body and her be renewed into a better self. After the song, one of the girls named Alicia took a drink of her beer and said, “This band makes me want to go to sleep. I want HellHoundz to hurry up and play!”

Brittany didn’t want to put it out in the open that she loved the song so she decided to be subtle about it, “It wasn’t that bad. It had a very pretty melody to it. Who’s HellHoundz though?”

Brooklyn replied, “It’s the last band that will be playing tonight. They are starting to get huge and Johnny is to die for! He’s the vocalist and my god Brittany, he is just eye candy.”

Six Days eventually finished playing their set which was of five songs. They were all decently good to Brittany and had a lot of emotion to them. The only problem the other girls had with the band was they weren’t hard enough for their standards. The other girls liked more heavier and hardcore type music and wanted screaming and breakdowns to jump around to. Brittany didn’t like that as much but could get into it if she were in the mood. She liked all different types of music other than country and bluegrass. God help her soul when she was forced to listen to bluegrass with her dad in the car. He would always play Bill Monroe or Ralph Stanley and it drove Brittany to madness. Her father would say, “This is real music. It’s raw and shows real emotion and talent unlike these new singers with their autotune and duhicky effects.”

Brittany loved her dad to death but when it came to music, she didn’t want to hear his opinions on her taste in music. She was really sensitive when it came to the music she listened to and felt like she would probably rip someone’s soul out if they talked about her bands.

The band was getting their equipment off the stage so the others can get ready to play, and the girls walked outside to socialize. Outside of the bar was tables scattered around the fenced in area and in the center was another bar table that the bartenders never used. It was always empty from what the girls have said about it. As they were sitting, Susan looked over at Brittany and asked if she was excited to start her classes next week. Brittany replied, “Yeah, I guess. I’m really just excited to get through it all so I can find another job. I’m really tired of working at that dump of a call center.”

Susan replied, “I’m pretty sure anyone would feel that way if they’ve worked at a job like that for as long as you have. How long have you been there? Two years?”

Brittany shook her head yes, “Let’s just say it’s been too long. I’m tired of it. I honestly feel like that hell hole is the reason why I’m depressed, or a big part of it anyways. If I can just get through this nursing program, I will be golden. I will have a better job waiting for me and I will make so much more money. It’ll be worth it.”

Jessica jumped in as she was finishing her beer, “Money isn’t everything sweetheart. Trust me. My dad is a big shot at the Marathon plant so we’ve always had a lot of money. My mom and dad were never really happy though.”

Brittany said, “Well I don’t see how money could make things worse.”

“I suppose you’re right… Besides, I’ve always gotten everything I’ve wanted and I’ve never had any issues.”

Susan decided to finish it up, “Maybe it’s because you don’t have a heart. You think about that?”

Everyone laughed and Brittany couldn’t help but snort. Jessica said, “If so, I’m so thankful for not having one. Life is too short to mope around all the time.”

As she finished up what she was saying, a guy walked up to her and introduced himself. He said his name was Josh. Brittany took a good look at him and thought he was decent but something about him didn’t work for her. He looked too macho if that’s what people would say these days. Basically all you would have to do is live in a gym and have your three meals a day which would be steroids, steroids, and more steroids. If you follow that meal plan and do nothing but lift, then you would look just like him. Not that he didn’t look good or anything. He had kind eyes and a nice haircut, but it wasn’t Brittany’s type by any means.

The girls walked over to a table that wasn’t close by but wasn’t too far away to where they couldn’t hear. They wanted to hear everything and see what would happen. The talk started going well, he had a cheesy pickup line when he shook her hand. Jessica said, “Whew, your hands are cold.”

He smiled and said, “Cold hands, warm heart.”

Susan started to snort which caused everyone else to try to hold in their laugh as well. That had to have been one of the worst lines they have ever heard. It was absolutely terrible but it seemed to have worked for Jessica. But then again, Brittany thought that you probably didn’t have to do much to impress her as long as you look good.

Time passed and Jessica eventually walked over and said, “Well ladies, I think I found where I’ll be staying tonight. I think I’m gonna go ahead and head out.”

Susan said, “Jessica, you just met this guy. Are you seriously going to fuck him?”

Jessica smiled lustfully and said, “Why not? The guy is hot and it’s not like I’m looking for anything more than a good time. I’ll text you the details tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about that. I think I’ll be just fine not knowing the details.”

Josh walked behind Jessica and squeezed her sides. She made a moany laugh as she turned around and said, “Behave yourself!” She looked back over and said, “Bye bitches. See ya later.”

Everyone said bye as if they couldn’t care or less that she was leaving. Susan heard the the next band starting and said, “Guys, the next band is playing. Let’s go!”

The next band was complete garbage in Brittany’s mind. She felt this band should’ve played first and then Six Days should’ve played next to last, but she wasn’t in control so there was nothing she could do about it. Everyone took a couple more shots of fireball and it was starting to get much easier for Brittany. She couldn’t really taste the alcohol anymore. It was mainly the cinnamon that she was tasting and she loved it. She knew she was starting to get drunk by her cheeks getting numb. She would press on her cheeks and it would make her giggle. Susan looked over and said, “What the hell are you doing?”

“My face is starting to get numb and it’s so funny!”

“Oh you’re starting to feel it alright.”

She definitely was starting to feel it. As the band was playing their shitty music, Brittany started jumping up and down throwing devil horns up. She was one of the few people that was jumping to the music. She knew in her mind that the music was garbage but she couldn’t care. She felt good and she was having fun, which was the first in a long time. She looked over at Susan, “Come on! Jump with me.”

Susan laughed and said, “This music is terrible. I’m surprised you’re even standing in here while their playing.”

“I’m having fun! Come on! Look… This guy is jumping to it. It’s fun!”

She reached for the guy in front of the stage. He was pretty drunk himself and he didn’t know what was going on when Brittany grabbed him. He was a tall skinny guy with bleach blonde hair. He looked harmless. Brittany screamed in his ear and said, “Jump with me!”

Susan was laughing at how goofy Brittany was acting and the drunk guy was about to fall on top of her due to his intoxication. She knew Brittany would not approve of that but she decided to let her experience this. This was Brittany’s first time out anyways.

Eventually, the band finally started playing a decent song that everyone enjoyed and Susan decided to jump in as well. They were all jumping and having a good time to the music but it didn’t last long. Sadly, it was only two minutes long and that was their last song they played. It annoyed Brittany a little bit but she knew that the starring band was playing next, so she didn’t let it bother her too much.

“I think I’m going to do one more shot and I’ll be golden for the rest of the night pony boy!” Brittany said to Susan.

“I’m a girl!”

“Pony girl, Pony girl, PONY GIRL!”

Brittany was cracking herself up so bad she was almost in tears of joy which caused Susan to laugh as well. They have been best friends since the seventh grade. Susan moved to the tri state area and didn’t have any friends. She had trouble getting along with people because, the school she was at just had a lot of little shits that loved to pick on eachother. They probably even liked you but they couldn’t let that ruin their image, so she just kept to herself until one day Brittany came to sit at her table at lunch and they hit it off ever since. They were like sisters and did everything together. They weren’t as close as they used to be but that’s what happens when you grow up.

Susan smiled and said, “Okay, you can have one more but that’s it. I don’t want you to get wasted and me have to take care of you all night. I still want you to function for the most part.”

They all grabbed their last shot glass and Brittany said, “I just want to say… I needed this so bad. You all have no idea how bad I needed this but I needed it a lot. So so bad! From a scale of one to ten, I needed this by thirty thousand. That’s a lot I’m pretty sure. Is it?”

Susan laughed, “Not at all you dope! I’m happy to be of service though!”

A voice started to shout in the mic after they took their last shot, “WHAT’S UP HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA! WE ARE HELLHOUNDZ. YOU ALL READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!?”

A lot more people started walking up to the front of the stage at this time as they were screaming and throwing up devil horns. Their style of playing was a little bit too heavy for Brittany’s standards but she was head banging like everybody else. The music brought a specific energy in the room that made everyone want to jump around and scream to the top of their lungs. The lyrics were hateful and angry and a little too violent. Brittany thought it was possibly due to the heavy screaming the singer was doing.

The band had songs called no trust, skull crush, and better off dead. Everyone was singing along with the singer but Brittany had never heard of the band in her life so she couldn’t really tag a long. All she could do was jump and have a good time. As she was jumping, she felt people from the back, push up against her really hard and she felt anger flow through her. Her eyes got wide and she turned around to see a small group of people start a little mosh pit. Susan laughed and spoke loudly into Brittany’s ear so she could hear, “You looked super pissed! You going to jump in?”

Brittany rolled her eyes and said, “It’s going to take a lot more than that to piss me off.”

Brittany looked up at the band and saw that the guitarist eyeballing her hard. His cheeks started to flush and he looked down at his guitar to focus. She started to blush as well of the thought of someone that’s apparently so popular even noticing someone like her. She wasn’t really insecure but she definitely wasn’t one like Jessica to flaunt her stuff around like it’s nothing.

The band finished up their setlist which ended up being around forty five minutes long. Once the band finished up, the singer said, “Thank you Huntington West Virginia! You all were great tonight! We’re going to stay around and hang out with everybody for a few. Let us get everything packed up and we will see everyone at the merch table.”

Alicia and Brooke were leaving but Susan stayed with Brittany for the time being. They were going to stand in line at the merch table and buy a t-shirt and maybe a CD for the band to sign. As they were standing in line, Susan looked over and said, “Sooo, how was your first night out? You enjoy yourself?”

Brittany was starting to sober up a bit and she said, “It was a blast! We need to do this more often. Plus, I think the guitarist was looking at me.”

“Which one? Brandon?”

Brittany described to Susan that it was the one in the deep red shirt with the shaggy hair. Thinking about him made Brittany happy. He was definitely cute and a lot cuter than the Johnny guy that was singing. She couldn’t help but think that guy looked like a simple ass hole. She had that vibe from him at least.

After Brittany explained the guitarist that was checking her out, Susan smiled and said, “yup! That’s Brandon. He’s pretty cute but he’s practically famous. They’ll never notice anyone around here.”

Brittany sort of felt the same way. She could have sworn he was looking at her but maybe he was just looking at everyone. It was stupid of her to feel like she was being checked out. She felt maybe it was where she was lonely. She didn’t really go on dates with any guys that much. She was with her ex for about two years and she caught him cheating on her with some bitch from Ohio. She wasn’t just a bitch… She was one of the nastiest bitches Brittany had ever seen in her lifetime. She told Susan everytime that she saw the bitch, it was like she could feel the AIDS spreading all around her. After that relationship, she just didn’t really talk to much people. She just felt like she couldn’t trust anyone except for few people. Susan was one of the those people and she didn’t blame Brittany not to trust anyone. Susan had her fair share of shitty relationships as well.

They made it to the front of the line and met everyone in the band. Brittany got the tour t shirt and a cd for everyone to sign and Susan did the same except bought a poster as well. Once they started to walk away a voice came from behind, “Hey, wait up!”

Brittany and Susan turned around to find Brandon walking up to them. Susan started to smile really big and Brittany just tried to stay calm. Brandon smiled and said, “I was just wondering if I could catch your name. It’s cool if not. I was just curious if you’d like to hang out a little bit after this.”

Brittany looked over at Susan and her cheeks were completely flushed and hot. She felt a little embarrassed of the fact but Susan said, “Well… Are you or are you not?”

Brittany smiled and said, “I’m… I’m Brittany.”

Brandon stuck his hand out and smiled charmingly and said, “Hi Brittany. I’m Brandon. It’s nice to meet you.”

She shook his hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you too Brandon. What were you wanting to do again?”

He started to get a little nervous as he was trying to speak, “I was ugh… Well.. I was wondering if you’d like to hang out for a little bit with me. Just talk and maybe get to know each other and stuff.”

Thinking about it, Brittany didn’t want to do anything more than that, but she started to get nervous. What if he was a tool bag just trying to use her? She thought it didn’t seem like he was but she has made poor decisions before. She said, “I’d like that but…”

Susan interrupted, “She has to give her stuff to me and then she would love to hang out!”

Brittany’s eyes widened as she smiled over at Susan. Susan said, “Go! Go have some fun for once. Just be safe and text me tomorrow.”

“I definitely will! I’ll see you later.” Brittany said as she was handing over her t shirt and cd to Susan. Susan hugged Brittany and left the bar for the night. Brittany couldn’t believe what she was getting herself into. She was hanging out with this guy she just met. Not just any guy, but this extremely attractive and famous guy. She didn’t plan for this by any means and she felt unprepared. What if her hair didn’t look as good? Surely her hair would be crazy from jumping around with the crowd and being surrounded by so many people made it hot in there. What if she smelled? These were all thoughts that were going through her head just as Susan was walking out and she almost forgot what she was doing until Brandon started talking again, “You ready?”

It snapped Brittany out of her head and she said, “Yeah, let’s go!”

They both stepped outside and started walking down the sidewalk. Brandon said, “Do you care if we talk in the tour bus for a little bit? I’m honestly starving. We could eat a snack or something and talk in there.”

“Sure. That sounds fun. I’ve never been in a tour bus before.”

“It’s nothing too special. At least ours isn’t. It’s a small tour bus compared to the ones you’d see really famous musicians ride in, but we all have beds, there’s a kitchen and bathroom as well so it can’t be too bad ya know?”

Brittany just shook her head along because she really didn’t know what it was like to have a tour bus or anything. As they walked in she was amazed on how nice it looked on the inside. It was a fancy camper on wheels basically is what Brittany was comparing it to. It had a marble table, or it looked like it was marble anyways. It had curtains on the inside and hardwood floor. It was super nice in Brittany’s mind.

Brandon said, “This is my home for the next few weeks. It’s not too big but it’s home.”

“I love it. It’s not bad at all.”

Time passed as they were eating sandwiches and chips at the table. She was really enjoying herself and felt she could be open to Brandon. He seemed like a nice guy. He didn’t try to take advantage of her or anything. He asked about her life and what she was doing for her future and everything. She explained she was going to school for nursing. He seemed interested in all of it and explained he was going to go to school for criminal justice before the band started up. He wanted to be a detective.

More time passed and the rest of the band started pouring in. It started to get loud as some other people were hanging out with them as well. The singer laid down his beer and said, “Aw Brandon what do you have here? She’s a pretty thing isn’t she? Did we all come at a bad time?”

Brittany saw Brandon roll his eyes and say, “You’re fine man. We were just getting ready to leave.”

Johnny walked over and dropped down beside Brittany and said, “You all don’t have to leave! I don’t bite… Much.” He started laughing as he started smelling Brittany’s hair. She was getting uncomfortable and Brandon could tell. He said, “Yeah, that’s enough Johnny. Leave her alone.”

He looked over angrily and said, “What makes you get to have all the fun huh!? We can share her can’t we beautiful? We can have a good time. That’s why you’re here.”

“Enough Johnny! Leave her alone.”

“We’ve shared before! Just fuck off man.”

Johnny tried leaning closer as he put his hand on her thigh and she scooted back and hit in him the jewels. He wailed as she pushed him out of the way and she got up. Johnny was on the floor and yelled, “You fucking bitch! What the fuck was that for!?”

Brandon said, “You’re always an ass when you’re drunk. Fuck off man.”

He noticed Brittany walked out of the bus and he ran out the door to catch up, “Brittany! Wait up… I’m so sorry about that. He’s a-”

“A prick. I got that vibe way before he walked in the bus. Look, I’m just gonna go home okay? I think I’ve had enough for the night.”

Brandon had a sad look on his face, “Wait, don’t leave. At least let me take you home or something.”

“No Brandon! It’s done okay? I’m sorry but I’m just going to go home myself. Have a good tour.”

She walked out of his life.

Brittany walked over to the next block over and sat at the gas station for a few. She went inside to grab her a water to help her sober up some more. She didn’t feel sick but her head still felt a little spinny and she didn’t want to get a hangover when she woke up tomorrow. As she sat down outside at a table, she got on her phone and got on this taxi app that everyone has been using lately. She never used it before but she never had a reason to in the past. Now, she was drunk, alone, and needed to get home safely. Susan would probably be passed out by this time so Brittany didn’t want to bother her. She put in her location and where she needed to go. A few seconds later, she instantly received a notification from the driver saying that he would be there in the next twenty minutes. All she had to do now was wait.

She was sitting at the table and thinking. Brandon was a nice guy and she felt bad for how she walked away from him. But she was beyond pissed at that moment and didn’t want to be there. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way. She thought maybe she could reach him on facebook or something and apologize for what happened. Maybe they could be friends. That wouldn’t be so bad she thought to herself. Maybe they could be good friends. Like penpals or something. The idea of penpals made her laugh a little. She remembered having a penpal in her junior high class and how stupid it was, and now she’s thinking about being a penpal with Brandon. Times have changed but they could always keep in touch through text or something.

Time passed and she got a notification on her phone that said her driver was at her location. She thought that was awful fast but maybe he was closer than he realized. She raised her head and looked all around and saw the car at the end of the gas station. All she could see was the headlights of the vehicle. It sort of made her feel weird but she figured it was the alcohol making her overthink everything. She grabbed her bag which she carried her wallet and pepper spray. She remembered she had an exacto knife in there as well where she was working on this project with her family. They were all into art and were wanting to make statues out of paper mache.

She walked up to the car and knocked on the door and the back door unlocked. She opened the door and sat inside the black vehicle. It was quiet in the car. There was no music or anything. Not even the sound of the GPS system repeating where he needed to turn every five seconds because he was parked in one spot. She saw his eyes looking at her through the mirror and he said, “Where to again?”

She took a second to snap out of it but eventually answered, “8325 Mcgregor street. It’s at the end of town on the hill.”

“Yeah, I know where it is.”

She was shocked at how fast his response was but didn’t say anything. She buckled up her seatbelt and they started driving. There wasn’t anything said at this point of time. All she could hear was the cars passing his as they were going the opposite direction. The first thing that came to her mind was Brandon again. She would have really enjoyed his company. He really was a sweet guy. Maybe she’d try to get in touch with him tomorrow if she feels up to it.

They were at her road to go up the hill but the driver passed it which caused Brittany to get paranoid, “Hey, that was my road we just passed.”

He replied, “Yeah… Ugh, that road had some construction going on recently so we’re going to take the back road to it.”

Brittany didn’t remember any construction going on before she left but she kept quiet and let the man do his job. Maybe he knew what construction was going on at the current time. They kept driving and the man turned into this back road at the end of town. It was a rocky road that led into trees.

At this point, Brittany was getting concerned, “This isn’t the back road to my house, where are we?”

He didn’t reply for a second but he looked in her eyes through the mirror and said, “This is a short cut. Don’t worry. I will get you there.”

A couple minutes passed and she noticed that they made it to an abandoned warehouse or so it seemed it was abandoned in the dark. People probably still used it all the time but there was nobody there at that time. The driver eventually stopped his car and he said, “Well shit, this was the wrong road. We will have to turn around and go the normal way.”

Brittany rushed and pulled her purse closer to her and said, “That’s fine but we need to hurry. I have work in the morning.”

He didn’t reply at first. He kept looking at her through the rearview mirror. His eyes were a cold blue and something about them haunted Brittany. He eventually unbuckled his seat belt and said, “I’ll be right back. I have to check the back of the car really quick.”

He opened the car door, stepped out, and walked to the back of the car. Brittany couldn’t see him where it was so dark. There were no lights but the headlights shining on the abandoned warehouse. Her heart started to beat out of her chest and she didn’t know what was going on. It was too quiet and it felt like something wasn’t right.

Soon after Brittany’s last thought, she found out for sure that whatever was going on was not right by any means.

The man opened the back door across from her and he sat right beside her with a knife pointed in her direction. Fear consumed her to where she couldn’t move a muscle. All she could do was gasp and let tears go down her eyes. The man closed the door beside him and said, “Look, I don’t want this to be any more difficult than what it has to be. Just do what I say and this will go by a lot quicker.”

She couldn’t reply. Her eyes couldn’t escape the cold blue eyes that have been locked onto her this whole ride. Now she knew why. They were looking at her lustfully. He wanted her. He wanted to use her and have fun with her for as long as he wanted and then he would most likely kill her so she wouldn’t open her mouth about it.

The man laid the blade against her neck and licked his lips as he was rubbing it against her neck and up to her cheek, “Oh yeah. We’re going to have us some fun okay? I’ve had my eyes on you that’s for sure. My cock has been throbbing the whole car ride waiting for you.”

Brittany started to whimper from the nightmare that was now a reality in her life. She knew things like this could happen but she didn’t expect it like this. Isn’t these cars monitored or anything? She quickly looked at the cameras at the car and they didn’t have any red light on them. As soon as she looked around at the cameras, the man put his hand against her throat and put his mouth against her ear, “Don’t you fucking worry about the cameras dear. I took care of those long before I picked you up. I can’t have anyone watching what I do with you. I get a little nervous sometimes if you know what I mean.”

She didn’t care what he was talking about. She just wanted to go home. She wanted this sick joke to end and just be taken home. He started breathing heavy in her ear and he pulled her head back and pressed his tongue to her neck and started going down which instantly made Brittany groan in disgust. He laughed sexually and pointed the knife at her, “Okay. Let’s get started shall we? The shirt. Take it off.”

Brittany didn’t want to listen to the man. She wanted to keep what pride she had left. The man shook his head, “NOW!” He pressed the blade on her forearm and jerked the blade back. She screeched as the blade sliced through her flesh. Crimson started to show through her skin and it didn’t stop. Not for now at least.

She gave in and slowly took her shirt off of her body which showed a royal purple lace bra. The man started to moan as he grabbed her good arm and pressed it against the bulge in his jeans, “Look what you’re doing to me you little slut.”

At this point, tears stopped pouring down the sides of her face. She was starting to give up on her life. She had no power or will left to fight back. All she could do is obey and hope he kills her fast afterward.

“Now your pants and make it fast. Daddy needs you.”

She obeyed and took off her shoes and pants to show a matching lace thong. It seemed to have drove the man mad. You would think he would cum by the sight of it which just disgusted Brittany more. The man unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Brittany felt sick to her stomach of the sight of it. He had to have been in his late forties or something. He was all wrinkly and gross down there she thought. The smell was worse. He grabbed her hand and forced her to grab his cock and stroke, “Oh yeah bitch. You’re doing great. See how easy this is. You’re being a good little slut for daddy.”

He reached down and put his hands into the front of her underwear and started having fun as well. She couldn’t fight. All she could do is let it happen. She couldn’t help but moan but it was far from pleasure. It was hell. She felt like she was already dead and being punished in hell. Why her she thought. What could she have possibly done to have deserved this torment and shame?

Time passed and he pulled out the knife again and started slicing on her thighs a little, “Yes baby, I love it when you moan for daddy. Don’t you dare have too much fun or you’ll be punished!” He kept smiling at her legs and she felt so weak. Even if she could run, she didn’t think she would get far without her muscles giving out.

He eventually stopped the torture for a second and said, “Okay now. You’re going to go down on me right now. I need a good sucking and if you’re lucky and make me cum before hand. I may just end it at that. How’s that sound?”

Brittany didn’t answer but started to reach down to put her lips around the head. As she was bending down, she noticed her purse was lying by his feet. A spark of hope lit up inside of her heart thinking maybe… Just maybe, she could end this suffering and escape. Instead of doing what she planned she put her hand on his cock again and started stroking another time as she was kissing on his legs. She had one chance at this and if he didn’t approve then he would keep cutting at her. Luckily he enjoyed this surprise and said, “Okay, we can do this for a bit. You’re bad baby. You’re a bad girl. I like it.”

As she was kissing his nasty legs, she got her right hand into the opening of her purse and found the pepper spray and exacto knife. They were both in her hand and she played around with them until they were placed just right for her plan. This was it. This was her only chance. Now is the time.

His head was leaned back against the seat with his eyes closed luckily as she quickly jumped up to jab the exacto knife into his thigh. He howled in pain and sliced her chest one good time before she sprayed the pepper spray into his eyes. She opened her door and he tackled her out of the car.

When they both fell into the cold black top, she was able to push him off of her as he was screaming. When she jumped up to run down the road they came from, he sliced the back of her leg deep and caused her to fall in pain. She didn’t want that to end her chance. She started to crawl as fast as she could. She was starting to feel light headed at this moment. Possibly due to so much blood loss but she couldn’t give up. Now now. If she did, it would end far worse for her.

Brittany made it a good ten feet before the man slowly picked himself up by the car. He was rubbing at his eyes. That was the first time she ever used her pepper spray and hoped it would have done worse to the bastard. He was still up and it wasn’t over.


She turned around to see the man walking really fast to her with the knife in his hand. He couldn’t run due to the wound in his leg but she still wasn’t fast enough to get away. He was standing and she was on the ground. It was over for Brittany Hope.

The man was about five feet away from her at this point and she could hear the sinister laugh that was coming out of his mouth. She just wanted to die. She just wanted to stop breathing so he can do what he wanted with her body. Just when hope seemed to have been lost, a light started shining down the road and it was getting brighter fast. It was another vehicle and she rolled out of the way just before it hit her. It smashed against the man so hard, the front of his skull crushed into the hood of the vehicle. The car’s brakes squealed as it stopped and the man’s body flew forward and smacked against the black top.

Brittany was dumbfounded by what just happened. She was staring at the mutilated body that was laying on the ground and it didn’t move once. She looked over at the car to see someone opening the door. It was Brandon. He was running over to Brittany as fast as he could, “Oh my god. Are you okay?”

He wrapped her in his arms and holding her as he was saying, “It’s okay. You’re safe now. You’re safe now.”

Brittany started to sob and he kept going, “Shhhhh shhhhh shhh. It’s okay Brittany. I got you. You’re safe now.”

A few minutes later of Brandon comforting Brittany, she eventually said, “How did you get here? How did you know?”

“I paid someone one hundred dollars to use their car. I was going to follow you home and apologize and I saw you all turned on this gravel road. I knew something wasn’t right. I’m just glad I got here when I did.”

She kissed him on the lips and thanked him. She kept crying for a few but eventually was calm. Brandon called the police and an ambulance to help and as he was on the phone, Brittany was slowly walking over to the man’s body. She was close enough to see his head was cracked open and blood was all over his face. There was no doubt he was dead. As she was looking, the sick twisted memories that will haunt her life forever kept going through her mind. She snapped out of it and noticed her eyes were locked onto the knife that was still in his hand. She kicked it out of his dead hand and picked it up.

Brandon just hung up the phone and was about to tell Brittany the cops were on their way when he saw her repetitively piercing the blade into the man's chest. Over and over again until all he could see on the man’s body was scarlet. He ran over and tried to pull her away but she jerked him away and started screaming, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU’RE THE DEVIL! YOU’RE IN HELL WHERE YOU BELONG YOU SICK FUCK!”

He was horrified to see the sweet innocent girl that was at the concert, now stripped to her underwear and acting like an animal. He was honestly scared but knew she was doing what she had to do to get better. Whatever happened in that car will change her life forever. He knows he wants to be there for her though and he will for as long as she will let him.

The cops made it to the scene and gathered all the information they could and cleaned up everything.

Brittany woke up in a hospital bed the next day and found Brandon laying on a sofa close by. She almost felt at peace. She wanted to feel at peace at least. She felt like it was all over but her mind was putting thoughts into her head. She turns on the TV to find the news reporting the incident.

Last night was a twisted horror show for Ms. Brittany Hope who apparently was molested and threatened of death by a taxi driver that was supposed to drive her home. Instead, Mr. Greg Hoist had different plans for her. He is also suspected of being involved in four other deaths that are around the tri state area. More details will be spoken of as soon as we receive them. This is channel thirteen new-”

Brittany Hope turned off the TV and eventually went on with her life. 


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