It was supposed to be our senior year izzy and me starting a new adventure as I thought to myself as they lowered her casket. As I stood there motionless a chilly breeze tickled the silk black dress that covered me, my heart beats were slower and slower every inch the casket went so did my soul. "Alex" a faint voice whisper as a hand was pressed against my shoulder "everything that happens in the dark , shall come to the light" said the voice again in a emotional state I had no response. That night I hardly got any sleep the image of seen her in that casket burned through out my mind and that moment when I touch her ice cold body the sensation kept running a long side it. I kept glancing at my phone until sunrise with tears flowing down my face some white lines creaked up from old tears "Sweetie you alright?" My mother said as she opened my door as I tired to cover my messy face in a swift motion she crossed my room and wrapped me up. "Baby I understand what your going through its hard. But you know Izzy wouldn't want to see you like this sugar foot." "It's not fair, why did it have to be Izzy. Why not me?" I asked with a remorse tone she picked my head up and cleared the flow of tears with a couple swipes then settled her eyes in mine "god has plans for all of us sweetie. He called Izzy home because he got another plans for her." She retorted back while gentle rubbing my hair as we sat there holding each a thunderous "Boom" emerged from downstairs. We glanced at each with puzzling looks "did you hear that?" I asked to bring reassure to myself. "Yes, I did. Stay here"my mother exclaim as she stood up. Before she could reach the door loud stumps started to surface as if something was running around "I'm coming with You" I told her while shuffling to my feet. "No Lex stay here. I will handle this" she affirmed in a gentle voice. "Be careful, and I will dial 911!!" I mentioned as she pushed out the door.

"Hello this is 911 what's your emergency" said the operator, "Yes I would like to report...disturbances.....inside my house... right before I could finish my phone died. Now what should I do? Since my phone charger is downstairs I'm shit out of luck. As I thought to myself I remember my mom has a spare one in her purse. Pausing for a second I tired to listen if I heard anything before I going towards the door. Just as night the house was silent, a strange feeling started to settle in my stomach. Once the knob was fingertips away noises started to erupt again, as my heart begun to race I started peniing. Fiercely opening the door I yelled out " Mom you ok?" I slowly moved out of the room, waiting on a response but nothing. The noise got louder and louder I started to rush downstairs to check on her. Before touching the first step my eyes where drawing to the once smooth brick wall, which was now painted in blood

I screamed in horror. Quickly turning around runing towards my room I Stopped In The Doorway. Izzy was sitting on my bed wearing leggings and a holey sweatshirt which had blood stains thur it. "Why did you leave?"she asked while playing with her dreads looking at my window. Not believe what i was witness I Rubed my eyes she asked again in a sinister Tone "Why the fuck did you leave me?" I bust out in tears not know what to say or how to react. Horrified I turned around and fleet downstairs not paying no mind to wall the wall. As I moved towards the kitchen I heard my mother in agony, moving closer I seen her crawling towards the doorway. "What happen" shouting at the top of my lungs. She slowly started to raise her hand to point but to no avail her arm droped. Blood started to pour out of her mouth as she attempt to speak. "It....was..." Before she could finish a strange figure appeared and reclaimed her.


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