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Bit 1 The Move

Haven looked around her room and sighed, she turned around and proceeded to walk out when she heard a rock hit her window when she looked back it was Adam her soon to be Ex. boyfriend. Haven smiled at least she as one good thing in her life, for about 2 more hours.

Haven made her way though her living room and was stopped by her fathers boyfriends "And where do you think your going" Haven rolled her eyes "Now dose that conseren you" Haven stared him down "Why don't you go and find my father, I have to be at the airport in a hour" Haven opened the door and walked away. Adam was sitting on the swing next to the big pool they had up Haven stopped and looked at him for a while before she said anything. "Your watching again" Haven smiled "I can't help it, this is going to be my last day to ever see you" Adam hopped down from the swing and grabbed her face and looked in her eyes "I know baby" Haven smiled and then kissed him.

Havens dad Henry was standing by the car talking to Adam while Haven was carrying her bags outside to load them in the car. As Haven shoved her last bag into the car she turned to look at her dad and them at Adam, "Hey dad, I need to talk to Adam" Henry smiled "OK but make it fast we need to get you the the airport OK" Adam took Havens hand pulled her in and kissed her forehead "I know baby girl, we are breaking up, it OK I love you" then he wrapped his hands around her and then open the door for and kissed her one more time before shutting the door and letting her go forever.

When Haven and her dad were on the freeway, Henry turned down the music and looked at his daughter "You don't have to do this, you know" Haven sighed "Dad, mom has Leukemia and I need to be there with her" Henry smiled some what faded "I still love your mom, you know that right" Haven looked at the window "Gosh I'm going to miss New York" her dad laughed as he parked the car and kissed Haven goodbye and watched her unpack and walk away "bye dad, I'm going to miss you" Haven yelled as she entered the airport.

"flight LGA-234 New York to Minnesota is boarding in 10 minutes" Haven picked up her bag a took off for her plane. When she reached the door and gave her ticket to them and walked aboard, she found her seat ¨next to the window great¨she put her bags away and then took her seat. About 20 minutes has pasted and the plane was really full of passengers then the voice over came on ¨everyone please take a seat and buckle up we are about to leave¨ Haven looked out her window as the plane lifted up off the grown and flew calmly though the air. 


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