Jimmy enters the dark but relaxing room with a soft dark couch that sits in the middle of the room in front the matching desk. Without direction he takes a seat on the couch. Jimmy places one leg across the other.

JIMMY DIX: So I'm supposed to tell you that I can't take it no more, yada, yada, yada. I'm crazy, I have anxiety issues, I'm a borderline sociopath and all that bullshit, right? See I can admit that perfectly and admittance is the first step.

Jimmy leans forward in his seat.

JIMMY DIX: Because I, have accepted who I am and there is nothing about myself that I am ashamed of and wouldn't want to change.

Jimmy leans back in his chair.

JIMMY DIX: I love sex and I'm damn proud and good at it.

Dr. Mindy Simmons: Is that so?

JIMMY DIX: Yeah. They always tell me how good I am after I done fucking them.

(Jimmy mimic girl voices) "Oh Jimmy you fuck so good!" "Jimmy don't leave" "Jimmy you gotta go my husband-"

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: -I get it! So why are you here?

JIMMY DIX: To tell you that today is my last day coming here, so good bye Mindy.

Jimmy stands half way.

DR. Mindy SIMMONS: Sit! Sit down Jimmy.

Jimmy slowly sits back in his seat.

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: We have done this for six months-

JIMMY DIX: -It's been six months already?

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: Yes it has.

JIMMY DIX: Where have the time gone-

Jimmy's face drops as he stares out in space.

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: What's wrong? Jimmy?

Jimmy stares pass Mindy at the crooked picture hanging on the wall. Jimmy slowly starts to stand up and walk towards it as if being drawn to it.

JIMMY DIX: No. No. No!

DR. MINDY SIMMONS (turns around): What's the matter Jimmy?

Jimmy stands by the picture and turns back to Mindy.

JIMMY DIX: Are you for real! Are you fucking serious!

Mindy stands up confused.

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: I don't understand? Is there something wrong with the painting?

JIMMY DIX (hysterical): "Is there something wrong with the painting?" Do you enjoy fucking with me?



Jimmy nods his head as he turns and fixes the painting so that it is straight. He walks slowly over to Mindy with his eyes penetrating into her. Mindy becomes aroused.

JIMMY DIX: Now, if my memory serves me correct. I was only paid for six months. This is my last session.

DR. MINDY SIMMONS: Don't worry, I took the liberty of paying for six more. You're welcome.

JIMMY DIX: You're starting to stress me out, Doc.


JIMMY DIX: You like it when I'm stressed out.


Jimmy and Mindy stares into each others eyes for a long moment before Mindy leaps into Jimmy's arms and they begin making out. Mindy pulls Jimmy by his tie over to her desk, pushing her chair out of the way. Jimmy picks her up and roughly drops her onto the desk.


Jimmy flips Mindy onto her front and hikes her dress up and begins doing here doggy style, roughly. Mindy moans and yells.


Jimmy continues doing it doggy style. Dr. Mindy is seen wearing a wedding ring.

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