Bit 2 Accident Pt. 2

Crystal took a step back "I can't.. Sorry" and she ran out Daniel sat down "Wow" he got up and walked out as crystal entered Liv's room she closed the door and called Rusty in there then Crystal quietly sat on the bed :I'm so ready to go home" Live took her hand "He kissed you didn't he" at this time Rusty entered and hugged her "Nick texted me last night" Crystal shot a look to Rusty "What did it say" Crystal took the phone: [Hey Rus] Your not allowed to call me that[sorry, I just wanted to know how's....] She's fine, Daniel is getting closer to her[good she deserve better]No Nick she loves you, not Daniel and you baled on her[I had too, she....] She what? Nick. what did she do?[she did noting, it's just.. bad people are after me] like who, Nick we can help[not this time, you can't..] Nike please...[Just tell Crystal, I love her, and I hope she moves on.. Bye Rusty] NICK!!!.

Crystal looked up and a tear rolled down her face "Nick, I love you too" there was a knock at the door and Daniel entered Crystal look up "Bye" she got up and left the room.

~!~!!~!~ A MONTH LATER ~!~!!~!~

Liz and Rusty ran though the field Liz ran by a tree and climb it and Rusty ran to a bush and sat down "98..99..100..Ready or not here I come" Crystal yelled as she ran looking for them she pulled out her phone and found Liz's phone number and stared texting her.

"Hey" [she in a tree] How did you know I was goanna ask you that [your, you sweetie, and I know you] K.. thx, bye.

Then she finds Rusty's number.

"Hey.. Rus" [she is behind a bush..get her first] O, I will [and I'm so goanna get her.. for ratting my hiding spot out] Xoxo, bye.

Crystal tiptoed up behind Liz and touched her and yelled "YOUR IT"

 Liz jumped up "Dam, your good at this game" Crystal just laughed. "Ding" she looked at her phone.

[Where is my brother]Umm.. who is this[non of your business, just tell me where he is or your little friend gets hurt].

Crystal looked up quickly "RUSTY" she yelled "RUSTY" Liz grabbed her wrist "What's going on" Crystal looked at her "Read" Liz looked at the phone for a while "O my god...I'm texting Daniel" she took out her phone.

Daniel....[hey, what's up] you have a brother[why?]Just because someone texted us asking for you I thank, and they have Rusty[ask him what is his name]why?[just do it]Ok.

Liz looked back at Crystal "ask him what his name is" she looked back at her phone.

What is your name[yours first] Crystal Blue Vogue[Alex Deli Heart].

Crystal looked back up at Liz "Alex Deli Heart" Liz looked down at her phone "Thank you"

Alex Deli Heart[Shit, don't move... yes that's my brother..and he is very dangerous..just stay still]Ok.[where are yall at]North East Park Rode.

Liz put her phone up "He's on his way" Crystal moved closer to Liz "What else did he say" Liz started to cry and Crystal turned around "ON THE GROUND" Alex yelled "NOW!!" Crystal back up a little "take one more step and I shot, sit down"

Crystal slowly sat down and started to cry as well "Where's Rusty" Alex looked at her and laughed "Dead!".

Daniel crept around a tree and almost tripped over Rusty bodied "Rusty" he whispered "Rusty" he shook her a bit and she Finley came though 'Oh my hea.." Daniel put his finger up to his mouth "Shhhhhh" then he slowly got back up and moved forward "Hey leave her alone" Alex turned around "Which one" Daniel head turned and focused on Crystal, Alex turned back around and looked at her "Oh really" then he turned his gun around and hit Liz in the back of the head and knocked her out then he pointed the gun at Crystal and fried " NO" Daniel ran to her and held her

"you bastard.. you shot her" Alex bent down and looked at him " I told you...I was going to get you back".

As the cops pulled in Alex got up and tried to run but he was tazzed and fell to the ground. Crystal slowly got up "My arm really hurts" Daniel ran over to Liz to make sure she was breathing and back over to Crystal "Let me see" he looked at her arm the Ambulance is right over there I'll be right back as he got up to leave Crystal took his hand and pulled him to her "Thank you" then she kissed him "Thank you".

~!~!!~!~ A MONTH LATER ~!~!!~!~

Daniel ran up Crystal as she was picking out a new backpack for school "Hey Baby" Crystal turned around "Hey" she said as he kissed her "Ready for school" Crystal laughed "Haha very funny, no I'm not ready, Like I have been in and out of the hospital all summer" Daniel ran in front of her "Hey don't let any of that get in your away ok" Crystal took in a deep breath "Ok"

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