Bit 1 Ch.1-Accident- Pt. 1

Crystal stared at the clock "Hurry up" she whispered to herself the clock read 3:28 just two more minutes and school was out for summer "Psst Crystal" Rusty throw a piece of paper at her "Read it... it from Nick" Crystal unscrambled the paper read and laughed " she looked down seats "Ok" she mouthed " DING DING DING DING DONG DING DONG" finely the bell rang Rusty jumped out of her seat ran over to Crystal grabbed her bag and pulled her in to hallway when she stared to speak Liz ran by them Grabbed them both by their bags and pulled them in a janitor closet out of breath Liz was trying to say something "there's....a.. new kid ....." "and he hot" Liz turned toward the door to look at the window "THERE" she yelled all three girls turned and looked but all they could see was his back "Dam..." Crystal looked at Liz the at Rusty "I got to go" Crystal turned around and tried to open the door but it was locked she banged on it then she turned around and went to lean on the door but fell on to the ground instead the new guy turned around and open it for them and Crystal fell to the ground the new guy bent down to help her up Liz stepped out of the closet she circled him "so what's your name?" he turned and faced her "Daniel" Rusty pulled her away "before you even think about it she's my girlfriend ok" Daniel looked at her "Where did you move from " Liz and Rusty both yelled at the same time "Ty Ville " Daniel turned and looked at Crystal ''What are you" Crystal looked at him "I'm a Cheerleader" Crystal looked at her too BFF'S "hey let's get to the Scear mall ok" Liz and Rusty took off running down the hall and Crystal flowed and as she walked down the hallway she turned around "Hope to see you soon ok" Daniel look down at the floor and just laughed "Hey me too" she turned around and ran down the hallway to catch up with her friends.

Liz, Rusty, and Crystal entered the parking lot "I CALL SHOT GUN" Liz yelled as she ran to the car Crystal opened the door and there's was a note on the car seat when she picked it up a necklace fell out from under Neath the note Crystal laughed and picked it up and put in her bag got into the car and pulled out of the drive away "Crystal turn on the radio" Liz yelled at her so Liz reached over and turned it on and Bad Blood by Taylor Swift was playing and all three girls stared singing at the top of their lungs

"OMG WATCH OUT" Rusty yelled and Crystal turned the steering wheel and flipped the car and the car just kept on flipping and then it finely stopped and landed in a ditch.

Crystal slowly opened her eyes and all she could see was Red and Blue lights "Where.....Where and Li..." she tried to talk but Daniel lifted his head and graded her hand "Shhhh don't talk...ok'' Crystal's eyes just slowly closed again she was in the back of the transporter Daniel picked up Crystal's phone and dialed Nick's number again no answer so Daniel left yet another text messages then put down the phone got up and closed the back doors "ok were ready to go" as the Transporter drove off all Daniel could do was cry "I'm so sorry I should have been there for you......I mean I was sent here to make sure you were safe but ....but I couldn't ....I'm so sorry" Daniel put his head back on to her chest "Sorry" Crystal eyes slowly open and looked at him "Where Liz and...Rusty" Daniel picked up his head in those two Transport's Crystal looked at him "and Nick" Daniel turned his head "He nerved answered sorry" Crystal turned her head and stared crying

Daniel went to let go of her hand "No don't plez" Crystal said, he didn't he kept holding in tightly not wanting to let go "I'll try Nick again ok"

Crystal gave him the phone.

Three weeks have pasted since the car accident. Nick walks through the door to Crystal room, she looks at him like "what the hell are you doing here" she yelled at him, but Nick went to sit next to her 'I'm so sorry for not come when it happen" she just stared at him "Where's Daniel" "Sleeping....In that chair" he pointed to the chair next to the door

Crystel looked down "Where were you" she stared to cry

"I was in a car accident.....AND YOU WENR"T EVEN THERE!!!"

at this time Daniel woke up and saw what happened he got up and pulled Nick outside "Dude you need to give her some time ok" Nick looked at the grown "I love her" "She's know you do" Nick handed him the teddy bear and the flowers and told him to tell her Goodbye. he picked up his bag and stared to walk down the hall " Where are you going" Daniel yelled at him but he kept on walking like he had no idea who he was.

When Daniel reentered the room he told Crystal what he said and she busted into tears "Why??" she kept asking over and over "Why??" Daniel picked up her hand and moved her closer to him and hugged her "It's going to be ok I promise" Crystal pushed him away and tried to get "Nick!!" she yelled as she tumbled toward the door Daniel ran over to her and picked her up and put her back on to the bed "NO" she screamed "NO" at this point Daniel run over to the door opened it "We need some help in here KNOW" he yelled he turned back around and saw Crystal in a ball rocking back and forth. As the nurse enters the room she run's to the machine and put's some kind of liquid into the bag and hooking it up to her arm within minutes Crystal fell on to her back and she was out like a light Daniel walked over to her a grabbed her hand and as he did this the nurse turned around "Who are you" she asked he turned and looked at her "Her boyfriend" she turned around and left the room. "Hopefully her boyfriend".

Liz woke up and looked out her window she was also still in the Hospital but she able to move round she walk over to her door and walked out of it she was walking toward Rusty room. When she got there she knocked on the door then she entered "Did you hear Crystal" Rusty looked up at her "she's hurting Nick just left her and she got into a really bad car accident and you know that she was afraid of cars after what happened three years" Daniel looked at her "What happened three years ago" Rusty got up "I said too much" and she hurried out of the door Liz looked at Daniel "her parents picked her up one night and as they were driving home her dad lost control of the car and he crashed the car, her parents died on impact" Daniel stared out into the hall and slowly got up and walked out.

Crystal was in the lunch room when she heard someone at the door she turned around " O my god, it's just you" Daniel walked over to her and picked up her hand she moved in closer and looked up at him "Hi" Crystal said as she hugged him "Hi" Daniel said back when the let go Daniel sat down at the table "So when do yall guys get out of here " Crystal sat down next to him "Friday" Daniel moved her chair closer to him "Good" he leaned in and Kissed her

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