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Bit 5 Police Protection

The police was surprised that the so-called kidnapper actually came back to the seen-of-the-crime to abduct the brother. In the presence of his parents, it was unheard of. They started to have suspicions about the parents, thinking they knew more then what they were telling.

Karen was in total distraught. Tony was in the same state of mind, pacing back and forth trying to think. Karen was in hysterics, imagining the most horrific scenario that her sons might be experiencing.

Tony left Karen sound asleep after rocking and comforting her. However, he couldn't sleep. He went downstairs and sat on the couch, hoping that his sons would find their way home. Wishful thinking he knew, since their were only children . At that moment, he was grasping at straws.

He turned on the TV, so he wouldn't drift off. Two in the morning Tony heard a knock on the door. His heart exhilarated. He jumped off the couch and ran to the door. He absent-mindedly opened the door without checking who it was.

Then it was too late!

With a few quick moves, the stranger carried his lifeless body out of the house.

Karen awakened the next morning, and was surprised to see that her husband wasn't next to her. She placed her hand on the mattress where he slept and it was cold. The sheet, blanket, and pillows weren't touched.

"Odd," she thought to herself.

She went downstairs. "Honey?"

No response.

Karen looked in the living room. The TV was left on, but there was no trace of him. She called Tony's job, but they told her he took an emergency leave of absence for the entire week.

Karen panicked.

She was in shock. Her entire family went missing right in front of her eyes.

The sergeant rang the doorbell, but she was in too much shock to hear it.

Over and over the doorbell rang.

The sergeant saw the cars in the driveway, and knew they must be home. But when no one responded something had to be wrong. On that note, he kicked in the door.

He entered cautiously, gun in hand. He turned the corner and was startled to find Karen rocking back and forth on the couch in front of the TV, holding herself. She wasn't staring at the screen, but the floor.

She stopped rocking and stared up at him with a blank stare that gave the sergeant goose-bumps. "They're all gone," she whispered.

"What?" the sergeant said in disbelief.

Karen screamed the second time. "There're all gone!"

Just then the truth was revealed. She began to tremble terribly. "I'm the only one left. I'm next!"

The sergeant put both hands out. "Slow down," he said calmly. "Before you jump to any conclusions, tell me what happened."

After Karen told him everything that transpired that morning, he got on the walkie-talkie immediately. "You can't stay here! I am putting you under police protection. Pack only one bag of necessities. Your police excorts will be here within an hour. In the meantime, I'm not leaving your side till then."

"Thank you," Karen said, nervously.

"What do you think she did with them?" a police officer asked the other.


"Karen, the woman we're protecting."

"What did she do with what?" The other replied.

"Are you dense? What did she do with her family?"

One officer became animated. "Come on! Three people got missing in three nights. That's one a night! Not to mention she's the only witness. She looks pretty distraught."

"Haven't you heard that serial killers look like ordinary people? All because she doesn't look the type doesn't mean she isn't. This whole distraught thing is probably an act."

The other police officer had nothing else to say. The fact of the matter was it wasn't looking good for Karen. The evidence was stacking up against her.

The two policemen went back inside of the tiny rancher where Karen was being safely kept.

Or so they thought.

In the shadows of the night was lurking the kidnapper. He was watching the two police officers that were on the porch smoking their cigarettes with hateful eyes. In his mind, they were keeping him from his bride.

Instantly, the front door was smashed in. The police was stunned by the sudden intrusion. They realized that an intruder was in their midst when one by one officers began to scream. They couldn't see the intruder to take aim.

Then within a few seconds it was over.

Karen heard the screams from her room. She went to the door and felt uneasy when they couldn't hear any noise. Twenty cops were in the cramped rancher and none of them was making any noise. She was terrified.

Against her better judgment, she slowly turned the doorknob that was locked only a few minutes ago, and pushed the door. Only her beating heart and the crackling of the hinges could be heard.

She emerged into a house of horrors. Blood was splattered on the floor, walls, ceilings, over tables and dishes.

She turned a corner and accidentally let out a scream. She quickly covered her mouth.

Arms, legs, and other body parts was flown everywhere. Karen felt nauseated, and then collapsed. Everything went black.

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