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Bit 3 Intruder

Simeon realized in that last minute that he made a major mistake. He found himself lifted up and dangling in the air like a rag doll, and there was nothing he could do. Then what he dreaded the most came. He was airborne. The vampire through him with such force that it was like being shot out of a canon. A door tried to stop him, but he generated so much momentum that he broke through the door head first. Good thing he still was wearing his helmet. He landed on an expensive-looking coffee table in somebody's dining room.

Simeon's weight crushed everything that was on the coffee table including the coffee table itself. He had glass digging into his sides, cutting through the leather outfit he had on.

Blood ran down the wounds, a staggering sight for a vampire.

His helmet was split in-two and a nasty gash was displayed on his forehead, causing a red stripe streaming down to the bridge of his nose. His right wrist throbbed where the bloodsucker grabbed him. It felt broken.

He got up too fast; the dizziness made him collapse back onto the floor. He tried a second time. Again he felt dizzy, but he managed to prop his elbows up instead with immense pain. He slowly looked around, seeing where he was at and if it was any danger. There wasn't. The unknowns were just as deadly to Simeon as the vampire himself: Where was the vampire? Is he simply waiting, toying with me? Did he pursue? Is he going to pursue?

Simeon looked more clearly, but didn't see anything threatening. "Why didn't he try to finish me off?" he asked himself.

Then he saw a pair of eyes peeping at him from behind the couch-a little boy's eyes.

"Tom, your father and I are going to the festival. Your sister will be watching you while we're gone."

"I want to come with you this year. My friends always go with their parents."

"Well, what can I say? They other parents are idoits. You are only eleven, too young to go to Mardi Gras."

"Why does Nina have to stay? I'm not a baby! I can watch myself."

"Don't be difficult!"

Tom's father casually walked over after putting on his jacket. He sat next to Tom on the stairs. He looked at his son with love and understanding.

Tom's mother left, goaded.

"Son, we need you and your sister to watch the house."

"Daddy, please. After Katrina, the riots, and the martial law, we're still here, aren't we?"

Tom's father smiled. His father always had an effect on him. Regardless of Tom's mood, his father's smile had the power to melt away the anger or sorrow and changed his mood entirely around.

"Okay, Dad. Have a nice time."

That night Tom couldn't get any sleep, so he mosyed downstairs, and raided the frig. He flopped on the couch with leftover pizza on his lap. He flicked on the Sci-fi Channel, although he wasn't allowed downstairs late at night.

As far as he knew, Nina was upstairs still in her room probably dreaming of "boy land."

His father told him that it was a lot easier when she was too young for boys, she didn't even like boys back then. Now she wouldn't shut up about them.

Tom suddenly had a headache just by thinking about it.

He heard a motorcycle roaring out the front of the house, and then abruptly stopped. He heard metal dragging against the asphalt. Tom hurried to the window to see what was going on. When he pried the curtains open, he gasped.

He witnessed a fight between two guys that he would have seen on the Sci-fi Channel. One man had knives coming from his arms, and the other was so fast that he could barely see him. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Tom must have been asleep after all.

He then saw the man with the knives being lifted up and was now pointing straight for his house. Tom scattered from the window and took cover behind the couch.

The stranger with the knives came crashing through the door, and landed on his parent's expensive glass coffee table that was bought at an auction. It cost them a thousand dollars, and was his father's pride and joy. Was, not now! Now it was smashed under the stranger's limp body.

The figure that laid before him on the floor resembled an astronaut. He had on a skin-tight, black leather outfit; his helmet had a razor-thin slit that went from back to visor, and he still had the blades protruding from his arms. Although one was broken off.

He sat up dazed and fell back down.

However, the stranger managed to stagger to his elbows the third time around.

Like a telescope on a submarine, the man's head was slowly scanning the room, until he found Tom in the corner of the couch, peering back at him.

Tom heard footsteps overhead running through the upstairs hallway, then coming down the stairs.


"Nina," Tom thought.

The stranger was still staring at Tom, oblivious to Nina's presents.

Then the stranger collapsed to the floor. Apparently, the gash on his forehead must have been worse than it looked.

Nina was in front of the couch now.


She just stared at the unconscious intruder, awestricken. When Tom bruised her arm with his, she jumped. He didn't notice.

For a moment neither moved.

"What should we do?" Tom asked his sister in a shaky voice.

"You go call the police and I'll check on the intruder."

Tom hesitated.


Nina was on her bed talking to her best friend Katy, complaining about how life wasn't fair.

"I have to watch my brother again this year," Nina said.

"There's always next year."

"Are you kidding me? Next year will be just like this year and the year before that and the year before that. Babysitting my brother won't end until he's an adult. Even then I'm skeptical."

"Aren't you going to college next year?" Katy asked.

"Yeah, but I don't want to live in a dorm with hormones raging all over campus. On the other hand, I don't want to live home to be a babysitter."

"Then you better start looking for a job."

"Do you know anywhere that's hiring?"

Then Nina heard a crash. She put on her night gown on in a hurry, and rushed to Tom's room. She found his door cracked open. She gently nudged the door the rest of the way, and saw the room was empty.

She ran down the hall like a mad woman, until she reached the steps.

She cautiously descended the steps. She called out to her brother with each rung.

She reached the bottom.


Still no answer.

The couch was sitting against the wall, but catty-cornered. It wasn't like that before.

Although the TV was on, what caught her eye was lying in front of her.

She felt something bruised up against her arm, and started her. She jumped.

"What do we do?"

At that moment, her brother's voice suprised her, catching her off guard. Her thoughts were scrambling, trying to find a response.

Her curiosity of the stranger that laid before her took over.

"Call the police. I'm going to check on the intruder."

Nina took up a CPR class on her swim team. It wasn't much, but it made her feel justified in her decision.

He was reluctant to move. She didn't blame him, but he had to do it.


When she reached him she gasped. The intruder was losing a lot of blood.

The image of the coffee table flashed in her mind, but most importantly what was on it. The knickknacks!

These particular knickknacks where crystal castles that sat in the middle of the glass table for decoration. And these crystal castles had very sharp points.

"Oh my God! What do I do?" She asked herself.

Nina began to panic!

She circled around him, reaching in every direction, but didn't know where to touch him.

"They want to know how he's doing," Tom said.

"He is bleeding badly," Nina replied in a frantic tone.

Nina never saw any one die before, not even a pet. She didn't want to either. Yet, here she was, stuck in this predicament.

Tom hung up the phone. "The ambulance and the police will be here soon. They said don't move the body."

Nina didn't even know how to touch the body, let alone move it. "You don't have to worry about that."

Twenty minutes later, the ambulance came followed by the police. The police took the report from the only witness on the scene-Tom Quincy.

They left Tom, shaking their heads. It was too bizarre. The report will never see the light of day.

Nina stayed with the intruder, until they took him to the ambulance.

The paramedics opened his eyes to flash a little light in them. For that brief moment, she saw what appeared to be green eyes-her favorite color.

"Are you coming?" one of the paramedics asked her.

She was at a loss. She never saw this man before in her life. What about Tom? That's right; he parents came back after being notified by the police.

Although Nina didn't know him, she couldn't leave him either.

She stepped into the back of the ambulance reluctantly and sat by the stranger. Watching his unconscious face, she felt a strong sense of destiny with him.

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