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Bit 2 The Motorcyclist

Simeon was on the motorcycle on his way to see, Kara. Tonight was their movie night. After losing both parents in New Zealand, Simeon and Kara bonded tightly over the years. They were by each other's sides through the best and the worst. This created an unbreakable relationship.

Simeon stopped at a traffic light. He was admiring the black Porsche Boxster that was parked to the left, also waiting for the red light. The driver's window was pulled halfway down, so he looked in. He heard whispering from the inside, and he felt like a pervert for looking in the car.

But he couldn't look away.

The wind shifted in Simeon's direction. Lilac and blossoms filled the air. The scent was very fimiliar. It filled Simeon's lungs and wracked havoc with his brain. It wasn't until the driver came back into view, and saw the blood dripping down his chin. Then it all clicked into place. Simeon saw the blood-red core of his eyes and he knew immediately what was happening.

"Vampire!" Simeon thought to himself.

Simeon, who knew all too well what he was in for, took evasive maneuvers. He roared his engine and took off, not giving the vampire the opportunity to strike first.

He sped two blocks up, while looking into the mirror. The vampire was gone! The passenger was their, the driver's door was opened, but vampire was gone! Simeon saw all this with one quick glance.

Simeon found himself flying backward. However, this wasn't the first time this happened to him. He landed fifteen feet from his bike and skidded on his back. He used the momentum to roll himself backward to his feet. He sprang up with two blades in both hands.

Markus overlooked the blades, and quickly came from behind. He grabbed Simeon with a very tight bear hug. Simeon groaned out in pain and heard his ribs breaking. He couldn't stay like this. Markus went for the jugular, but Simeon's neck was protected.

Simeon had a thick collar that was impenetrable to Markus's canines. The collar was inner layered by bronze.

Simeon was in a boatload of pain, yet he still thought clearly. He touched a button in the back of his boots which caused multiple blades to spring out along the sides of his boots.

Simeon jumped up, letting the vampire hold his entire weight. Then he shoved both blades into Markus's face. The first foot, then the second foot, each making contact with the pale, ice-cold flesh.

Markus made a furious snarl.

Simeon thrust his blade into the vampire's heart, but he missed. Markus's movements were like a blur to him. However, this wasn't his first fight with a vampire. He would have to strike three to four spaces in front of the object in any direction if he wants to hit the target, even a target this fast.

Simeon swiped Markus's arm and saw blood splattered in the air.

Strike one!

Simeon went for another, but the blade stopped an inch from the vampire's skin. He found that his arm was restrained by Markus's death-grip on his wrist. He knew immediately by the pain that it was fractured. He shoved the other blade into Markus's throat, but he grabbed that well before it scratched the surface.

Suddenly, Simeon found himself dangling in the air, helplessly. A sudden panic swelled up in him.

Markus threw Simeon head first into a wooden door. It was a good thing that he still had his helmet on. He disappeared within.

Markus was about to go into the house to finish off the assailant, but he heard a car door slam down the street. He looked down the street and saw his prey dashing into the alley. Markus made one more hateful stare at the crushed door and tore down the street in unnatural speed to get his prey.

Carlos was still holding his mouth, panic-stricken, when Markus bolted out the car for the motorcyclist. He never saw such speed. Blood was filling his hands and seeping through his fingers. He needed to go to the hospital, but he couldn't budge. He saw what was unfolding two blocks down. The motorcyclist was remarkably holding his own against the demon.

Then the tide changed! In matter of seconds, the motorcyclist was now in the air and thrown through a door. He had to get out of there now!

Carlos turned the handle and pushed the door open with a thud, causing the door to almost snap off its hinges. He ripped off his seat belt and took off. He ran down the street desperately looking for somewhere to hide.

Carlos might as well have been running in place, because Markus caught him without breaking a sweat. The vampire's face was a bloody mess. Markus grabbed Carlos from behind and pulled him close. Carlos felt another sharp pain in his neck that made his lip fade in comparison. The male prostitute screamed out that only last few seconds. He lost so much blood from those few seconds that his legs collapsed from beneath him. Markus held him up until every last of the red liquid was drained out.

Markus let the body drop to the ground. An expression of sympathy etched on his face, not for the wretched soul whose life he just took, but for another. He looked down at the deceased Carlos.

"I am sorry, my dear. You would have liked this one." His face that was now healed changed with a stern look. "I must find another."

Markus threw the body in the trunk with the rich man and drove off.

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