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Another night. Another bloodbath. Simeon followed the undead through the alley to an abandoned apartment complex, where another victim gets drained like a Yoohoo bottle.

A male prostitute got into the wrong car at the wrong place on the wrong night. Then again, it depends on what eyes you're seeing it from.

In the eyes of the victim, it is his worst nightmare, but unlike a nightmare, he isn't going to wake up from this.

In the eyes of the killer, it was a fine night. This is the night of partying and fulfilling the desires of the flesh for a lot of people. After all, this was Mardi Gras. He felt satisfied on this night, for he too, will fulfill his desire of his flesh-most specifically his thirst.

To Simeon, a vampire hunter, it was just another night at work. He began his dreadful mission five years ago and business has been busy ever since. It helped that he learned what to look for on an ordinary night, but an night was not the way he once thought was ordinary.

An ordinary person would never leave the so-called safety of their house if they knew what lurked outside in the shadows.

"Hey, Ben, where have you been?" Carlos said grinning.

Ben rolled his eyes. "That might have been funny the first few times, but now it's a bit irritating."

"Lighten up!"

It's a dull night for me. I haven't had a customer all night. I am trying to make the best of it."

"Well unlike you, I had a busy night and the night's still young. In fact, I just came from a customer and his friends - it was fun!"

"That's because you look like a sixteen year old boy. There are a lot of perverts out there."

Ben smiled and winked. "Don't be jealous. It isn't my fault that I'm petite."

"Yeah, God blessed you with so much beauty, it drives me craze," Carlos said, rolling his eyes.

The both laughed at Carlos's statement.

A black Porsche Boxster pulled up while they were laughing. The car had tented windows. The driver's window revealed a black man in a black suit with a red dress shirt. His tie was a solid black with red along the edges. The man had on sunglasses.

Ben and Carlos stood there dumbfounded by the majestic of the man in the black Porsche Boxster.

The man lowered his sunglasses to the bridge of his nose to reveal his reddish tented pupils. He pointed to two male prostitutes.

"They have to be some expensive contacts," Carlos said.

"I think he's looking at you," Ben replied.

Carlos placed his hand to his chest, "Me?"

The gentleman gave Carlos an affirmative nodded.

As Carlos walked over to the car, Ben cheered him on.

When Carlos got into the passenger-side, little did he know, he will never see his friend, Ben, again.

Markus waken a few hours ago and was famished. He lurked in the shadows sniffing passersby as they strolled along, waiting for that specific scent.

Suddenly, a black Porsche Boxster pulled up and a well dressed man, balding badly, exited the vehicle. The rich man passed him along the way to the jewelry store. His scent made Markus' mouth water.

At that moment the rich man's fate was sealed.

Markus followed the man until the right time. The man went into Milo's jewelry with a very large check account. He would be awhile.

This guy is loaded. His money was not be touched.

Truth be known, not every black man is interested in money or fame. Markus is the prime example; he was after something more precious. He was craving the very source of the rich man's essence....his blood.

Compared to this craving nothing else mattered. Nothing!

Markus was truly an African American. He was brought to America from Nigeria on the first ship. He was one of the first slaves that set foot on American soil, before he turned.

As he was fiddling with his keys, a strong gust of air blew the receipt out of the man's hand. When the small piece of paper hit the ground the man hurried his foot and stumped on it. He opened the door and then reached down to pick up the receipt.

The man only left the door for a few seconds, but that was enough time for Markus.

The man felt only gust of air hitting his back, but paid it no mind. A few seconds was all it took.

The rich man got into his car unaware that he was no longer alone.

The rich man had a knack of being flamboyant, to say the least. Jazz was blazing from the radio,and the windows were pulled halfway down.

"For a bald white guy, he can carry a tone," Markus thought.

Markus quickly glanced through the window to see where he was when the car stopped at the traffic light.

The rich man saw a blur in the back of his mirror. He turned and peered into the back seat, but it was empty. He felt another gust. He absent-mindedly turned back to the light.

The light was turning green, but there wasn't anyone in sight, the street was abandoned.

Just when he went for the gas pedal, the man heard someone clearing their throat in the passenger's seat next to him. As he went to look, Markus sprung forward with lightening speed and sank his long, canine teeth into the man's jugular.

A long stream of blood escaped the puncture wounds. As soon as he finished feasting, he slowly licked up every, savoring the flavor.

Markus got out to see if anyone seen the scuffle in the car. Still, the area was abandoned, no prying eyes in sight. Mardi Gras was taking place on the other side of town, and taking everyone with it. He was in a non-blue light zone, which made it perfect.

Satisfied that he wouldn't be seen, he popped opened the trunk, picked up the body,and and threw it in the trunk. He did this within seconds, and effortlessly, like the body didn't have any weight.

Then he drove the Porsche Boxster into a dark alley and parked. He quickly changed clothes with the corps and set out for his next mission.

Markus drove around the busiest spot-The New Storyville.

The Old Storyville was built in 1895 and was shut down in 1917. It was infamous for prostitution, drugs, and gambling, which was the reason of its closer. Ten years ago, New Orleans remodeled and reopened the establishment as the New Storyville. It was well known for its male prostitution.

Here, he was looking for a man with the right scent to fulfill another need he had since he had his fill. He was looking for someone meaty, sort of speak. He was looking for someone big that that holds a lot of blood. He needed a man. The New Storyville was the best place for a man to get a man.

Markus saw two candidates isolated on an empty street corner, and stopped the car. The blond, was too small and skinny, he wouldn't do. But the other one looked sufficient, tall, dark, possibly Hispanic, muildium build, and a scrumptious scent.

He rolled down his window halfway. He slide the sunglasses down to the bridge of his nose to get a better look at the specimen. He nodded for the poor sap to come over, so he could get a more accurate look.

The blond midget began cheering for the poor sap to go on. The seen made Markus annoyed.

With a keen eye, the vampire looked the man up and down. "Turn around slowly, so I can get a good look at you," Markus said, in a low, soothing voice. "I want to know what I'm buying."

It wasn't Markus' intend to pay anything.

Soon, money will be the least on his mind. Surviving will take the forefront of his thoughts this night. A smile slightly parted his lips; it will be futile.

Markus savored the sweet smell of the man's blood and his mouthed watered.

As Carlos opened the passenger's door a lilac aroma smacked him hard in the face, intoxicating his nostrils. The scent was so pungent it drew him in the car.

"What was that?" Carlos thought to himself.

Without thinking, he strapped his seat belt.

Marcus didn't stare at Carlos at first. For ten minutes, silence filled the car. Only when Marcus felt secured at a red light was when he stared at Carlos.

"Your aroma is breathtaking," Markus said in his low, soothing voice.

Carlos didn't know what to say. Who would say such a statement? Was this a come on? The man's scent was pungent and intoxicating. Carlos couldn't think clearly. "Thank you," was all he could think of.

Markus smiled mischievously. "Would you mind if I sample you while we're waiting for the light?"

Suddenly, Carlos felt light headed. Was this really happening? He never met anyone like this before. It's exhilarating, almost too much! The eagerness on his face betrayed him. "Please do!"

As he looked into Markus' eyes, he was transfixed at the blood-red core. Markus leaned over and gently placed his lips on his. Carlos's body tingled with pleasure. The pleasure quickly turned into a sharp pain. His lip was bleeding. Soon, blood flowed into his mouth. Carlos was confused. "What just happened? Did he just bite me? Why would he bite me?" he thought to himself.

"It is so unfortunate that I am filled at the moment, because you're really are scrumptious," Markus said, watching Carlos holding his lip.

When Markus turned back around, he realized he left his window halfway down. A motorcyclist was looking inside. He had seen the whole thing! 

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