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"They are definitely strange," Justin admitted. She looked at the boy, "have you heard of a word Panethras?"

The boy's eyes lit up. "Now that's definitely sounds familiar." He looked at her not sure if he should ask her. "Do you believe in aliens?"

Thinking back to the park she said, "I'm open minded on the subject." As she unconsciously rubbed the pyramid shape on her hand.

The boy looked down at his feet as he walked. "I'm kinda obsessed with visitors from other planets. Not like aliens from Mars, I know that's a barren planet."

"So, that's what scientists want us to believe. Scientists tries to take earth's law on organic, living beings of survival and apply them to other planets. Wouldn't it make more sense if each planet has their own law of organic, living beings of survival?"

The boy's mind was blown. Justin smiled at his astonishment as she walked in the school.

He ran back to her side. This made Justin uncomfortable, she wasn't used to being around anyone except for her brother. Now she had this boy following her like a lost lamb. She wrapped her arms around herself out of nervousness.

"Say, what are you doing after school?" the boy asked.

This stunned Justin. The boy just thrown her an unexpected curve ball, which she didn't see coming. "I don't even know your name, and you want to asking me on a date?"

The boy shook his head enthusiastically. "No, no, I want to discuss aliens with you."

Although that's sounds intriguing, my forester father would never allow it."

The boy remained silent as they went to class. Justin knew he was embarrassed of the rejection, but it was nothing she could do about it. She really was interested in discussing aliens with him. It was one of her favorite intrigues. However, Butch forbidden any after school socials. Students wasn't even allowed to come around the house. Fortunately, she didn't have that problem, since she didn't have any friends.

The rest of the school day went as usual, Justin taking notes trying to act like she was having a hard time completing her class work. In reality, she finished it twenty minutes ago. She looked around the room and saw the boy staring at her puzzled.

When the bell rang, the boy went over to her desk. "Why do you pretend that you're struggle with your class assignments when you're finished even before me and I'm considered a genius in the academic sense. My parents want to place in a more advance school next year."

"Well good for you," Justin said, mockingly.

It was clear to her that she hurt his feelings. "I am not that person," she told herself.

"I'm sorry, I am not good at talking to people. As you see, I'm invisible."

"This is something I kept to myself. I noticed you the very first day you came. I just kept silent," the boy admitted.

This revelation took her breath away. Justin didn't know what to think. She was flattered that someone actually noticed her, but was that a good thing? She usually never stay in one particular school to long or forester home.

Justin and her brother have been passed around from forester home and forester home, since their parents abandoned them. However, this was the first time they split up.

Knowing all this Justin still managed to blush that she got someone's attention.

The boy saw her cheeks turning a shade of red and smiled. He turned his head bashfully.

"Well, I gotta go home before my forester father have a conniption fit. Hence the reason why I said no to you early."

"Oh," that brighten him up a little. "I see you tomorrow, then."

Justin went home feeling a little giddy for some reason. "God, I hope a don't feel like this because of the boy. How pathetic am I?" She thought to herself. But the feeling was short lived.

Butch waited in the door as Justin approached the steps. Butch's eyes was burning with accusation, betrayal, hate, and lust.

She could tell they way he was looking at her that the lust and hate was taking over the rest of the emotions.

She was scared of this look.

"Go to your room now!" Butch ordered. You are punished to your room the whole weekend without food. Now who's laughing?"

"He must be joking," Justin thought to herself. The look on his face made it clear that he wasn't.

Butch escorted her to the steps like she was a prisoner, and that was exactly how she felt.

She looked at Virginia. Watching her forester mother turn away in her time of need, pained her. She was betrayed. She felt like Jesus being led to the cross after being betrayed by Judas.

Each step felt as if she had a pair of ball and chain strapped to both ankles.

He led her to her room. "You stay in here until I tell you you can come out." He moved his face just inches to hers. "Do I make myself clear?" Justin could smell the stench coming from his breathe, and wanted to throw up. He was enjoying every second of it.

Butch was indeed, getting more brazen. She need to escape.

That night hunger wrecked through her body, keeping her up. As she tried to go to sleep, she heard the door crack open again, followed by heavy footsteps.

Justin acted like she was asleep hoping that he will leave.

Butch stood there overlooking the young girl who he supposed look after, when he couldn't control his urges any longer. He jumped on Justin trying to subdue her. Justin flailed her body underneath of his weight, while trying to kick him off her. He was much to heavy, and she couldn't move; he had full control over her and she knew it. She was scared for her life.

Suddenly, flashes of light bounced off the of her bedroom walls and they both vanished into thin air.

Virginia knew what was going on. This wasn't the first time. However, when she peeked into the room, but it was empty.

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