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Bit 4 Men In Black

"Ah huh," Butch said, watching their body language. "I need to see some ID to see who you are."

The men reached in their jacket pocket and flashed their badges quickly into Butch's face.

Butch shrugged his shoulders. "Justin, somebody want to see!" He called behind him.

Justin went shyly to the door. Butch moved his meaty hand higher on the doorframe, making her squeeze underneath. It was clear that he wasn't leaving his sight.

One of the men looked at Butch. "We need to talk with her alone."

"That is unacceptable!" Butch said, loudly.

Something about the way the man looked at Butch through his sunglasses made Butch back into the house. Justin was beginning to like these people.

"Can we talk to you?" one of the men in black asked.

"Sure," Justin said, "but I have to go to school."

Glancing back at Butch, Justin was more than happy to take them up on their offer. "I have to get my bag."

She ran back into the house grab her bag. Butch glared at her menacingly.

Justin was taken back. "What a strange question. Is this the reason why they wanted to talked to me alone, to ask me stupid questions?" she thought to herself.

Then her memory jogged to the day before. After school, she walked through the park to get to the bus stop. That was when...

Instinctively, her eyes landed on the weird pyramid shape of needle holes in her wrists.

The man in the backseat grabbed her wrist and held it up to his face. "PANTHEAS!!" he spit out with disgust.

Justin looked into the rearview mirror and saw the same sour expression in the driver.

"What is Panethas?" she asked, curious.

Justin barely noticed the car coming to a complete stop. She was now staring at the front of her shool. She was baffled, because she didn't give them any direction.

The man in the backseat asked, "Did they say anything to you?"

"This conversation is getting the most curious," she thought.

Knowing that the man was saying too much, he stopped talking.

Justin got out of the car. The driver looked at her without any emotion. "Don't say anything to anyone or you're be like your brother. Don't leave town."

Then the car pulled off.

For the first time, a few students noticed her as she got out of the luxurious, black Cadillac.

"Those guys you were with seem familiar in somehow."

Justin looked behind her. It was the middle-eastern boy from homeroom.

"They are definitely strange," Justin admitted. She looked at the boy. "Have you heard the word 'Panethas?'"

The boy's eyes lit up. "Now that definitely sounds familiar!" He looked at her not sure if he should ask her. "Do you believe in aliens?"

Thinking back to the park, "I'm open-minded on the subject." As she unconsciously rubbed the pyramid shape on her wrist.

The boy looked down at his feet. "I'm kinda obsessed with visitors from other planets. Not like aliens from Mars, I know that's a barren planet."

"So, that's what scientists want us to believe. Scientists tries to take earth's law on organic, living conditions of survival and apply them to other planets. Wouldn't make more sense if each planet has their own law on organic, living conditions for survival."

The boy's mind was blown.

Justin smiled at his astonishment as she walked in the school.

He ran back to her side. This made Justin uncomfortable, she wasn't used to being around anyone except for her brother. Now she had this boy following her like a lost lamb. She wrapped her arms around herself anxiety.

"Say, what are you doing after school?" the boy asked, sheepishly.

This stunned Justin. This boy just thrown her an unexpected curveball. "I don't even know know your name, and you're asking me on a date?"

The boy shook his head enthusiastically. "No! No! I want to discuss aliens with you."

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