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Bit 3 Abducted

Justin gathered the dirty dishes, and went into the kitchen.

When Justin finally got to bed, she was exhausted as usual. She wrapped herself in the blanket as if it could protect against the world. She couldn't fall asleep, though. She was too emotionally distraught.

Lying in bed with the light light out, Justin heard the door crack open. She then heard heavy footsteps approaching her bed. Justin pretended to be asleep.

She knew it was Butch, staring at her through the darkness. He was getting more and more brazen, and he will soon try to get what he wants. This reality scared her to the core.

When Justin finally fell asleep, her room lit up in strange colors. She vanished from the bed.

Justin was having a weird dream about having surgery. They wouldn't wouldn't give her medication, so she felt every cut and prick. She screamed out repeatedly with each incision deep into her skin.

When she opened her eyes, the surgeons turned grotesque creatures. She She was no longer inside of a surgery room, but in a brilliantly bright room with futuristic equipment. The facility was clean and capacious. It wasn't man-made.

The pain was excruciating.

A creature approached Justin with a long devise that had three needles on each end. The The creature placed the device between her thighs. Instantly, a burning sensation that, that felt like molten was in her veins, shot up her body. She passed out.

She awoken in her own bed, dressed in the same clothes she had before. Nothing was missing or out of place, so she shook it off as being a nightmare.

Morning came to soon for Justin. The nightmare plagued her thoughts. She was still tired, being physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from the night before; she was running on fumes. Yet, she had to hurry. She didn't want to make Butch mad.

Justinwas relieved when she discovered that Butch was still asleep, while Virginia was making breakfast.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Virginia greeted playfully.

Justin showed a wry smile. "Good morning," she greeted back.

"I'm making eggs and bacon. Now sit down, so you can eat before you go to school."

Justin pitied Virginia for having such a brute for a husband.

Justin sat down as she pushed her backpack under the table with her foot. She was patiently waiting for her food when he wrists started to itch furiously. As she was scratching her wrist, she noticed tiny little needle holes in pyramid shapes. She had them on both wrists. She sat there mystified.

"Was it a dream?" She whispered to herself.

"Was what a dream?" Virginia overheard.

"Nothing,"Justin shrugged. "Is breakfast almost done? I don't want to be late for school."

"Again," Butch's husky voice came from the door.

Justin was frozen in her chair. She was stiff from head to toe.

"Is this true?" Virginia asked, stunned.

Justin didn't know what to say. No matter what she said, it wouldn't be good.

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