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Bit 2 Object in the Clouds

Justin shook her head. "I'll be alright."

"Even so, I want you to see the school psychologist. She will help you. She's a friend of mine, you can trust her," he winked.

"May I go?"

He nodded.

The school was now over and it was okay, she guessed, despite how it started. As soon as she reached the school's steps, the longing for her brother grew intense. Every day after school, her brother would always meet her in front of the doors, and they would walk to the bus stop together. Today, she was only greeted with marble steps and a bronze statue of the school's founder.

Justin wiped the tears from her eyes. She tightened the straps of her backpack, and began walking to the bus stop.

She walked through the park as she usually does. It was a cloudy day that day, and she watched the clouds to see if it was raining clouds. She saw something in the sky that shouldn't have been.

A circular object was hidden in the dark clouds. It didn't look like a helicopter or an airplane; it didn't look any type of military craft that she seen on T.V., but that didn't mean anything.

Justin continued to walk as she glanced occasionally at the sky. The craft just hovered in the same place, fading in and out of the clouds. She could sense that she was being watched by unseen eyes. She picked up speed, trying the park as fast as she could. She wanted to get far away from the craft as she could.

When she made It to the bus stop she felt safe, being five blocks away from the park. Not too long the bus pulled up. The The entire ride home, she was thinking about the strange flying object in the clouds.

Justin quietly shut the door to her forester home, and was being to make her way upstairs. Passing by the kitchen, she was noticed by Virginia, her forester mother.

"Wash up for dinner," Virginia said.

Virginia wasn't a bad person, but a scared one. It was Virginia's husband she couldn't stand. He was a complete jerk. He continuingly picked fights with her without any reason. One time she was getting dressed, when she heard her bedroom door cracked open and saw him peeping at her.

Justin was too scared to say anything to Virginia or to anybody else for the that matter. After all, he was a former chief of police. Who would take her side over He his? Not to mention, he towered at an intimidating 6'5. Butch had a bad temper as well, which made him abusive.

That was the reason why she wore long sleeve shirts, even in the dead of summer. She wasn't popular enough for people to to care. In fact, this was the main reason she was the oddball at school.

Justin took a quick shower, not wanting to give anyone an excuse to be angry. She got dressedand went downstairs. Like always, she remained quiet till someone ask her a question.

"How was school, Justin?" Butch asked with a stone expression.

She could feel this pervert undressing her with his bloodshot eyes.

"F-fine," Justin stuttered back the reply.

Justin's anxiousness amused her stepfather in some sick way.

"'Fine' doesn't tell me a hill of beans!" Butch raised his voice. "So, I'm going to ask again. How's school?" he asked in a demanding tone.

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