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Bit 1 Late For School

Justin Baily heard the school bell rang before she approached the front doors. This will be her third time this week. She was still adjusting to another foster home. Until recently, she had the comfort of her younger brother, Nathan, but now he was gone, being placed in a different forest home. The court promised them not to split them up, but that was another adult life.

Justin has a lack of trust nowadays. The good thing was since she just turned sixteen, she had two more years to be in this prison. She She couldn't imagine actual prison being any worse.

When she reached the door to her homeroom, she felt dread overtake her. They were going to call her forester parents! She shivered over the thought. 

When she opened the door, the air got sucked out of the room. The The smirks on the popular, cool kid's faces indicated that she was in trouble. On cue, the teacher turned around saw her standing there sheepishly, and motioned for her to seat down. Without hesitation, she obeyed.

As she was scooting out her chair she accidentally hit someone's desk. She was putting way too much attention on herself and felt embarrassed. 

"Excuse me," she said to a middle-eastern boy with dark framed glasses and dark hair. His nose was slightly too long for his face. He had dark, bushy eyebrows. 

He saw her awkwardly smile and nodded in response. 

It was a good thing the boy didn't make a big deal of it, she didn't know how much embarrassment she could take in one day. The boy looked as if he had his share of embarrassments. 

After class, when Justin was gathering up her things to go to his next class, her homeroom teacher told her to stay. After the classroom emptied, he sat on his desk and beckoned her over.
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