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Bit 1 Synopsis 

A young dryad named Illyria finds herself alone and scared running through the forest from angry villagers covered in blood. While running for her life she finds a injured women who claims to be her sister Nyssa, once the girls believe that they are safe in a hidden cave, Nyssa explains that Illyria is her sister and that she is one of children of a powerful dryad. As the girls begin to talk it is reveled that Illyria has lost her memory and was the one that started the fire that sparked the issues between the girls and the villagers.

Disgusted Nyssa leaves the cave, Illyria remains behind. While alone outside Nyssa is approached by Kayerith. It is revealed that Nyssa was pregnant with Kayerith’s baby but she lost in the fire Kayerith pretend to be shocked and hurt but really is glad that the baby is dead. Kayerith suggests that he and Nyssa try talking to Illyria to find out the true story of the fire. Once inside Kayerith manipulates Illyria into following him and leaving her sister.

Once Kayerith and Illyria have been separated from Nyssa, Kayerith shows his true colors and begins to explain that once three years ago she ran away from home and worked for him, and that she was one of his best tortures. Â Also he explains that once Nyssa was engaged to him and how he killed their mother

Illyria doesn’t believe that she was that kind of person, Kayerith proves it to her by re-introducing her to a young man she once tortured for information Damian Bhinth a man she believed to be thief.

Once Illyria meets Damian it is reveled that once Damian worked for Baeloxor Rhaegos Kayerith’s father as a squire where he knew that Atax and Akirea were Illyria’s parents not Anthurium. While he worked there he also saw a lot of Anthurium Calarook and Akirea Calarook, Nyssa and Illyria’s parents and also Atax Rhaegos who is Baeloxor brother. While explaining her real heritage Damian also lets slip that he was in love with Illyria as they had grown up as children.

Damian also tells of how Kayerith managed to kill Baeloxor and convince everyone that Illyria was to blame while also convincing Illyria she should follow him.

Back to present time Illyria is shocked and asks why her heritage from hidden from her Damian explains that it was prophesied long ago that the child of a Dryad and dragon would either bring the world to its knees or to its salvation. That is why Kayerith sent Illyria to kill Nyssa so that the child would not eventually kill him.

Upon hearing this it becomes clear that Illyria is the child as her mother was a dryad and her biological father. Now knowing this Illyria loses control flames erupt from all over her body Damian becomes slightly burned but his chains are loosened. When Cliosahm and Ninarth come down to check the two are burned to death. After Illyria collapses Damian picks her up and escapes.


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