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 IT’S A TYPICAL MONDAY MORNING and I’m sitting in science class, trying to pay attention to whatever crap Ms. Williams is gambling about until I hear someone, carefully whispering my name.

“Yo, Hernandez!” they say. I take a glimpse back to see, not the exact person I was expecting. (Not that I was expecting anyone, really).

“What do you want Josh?” I ask trying not to sound too irritated.

Joshua Michaels… I’d like to tell you he’s a nice person, but I honestly just can’t even try. Literally every girl in sophomore year has a huge urge to make out with him, but I honestly can’t find him attractive at all. To me he’s just an asshole, really. I tried to like him and to convince myself, you know, maybe he’s a good person behind all that assholeness and that rudeness and everything that’s wrong with him, but I just can’t like the guy, he disgusts me just by opening his mouth. It’s incredible how someone can irritate you so much by doing so little.

“How’s the feminine factor going around?” he says making all his asshole friends laughing along with him.

“The what, now?”

“The feminine factor, because, you know… You sort of dress like a boy, and have short hair.”

I swear that fucking asshole gets on my nerves every time. I mean, isn’t it enough that I have to deal with this boring class; I have to deal with these people too? God, have some mercy on me.

I sigh heavily, trying not to punch him in the face as he speaks and reply with a little bit of sass in my voice. “Why?”

I notice all eyes on the situation as I speak “Are you scared I’m going to steal your look? If that’s the case you won’t have to worry. No one rocks “asshole” as well as you do”, as I finish the sentence he immediately rolls his eyes, probably because of all the chat in the background about how apparently I “killed him”.

I found it kind of strange that Ms. Williams didn’t comment on the situation, since she feels like she has the need to comment on everything, literally; kind of annoying if you ask me. But maybe it’s kind of a good thing; maybe it’ll all go away… hopefully.

I’m not exactly the kind of person that makes friends very easily; in fact, I still sit alone at the lunch table after 3 months at this school. You see, changing schools for me is basically a normal activity, by now.

I changed cities about 5 times in the past 2 years and ended up here, in a typical high school Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I’ll admit it’s not as bad as I thought it would be; teachers are okay, careless, but okay; classmates could be slightly better, but I’ll learn how to deal with it— like always.

For some reason everyone has sort of a problem with me having short hair because apparently they “can’t tell my gender”. I mean, I get that transgender people are a thing but it specifically says in my student profile that my gender is female.

I’m not exactly a typical beauty; I’m a Latina woman with short hair who stands for everything the class I’m enrolled in stands against. Being in a class with only boys is kind of a hard job, for me AND for the teachers.

White boys a pretty stereotypical definition of a comemierda, as my mom calls them, which is basically a Latina way of calling someone a shithead.

My mom used to think everyone deserved, at least, a second chance, until she met my dad. She and Dad were pretty in love, from what I heard but it all went to hell when he started being a dickhead. I don’t remember much about Dad, I mean, I guess I remember that time he wanted to kill me by breaking an old jar in my head but besides that I can’t really remember having good memories with him, which as much as it sucks to say it— and it does, — I’m sad I didn’t get to share more of myself with him, although I’m not so sure he’d like that, at all.

Dad left when I was 6 years old; Mom was pretty devastated but it was all for her own good, even though Abuelita hesitated at first, and told Mom that it was just all in her head. Now it’s us 3, me, Abuela and Mom.

History and English went by kind of okay; I guess not having to see Josh’s face all the time kind of helps me get through the day. I’m in the middle of Psychology, we’re talking about how our brain influences our emotions and moods until I hear a soft knock on the door and I seriously can’t believe my eyes.


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