After he finished school , Klajoo kept going to the library every day after he graduated he even applied to work their ,but unfortunately he wasn't accepted ,but that didn't stopped him from making money he started working as a storyteller in the streets beside the library he chose to tell stories because he liked telling stories and there where people would hear the story take the principles and morals high or low ,to tell them about great people who fought for tiny or colossus causes, great people who took after their family and a country without interest rates , So he can afford to buy books . His mother was a strong woman she was the type that did not want to lavish her son , wanted to teach him how money is gained,she didn't care about the money she was a religious woman, but she was old, she knew her time is coming soon , since she had only one child she didn't want to leave a puppy , she wanted to leave a lion . Their is one book that klajoo laid his eyes everyday when he entered the library yet he was scared to read the book because ,of a meaningless yet very powerful mind philosophy 'fear' to keep a human defeated which was planted from the teachings , after finishing 20 books he read about the ancients philosophy liked the ideas of a man who explained 'fulfillment' , agreed with Karl Marx but he knew that Karl Marx idea was a materialistic idea which will eventually evolve into a religion in time by the way the world is moving . read about Gandhi a man who fought a whole regime without laying a hand, made a country change its strategy from occupying , colonizing , into developing which means the same but from different angles to fool the eye . Klajoo respected Gandhi philosophy but didn't liked it , for he saw it as a weak man but intelligent. For nomad tribes who have conquered empires , made a sculpture above their law , and put a chair for the chief of the new empire until , another hungry nomad tribe comes, he was indulged with the sense of changing enthusiasts , had ideas dangling from his mind` on how to change the regime , dived into old Chinese proverbs and African , loved the idea of " if there's no enemy within , the enemy outside wouldn't do you any harm ".At Last he had the courage to take that book which he was scared of from the shelf held it as it was a religious book, because the book was old and big,dusty but clean in the inside,had strange philosophies some were good some were creepy, but a destination made him curious, in the book talked about Mukhamis caves but yet he stopped paused looked around and had a strong arguments , conclusion currency is what keeps people hungry to live, have a meanings of living , like before ,conquering was the currency , hunting and gathering was a currency . Klajoo was scared of the way his thinking is going and, made up his mind to go to the MUKHAMIS caves their where he said i'll find peace and redemption , or i'll find conquering , and building taste sweet for the mouth to please the soul . Dazzling in his idea to go or not to go , he decided to make a trip to the caves of MUKHAMIS , to see what a human brain can bring to life if left alone , productive , and maybe make a change or be weak, to run and find shelter , But he couldn't afford the trip or was scared , so he made a plan and hide it under his bed , the next day he woke up like every morning would go to take a shower but this day wasn't like everyday this day was the most sorrowful day , for after he finished taking a shower , he would go to the kitchen and bid farewell to his mother before she take off to work , when he entered the kitchen he didn't see his mother , went to her room to wake her up but she wouldn't wake up , his mind went grey , his hands were shaking and sweating his whole body went to numb , but there's nothing he could do or say that would change the current situation. He buried his mother . went back home to put the house for auction, sold it for half the actual price,he even sold his and his mother clothes,jewels,furniture so he doesn't have something to feel homesick , strapped his bag with a pencil and white papers only , kissed his mother picture farewell which was the only thing he took that reminded him of his mother.

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