Chapter 1 : The Beginning

A boy was named ( Klajo ) was borned in a so-called justice world where the weak goes to ash , and the strong "ELITE" burn them. He was born in a city named Sambon under the control of Unjamdon. But this regime and this city was about to change , and they know it unjamdon knows it will change , but the question was who will dare to change it. Klajo ,had a mother only . He was born in the lower class which society categorized it as lower class . Klajo was an optimistic boy will keep asking these three question , how , where , what . people would say that’s a curse , and some would argue that’s a blessing , if it’s a curse or blessing I believe we will find out . Klajo the cursed ship his mother would call him. When he reached ten years old his mother signed him up for school to get a degree and live the luxury life or the concept that humans put inside humans minds , which was part of the regime to control the spirit and soul of humans, to make them cling. That was the price tag of the society. When Klajo entered the school he saw it as place of wisdom for awhile ,but when he reached high school he dived in there materials mechanical ,engineered the system to find why , they doing this ,what are they teaching , and how they are delivering their ideas to us . He didn’t liked the idea , for they teach what they want to teach yet they dared erased huge parts of history , and left the tyrant people inside the history books to show that we rose from cruelty. but he had no other choice but to continue his learning to make his mother proud.

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