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Chapter 1.



the point in time or space at which something starts.

Are you sure this is going to work “ said __ waiting in bushes watching the enemy camp.

“ when we come back to Azir we will be looked as ... “ said Kofi

Kofi couldnt finish his sentence as he was surrounded by a group of Anastasios goonies. Kofi reached for his blade to initiate compact only to see that his crew were disarmed .

“ uh uh uh uh” said Otis as one corner of his mouth and his opposite eyebrow rose.

“ Unlike you the rest of your men weren't as fast .” Obelius said while showing the group that he had taken the majority of their weapons.

“Unbelievable” said Kofi as he looked around frantically as sweat dripped from his face.

“Let’s make this short and sweet... we are looking for Kofi . The leader of the Azarian Army. If he comes with us the rest of you will be spared “ Otis

Obelus looks over at Otis in disbelief. he quickly moves his hand behind his back to cross his fingers

“ So the rest of my men will be spared if i come with you ?”

“ Unless you would rather fight and have your men all die b/c you did not want to comply” said Otis

“ Alright I will go with you. “ said Kofi. “

Kofi begins to walk over to Otis to hand himself over at the same time Obelius reaches for his ___ and teleports to the soldiers that were let go by Otis. Obelius swings with great force killing the Kofi’s squadron in a single blow .

“ Haha there we go “ Obelius

< Notes>

Kofi was outnumbered by the Greek/hades Army

Kofi agreed to go with the Greek generals if his men were spared.

The General Otis complies

while Obelius whipes out twenty men in a single swing of his blade and knocks out Kofi 


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