This morning at 1147 hours Derrick Aaron Smallwood, a 29 year old autistic CPA and managing partner for a small, but established law firm and Morgan Irene Richards, 51 years old, a widow to Bernie, "a nobody," met to married during their lunch hour at City Hall after a seven day courtship, today is Thursday. Tomorrow they will fly to honeymoon in Key West, Florida, Morgan dreamed of going there.

You may be thinking, "What the hell?" or "Crazy... Right?" I was "swinging for the fences" when I came up with this one!

Honestly, I laughed hysterically as I drove my truck from Lee to Lake City, Florida. For thirty minutes I laughed myself to tears as I tried to make sense of the idea of such an unusual and unlikely pair. Oh yeah, I neglected to mention they are an interracial couple.

But it made perfect since to me since I did the same thing! Other than two intoxicated people on a whim, who else but an over thinker could rationalize, justify and convince a sane thinking person to marry in 7 days? And no, we weren't intoxicated!

Anyway, the Smallwoods meet promptly to catch the #104 bus to go home from downtown, Morgan looked radiant in makeup and red lipstick, wearing her white formfitting short Vera Wang wedding dress that stops just above her knee under her black Burberry trench coat and boots with white stitching and a 4-inch heel. Her matching clutch carries the same logo. Derrick and Morgan are the last two people to get off of the bus each weekday, it's been that way for over a year.

Morgan Smallwood has thrown care into the wind, she wants to begin their honeymoon tonight on the bus and her lovestruck CPA will do anything she ask. Derrick walks up to the front of the bus to bribe the driver.

You have the option to go the "now" and enjoy the ending, or you can go back seven days to read how these two strangers came to be.

It was seven days ago when Derrick Smallwood watched as Ms. Morgan Richards tried clumsily to carry her large bag of kitty litter unto the crowded city bus, she bought it for fifty cents, a penny a pound. She also had her purse and another bag with her groceries. The bus ride is just over an hour long for Derrick and Ms. Richards, they both take the #104 bus to its last stop at the far side of the county, it stops at the county line. They both walk from there.

Their remarkable and uncanny relationship begins with Derrick thinking out loud saying, "you must have a big ass cat to need that much kitty litter!" People around them erupt in laughter at the well timed one-liner. Derrick never smiles or looks up, his blank face seems to make his zinger even funnier. Ms. Morgan Richards has never heard Derrick say anything to anyone. He never makes eye contact. "Did you say something?" Derrick turns away but looks on inconspicuously. Ms. Richards and Derick both get off the bus's at its last stop. She has attempted to make small talk, hoping to make their last mile(s) pleasant, the silent man never acknowledges her, usually Derrick will throw his old Mickey Mouse Club backpack over his shoulder and cross to walk on the opposite side of the street, to Ms. Richards he seldom looks up, he walks parallel to her as if they are walking together, giving her comfort knowing that she really isn't alone.

This evening Derrick watches as the older woman combats with the large yellow bag to get off the bus. He faces off with himself as he tries to offer his help, "I will help you!" Derrick said softly. Ms. Morgan smiles and watches as the suited young man with a Disney backpack lifts the cumbersome bag to carry nearly a half mile to her house. Derrick never looks at Ms. Richards.

The couple walks up to the quaint two bedroom house with a detached garage. Derrick looks at the home's curb appeal. The lawn needed some landscaping, the house needed a coat of paint, he noticed broken windows in the garage door. The house missed having a man around, it needed a man's love. "Sir, do you mind carrying my bag inside to place it on my back porch. Derrick rocks back and forth as he decides. "Yeah, I can do that." Derrick carries the bag through the large old house looking at it's layout for possible ideas. Derrick places the colossal bag against the bannister. Ms. Richards walks him back to the front door, they stop in the foyer. "Sir, I don't know your name, what is it?" She inquired softly. "Derrick Smallwood," he returned, his voice was just over a whisper, Derrick, I like your name, my name is Morgan, Morgan Richards, the accountant knew her name already. Derrick, I don't have much but, I do have this for you!" Morgan extends to her toes to kiss Derrick's left cheek, she could smell his aftershave, it was a fragrance that took her back to her childhood. Both her father and grandfather wore the scent. It was Old Spice.

Derrick stood for a moment, "I have this for you!" Derrick lowered to slowly kiss Morgan's cheek. "Thank you Derrick!" She noticed he wasn't wearing a ring, still, she could not imagine him being married or in a relationship of any kind. Morgan stops before opening the door to inquire, "what are you having for dinner tonight?" "I have peanut butter and Jelly." "After carrying that heavy bag of litter all this way? Come in and eat dinner with me! Can't you stay a little longer?"

Morgan took Derrick's coat, placing it on the rack adjacent to her heavy denim jacket, she didn't own a coat. She lead him back to the kitchen, Derrick looks at the kitchen, it reminded him of his grandmother's. kitchen. And old gas stove and refrigerator, a warped and torn sheet linoleum tile covered the floor. there were missing doors on the cabinets, he saw old dishes and pots & pans, there wasn't much food. The old breakfast table and four chairs was staged in the center of the kitchen below a broken sconce the hung from the ceiling. Morgan had made a pot of spaghetti the night before to enjoy over her weekend. She thought it should be perfect after marinating twenty four hours, and it would make for a nice intimate dinner. She thought she scrape up something else to eat this weekend or just maybe there will be some left. She removes her half roll of Italian bread to slice and place in the oven, in minutes the kitchen smelled amazing! Derrick's mouth begins to water. Morgan set the little table, and took red wine and candles from the cupboard, this was a special occasion. She doesn't have children or friends, just Mr. Figgy, her wayward cat and the urn with Bernie's ashes.

Morgan made Derrick's plate, and ignored her own, she sipped her glass and watched Derrick as he devoured his meal without breathing, or looking up, she has always found pleasure in watching a man enjoy a meal she's prepared. "Would you like more? I have plenty." "Yes... please." he said, there was no emotion.

Morgan filled his plate and made a plate for herself, Derrick ate slower this time, Morgan watches him for an emotion, she wanted to learn about the "quiet man," who never lifts his eyes.

"Derrick, what do you do downtown?" Morgan figured to simply ask questions and hope to find a common interest.

"I go to work."

"Doing what?"

"I am a CPA."


Derrick is silent.

"Where do you work?"

"Stennis, Goldstein, Mueller & Smallwood."

"Oh My God, Derrick! For how long?"

He looks down at his watch. "Five years, eight months, twenty-one days," he looks at his watch again, sixteen hours and fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five...."

"Okay, okay! Derrick what is your position there?"


"But you said you are an Accountant"

"I said, I am a CPA, I oversee client time billing, payroll, general ledger and companies profit and losses."

Morgan stands speechless. "Derrick, how old are you? She considers his last answer. "Just in years?"


Morgan was intrigued, she wanted to ask more questions.

"Where did you go to college?"

"Towson University."

"What was your GPA?"

"A 4.0."

"What is your favorite color?"


"What is your favorite number?"

"Eleven... multiples of eleven."

"Why" her eyes lifted, this was Derrick's first multiple word answer.

"Multiples of eleven are two of a kind, they are never lonely, they are always together."

"Are you lonely, Derrick?"

He rocks from side to side for a moment, it makes Morgan uncomfortable.

"I have a brother, I live in his basement, I have a bed and my desk, and I have food."

"What kind of food?"

"Peanut butter and jelly."

Derrick looks up from his plate as he completes his second helping, "Thank you." Morgan smiles, you are welcome Honey!" Derrick looks confused, "Are we on a date?" Derrick asks. "Would you like to call this a date?" Derrick rocks for a moment, "Can we kiss again?" Do you want to kiss again?" Morgan returns quickly. Derrick begins to curl his lips into a smile, Morgan watches wondering if he is capable. She gets an idea. "Derrick will you come with me?"

Morgan takes Derrick's hand to lead him through the dinning room into the living room. There was an old couch, love seat and chair with a reading lamp. Pictures of land an seascapes were on the walls and old magazines on the coffee table. On the mantle next to Bernie's remains was their wedding photo. Bernie was her love of thirty plus years. Morgan turns on the radio portion of the Pioneer stereo Bernie purchased back when people bought massive stereo systems for there homes. The selector was set to a music channel that plays jazz classics. Tony Bennett is singing "Body and Soul", Morgan looks at Derrick, "Do you know how to dance?" "I think so, I watched people dance in old movies and on that Stars Dancing Show." Morgan smiles, would you like to show me what you've learned?

Derrick takes Morgan's left hand in his right. He pulls her into him with his left hand and they slowly danced as Tony and Amy finish their duet. Derrick had great rhythm and timing, Morgan was amazed how dancing came naturally to him. She smiles as he slowly leads her in a small circle, her sparkling eyes doesn't leave his, " Derrick, you are a wonderful dancer, I haven't danced this way in a long time!" Again he tries to smile. The song ends and another begins, "What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong. "Derrick do you mind kissing me now? Derrick lowers his head to kiss her cheek, "Derrick," Morgan asks softly, "Will you kiss my lips? Can you do that?" Derrick's deliberating stayed in time with the music, "I think so, I watched a video that shows you how." Derrick stopped his leading to slowly lower his face to kiss her lips lightly. The kiss was nice and innocent, but it was also mechanical lacking emotion. They begin to dance again as Ella Fitzgerald began "Misty". Morgan and Bernie danced to this once, they went to an old jazz club named, "The Tuba" one night and the house band played this song behind a great female vocalist, the ambience in the smoky dark room was perfect for a slow grind. Morgan remembers his girthy hard penis as he pressed it firmly again her pelvic bone. Bernie was closer to Morgan's height, maybe an inch taller than her 5'4 frame. Derrick was more than six feet tall, she could feel the bulge from his larger but, flaccid organ as it rested just below her sternum. Morgan wanted to kiss again, but this time she wanted desire and affection, she wanted to feel wanted and adored. She wanted to feel her toes curl in her shoes.

"Derrick do you work tomorrow?"

"I don't go to work on Saturday or Sunday."

"Do you have plans for the weekend?"

"I go to the "Wash-A-teria" to wash my shirts and underwear."

"I have a washer and dryer, would you like to come here instead?"

"Would this be our second date?"

"Do you want it to be a date?"


"If you come early, I will make you breakfast, do you like bacon and eggs, I could also make you waffles."


"Yes.... what?" She wonders.

"Yes, I will be here at 0700 hours to do my washing.

Yes, I like bacon, eggs and waffles with syrup.

Yes, I want to kiss you before I go home."

"Do you have to go so soon?" Morgan wines.

"It is 2053 hours, it will take me 34 minutes to walk 2 miles it to my room, I will sleep 8 hours and 3 minutes. I will clean up and dress in 26 minutes and wait 30 minutes to walk back to your house. I will arrive at 0700 hours. Wow! Morgan marveled at Derrick's mechanical mind. "Do you know what you will be wearing?" "Yes" Derrick answered blankly. Morgan finds humor in the way her questions are answered. She tries to maintain her straight face. "What will I see you in when you arrive?" "Blue Fruit of the Loom athletic boxer briefs, blue Fruit of the Loom ankle socks, my beige Izod golf shirt, blue pleated dockers slacks, Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes and a royal blue Member's Only jacket." Morgan has a girlish smile as she considers the suit he is wearing currently. A Kenneth Cole "New York Slim" suit in navy blue suit with a striped blue and white Arrow button down shirt with a solid blue tie, and Kenneth Cole brown laced dress shoes. "The young man is quite dapper and a far cry from the sweatshirt, mom jeans and Reebok tennis shoes she was attired in." Morgan considers.

Morgan walks Derrick to the front door. Mr. Figgy takes advantage of the door opening to quickly dash inside, Derrick jumps as the cat brushes his leg almost dropping his backpack holding his Thinkpad. The couple step unto the porch. "I wish you would stay longer, I was having great time! Are you sure you have to go?" Morgan says adding a "pouting tune." "It is the only way," Derrick explains. "We cannot have a second date until I leave." "Oh.... now I understand." There is something in Morgan's eyes. Derrick sense it, but doesn't understand it. "Will you let me kiss you now?" "Derrick, she asks, he is anxious, but is not showing it. "Derrick, is it okay this time if I kiss you?" Morgan leads Derrick down unto the first step and turns him toward her. "Tilt your head this way and close your eyes and open your mouth just a little, a little more." Morgan brings her mouth to Derrick's, she slowly introduces her tongue, stroking his with her tip. Derrick liked that, he extended his tongue further for Morgan to stimulate. She could feel his penis erecting against her as she pressed into him. Derrick's hands raised from his side to her waists, they moved naturally. Derricks tongue begins to imitate Morgan's.

The couple slowly licked each other's mouths. Derrick studied Morgan, he took note of her breathing and movement of her head as she tried to ingest more of him, even sucking away their saliva from his lips. Morgan eases her mouth away and opening her eyes. She watched with a smirk Derrick stood with his eyes still closed, she could see his eyes moving behind his lids, Derrick's mouth and tongue was still moving emulating Morgan's and kissing scenes from his favorite classic movies. His laggardly opens his eyes and his blank expression returns. Morgan finds a calming in his beautiful brown eyes. "Derrick, what are you doing?" "I am learning how to kiss you," he replied. "Do you know how now?" she inquires. "Yes." he admits. "I am ready if you want to show me," she adds.

Derrick raises his hands to take Morgan at her waist, his hands are strong and powerful, the words "oh shit" comes to Morgan's mind as she feels herself being drawn in. Derrick holds Morgan firmly against him, she can feel his hard penis at her pelvic region. Derrick gently licks Morgans lips before taking her mouth into his and entering her with his tongue, the feeling or his authoritative force weakened Morgan. She submitted as Derrick manipulates the movement of her lower jaw with his, her mouth opens and closes. Derrick releases Morgan's mouth to french kiss her openly like you would see in an adult film. Derrick slides his right hand from Morgan's waist to take her left butt cheek in his strong grasp, his left hand and arm went up to her shoulder blade to squeeze her 129 pound frame, Morgan has never felt so secure. Derrick returns lips to hers with flawless mastery and execution warming Morgan, slowly bringing her to a boil. Morgan tightens her arms around Derrick, as his left hand softly moves up and down her back sending shivers everywhere. Morgan's body warms as she indexes to her boiling point. The aromatic sweetness of her endorphins fills the air, Derrick's nostrils flare as his hunger intensifies. He squeezes Morgan tighter, groaning as he works to satisfy his appetite. Morgan avidly submits to Derrick's greed, she longs to be manhandled and penetrated. The thrill from Derrick's lust moistens her panties.

Derrick slowly releases Morgan and lowers his arms to his sides. Morgan was still in Derrick's trance, she could still feel him around her, his hands firmly securing her, his tongue was still in her mouth. Morgan stood awestruck from Derrick's kiss and embrace. It was magnificent! She wanted more of him. Derrick looked to the ground, Morgan marveled as she watched his mannerisms. He was unbelievable, a passionate man, but like a switch that could turned of when not needed. She wanted to learn more about her new interest, she wondered if there was a way to make him normal. 

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