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Mildred Ann Tatum sits in the waiting room with her mother Beatrice. They sit silently holding hands. A nurse walks over to the couple to let them know Doctor Taylor was ready for them.

Mildred and Beatrice cautiously enter the doctor's office. They both look around the room, adjacent to the sofa bed there was a bookshelf filled with PDR's, Physician's magazines, two surfing competition trophies, a golf putter and other reference materials lined the wall. Doctor Taylor's diploma from The University of California Berkeley and other certificates were visual. Across from the bookshelf were the x-rays still fixed on the lighted wall, there were images of three different parts of Mildred's body. Seeing the circles highlighting areas where she feels pain daily brought a cold reality to Mildred, she looked at her mother and squeezed her hand and they proceeded forward.

Dr. Ward Taylor, Jr. was an inspiring young Southern California Oncologist. Always upbeat and positive, he is considered a ray of sunshine to everyone around him. A 2-time US National Surfing Champion and Professional Scuba Diver, Wally Taylor enjoyed his life to the extreme until the day he fell ill. Today Dr. Taylor finds excitement in the happiness, health and wellness. He believes there is treatments for every stage of cancer, even cancer that has advanced.

Mildred was 42 years old, a graduate and senior librarian at the Blaisdell Medical Library in Sacramento at the University of California, Davis. Mildred was conservative by nature and a saver, when working she looked like a young man's fantasy librarian. Five foot seven, her long dark brown hair is in a French Roll, some days with bangs. Her makeup was flawless mascara in three colors and ruby red kissable lips. She wears Giorgio of Beverly Hills, she has worn it since she was 14 years old, receiving her first bottle as a Christmas gift from her Aunt Sofie. Mildred has an hourglass figure with long shapely smooth legs that grabbed attention when she passed. With her perfect derrière Mildred was God's gift to a tight fitting pencil-skirt and 5-inch stilettos which she wore everyday as her uniform. At age 40 she traded her eyeglasses for contacts, The sassy saucy librarian is a habitual flirt, sexual innuendos came freely and quickly, she will talk the talk, and will test a man claiming he can walk the walk. She never backs down. Most of the med students feared her. Mildred lived only for the future and each day was a stepping stone closer to purchasing her dream home in Aruba where she planned to spend her days barefoot, walking Eagle, Hadikurari, Palm and Baby Beach and watching Aruba's gorgeous sunsets.

It was nearly a year a ago when Mildred began to feel ill. Her pain wasn't daily back then so she ignored it, she figured it was just her aging. It was five months ago when Mildred's mother Beatrice urged her to get looked at after she got sick and vomited after her meal, Mildred mentioned to her mother that there was blood mixed with the food in the waste can. Beatrice tried to rush Mildred to the hospital that evening, but Mildred didn't want to spend the night in the Emergency Room, the university library opens promptly at 9 a.m. She promised her mom she would make an appointment with her doctor. She learned from him that she has cancer in her stomach and needed to see a specialist.

"Ms. Tatum, Mrs. Tatum, it is always good to see you!" the young doctor says with a smile. "Please ladies have a seat. The doctor watched as the two women nervously sat in the chairs in front of him. Dr. Taylor wanted to relieve their tension, he figured seeing him in his office added stress to their meeting, he wanted to remove it. He gets up from his desk, opens the vertical blinds allowing the Sacramento sunshine in and removes his lab coat. He came around to the front of his desk and sat down on it. Mildred and Beatrice watched. Dr. Ward was wearing a teal Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt and faded Levi 505 blue jeans, Asics running shoes and a diver's watch. Ward removes the rubber band tying back his long blonde hair, it was more than shoulder length and he removed his round wire framed Savile Row eyeglasses. Seeing him this way changed his demeanor to the librarian and her mother, he was tall, about 5'9 with a long toned body, probably from years of surfing she thought. He now looks like one of the kids she would see and assist each day. It relaxed the her a little.

Dr. Ward looks at Mildred with a flirty smile, he made Mildred blush, Beatrice noticed their chemistry, seeing her daughter smile made her happy. Ward looks into Mildred's eyes, they were blue like clear waters you would find in the Caribbean. Mildred," the doctor opens, "There is no better way to say this but Ms. Tatum, you are very sick, BUT.... it's not the end of the world. It brought a tear to Beatrice's eyes. "Your cancer is advanced, it has reached your bones." Beatrice erupts at the news. "Mom, it's okay!" Dr. Taylor gives Mildred a moment to console her mother before breaking down herself. Dr. Ward takes the box of tissues from his desk. He kneels in front of Mildred and places the box at her lap. "Thank you Doctor," Mildred says with a partial smile and whimper. Ward watched as Mildred took a tissue to place at her nose. Mildred's nails were french manicured, her makeup was beautiful, her skin was tanned with some dark spots, since the spots weren't listed in her file he is guessing the melanoma is benign. A very attractive woman, 5'7, tanned, toned, long dark hair. The young doctor considered she would look a lot younger if she didn't dress so maturely, or "like a librarian."

"Doctor Taylor," Beatrice asks. "What are my daughter's options?" Dr. Ward looks into Mildred's beautiful blue eyes, he can't pull himself from them. "That's our problem when treating bone metastases, it can be slowed down but, never totally removed. Mildred, you are a beautiful woman and you can still live a long life if treated, but your cancer will never leave you." Mildred takes a deep breath and another tissue. "Ms. Tatum if you need anything, you or your husband can always call." "I am not married," Mildred says softly. Beatrice watches as Ward looks at Mildred, "He is attracted to her!" she realizes. She looks at her daughter, "Mildred, I am going outside to get some air." Beatrice gives Mildred's right hand a squeeze before getting up. "Dr. Taylor, thank you so much for your patience with my daughter." Beatrice excuses herself hoping something happens.

Mildred and Dr. Taylor watch as Beatrice excuses herself. Mildred turns back to Dr. Ward. His eyes smile as he looks at her. "He is so handsome and youthful," she tells herself. "Dr. Taylor..." "Please call me Wally," he says with a smile. "Doctor and Ward are both used to address my Dad. Is it okay if I call you Mildred?" "Millie" Mildred returns, "My friends call me Millie, Mildred is so old, though looking at you makes me feel old, What are you 25?" "I wish.... that started out a great year!" Wally replies with a grin. "Millie how do you feel right now?" "I feel okay! My body hurts alittle, but other that I feel fine." "That's great to hear, we need to try to halt or slow the spreading so you stay this way." Millie smiles, "What are your intentions?" Wally's smile becomes a clever grin, "Dinner with you at seven if you are available." His proposal gave her goosebumps. "Okay, now what about your game plan?" The doctor looks at her and his facial expression makes them both begin to laugh. Wally enjoyed the sound of her giggling, Millie has a wonderful smile.

Beatrice walks back into the office hearing their laughter. "What did I miss?" Mildred hugs her mother, "Wally, I mean Dr. Taylor was going to explain my treatment." Beatrice was puzzled, "What's so funny about that?" The couple begins to laugh again, "Nothing Mom, I just keep saying the wrong things, that's all!"

Mrs. Tatum I am glad you are back, so I can explain Millie's options to both of you at the same time." Beatrice looks at her daughter with a raised eyebrow. Mildred smiles back at her before turning back to her oncologist. "Wally, you were saying?"

"Millie, there are medicines you can take along with Chemo." Mildred's smile drops as the reality of cancer comes back to her. "Chemo? Doctor, I would prefer not to do Chemotherapy." "Millie, chemo has made huge technological advances over the last few years." "I'm sorry doctor," Mildred insist. Dr. Wally pauses for a moment and returns his smile. "Can we discuss this tonight?" Millie lips curl to a flirty grin. "Is that what you want tonight.... to talk?" Beatrice's mouth falls open as she watches Wally and Millie. She playfully slaps her daughter's arm. Mildred looks at her mother with a naughty grin.... "What?" Mildred laughs. Beatrice looks back to Dr. Taylor. "Doctor, does my daughter have any other options?" The two women watch as Dr. Wally leans back on his desk. "Hmmm..." he sighs. "I will need to run some test to find what medicines will work with Millie." He looks at Mildred, "Millie, I will have my nurse call you with a list of questions, we need to start your medication regiment before your illness progresses, Are there any questions?" Millie lips curve upward, "When would you like to see me again?" Wally looks at Millie, upstaging her with his devilish grin, "In ten minutes if you are free." Beatrice stands stunned at the banter with the young doctor and her daughter, "Dr. Taylor, not you too!"

Dr. Taylor walks Mildred and Beatrice to the lobby, he looks ahead of them at the scenery outside, the sun is bright, without coverage he can go no further. "Millie if you need me for anything please don't hesitate to call me, in fact, may I have your phone?" Mildred removes her smartphone from her purse and hands it to the oncologist. Wally takes a selfie and types his message quickly. He sends the text message to his phone and hands the phone back to her. "Here you go! You have my number and a photo. I don't want you texting someone else instead of me." Millie looks at the photo and the text below it. She looks back at Wally with a sinful grin. "Is seven o'clock a firm appointment?" Wally looks back at the naughty librarian with a smirk, "How firm you want it is up to you!" The doctor and patient laugh. Beatrice is in awe at their back and forth. "Mildred Ann Tatum! Wait until I tell your father!" The couple laughs again as they look into each other's eyes. Dr. Taylor takes Beatrice's right hand in both of his, "Mrs. Tatum it has been a pleasure, please feel free to contact me with any questions." She smiled thinking the young professional was sincere. "Thank you Doctor!" Beatrice returns. He turns to Mildred Tatum, "Millie if you have an ache, pain, itch, urge, tingle.... anything! You call me, no matter the time! Capisce?" "Anytime, Doc!" She smiles. Dr. Wally and Millie lock eyes for a moment, they both thought the same thing, they both wanted to. Wally smiles as he stands looking as his fantasy librarian slowly turns to her mother. He watches as the two women walk out of the lobby, Mildred adds a little throw & sway to her walk. Wally Taylor needed to swallow and adjust his jeans. She looks back at the doctor with a flirtatious smile. Beatrice realizes what's going on and gives her daughter a slap on the butt and yells, "You stop that!"

Beatrice and Mildred walk to their cars, they met at the hospital. Mildred intended to go to work after her appointment. "Honestly Mildred! You have young men gawking at you all the time! When did you become a tart?" Beatrice complains, "When I learned I was dying Mother!" Mildred returns. "I have nothing to look forward too, my future has been changed!" Dr. Taylor says "You can have a long life, your plans don't have to change!" Mildred stops her mother, "Mom, you weren't listening! I have metastases in my bones! I am not going to get better, my time is now, while I can still move! Chemo will probably kill me! There are alternatives, I have all the resources Wally has and I have a degree too from a medical school, the only reason I am not a doctor is because I didn't choose to intern. Did you forget that?" I am sure Wally is a great doctor, but I know what will work for me, it's time for me to begin doing what's best!" Mildred," Beatrice asks, "What about me and your father? We are hoping you would live to bury us." Mother, at some point I will be dependent on you and dad again, and when you and dad can't care for me, what then?" They arrive at Beatrice's car, Mildred kisses her mother. "I will stop by later to talk to Dad." "Millie, I saw how you were looking at Dr. Taylor, you go easy on him." Mildred looks at her mother with a smile. "Mother, I ache all over, besides, Wally is a big boy and a doctor! He can take care of himself!"

Dr. Ward Taylor is back at his desk looking at Millie Tatum's charts, he is trying to concentrate, but he can't seem to shake that forty-two year old five foot seven dish that just left with her mother. Dr. Ward sat dreaming of of Mildred's luscious red lips and her nice round little ass trying to burst out of her tight black skirt with a slit going up the rear offering a hint of her ass cheek! "In those dark hose and red high heels that bitch is bad ass!" He thought shaking his head. His smartphone vibrates with a text message notification. It was a picture of Mildred Tatum, she puckered her lips to kiss with the caption, "I need you!" Dr. Ward's eyes were about to jump out their sockets when a second message came, "NOW!" He smiled and before he could shake his head there was a knock at his office door. Dr. Taylor opened the door to find a very sexy looking Mildred Tatum. "You said you wanted to see me in ten minutes if I was available, well.... here I am!" Mildred pushed her way inside past the door forcing Dr. Ward to take a few steps backwards, "Millie?" Wally questions, "Does anything hurt?" he asks. She looks at her doctor with a suggestive grin,

"Not yet...."

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