Bit 4 The Love Letters

Emilio Gonzalez and Realtor Anita Wilkins shake hands as they agree to work together to sell the house he grew up in. A three story, four bedroom, two and one half bathroom, 2,678 square foot Colonial with a finished basement placed on a corner lot in Middletown, New York. After returning from Vietnam, Emilio's dad, Hector Gonzalez worked odd jobs, weekends and endured double shifts as a custodian to pay the bills and save enough money for the down payment to purchase the 1915 Middletown beauty for his wife Angelina, who scrubbed floors and ironed clothes in Manhattan. Hector vowed to move her upstate and out of the Bronx, his wife would no longer labor to clean for someone else.

"Are you sure you don't want help with the boxes in the attic?" Anita questions. "I don't mind staying to help you." Emilio looked at Anita's tan wool skirt with dark blue pinstripes, her navy colored blouse and matching tan wool pinstriped blazer. Anita wasn't wearing hose, her beautiful brown legs were smooth, shiny and unscarred. Her perfect looking feet slid into 5 inch open toed navy colored Jimmy Choo mules. "No ma'am, I wouldn't want to see you soil your beautiful suit! I will be fine, there are not very many boxes left to remove. I am also hoping to find dad's baseball card collection anyway. I haven't seen it since college." Emilio admits. Anita smiles at the 38 year old College Dean, "We are in this together, please call me Anita!" the realtor exclaims. Emilio's smile was uneasy, the attractive woman made him insecure, "Okay Anita, and thank you so much for offering. May I walk you to your car?" The Realtor nodded with a smile, "That would be nice!" The impromptu pair makes their way from the porch to the glistening red 550SL waiting near the corner next to the stop sign. "This is a beautiful car!" Emilio admits thinking the realtor must be very successful. "Thank you!" Anita replied confidently not wanting to admit the purchase of the car had nothing to do with her success as a home seller. Emilio walked Anita to the driver side door and opened it for the 35 year old professional. "You know, you could buy one of these after we sale the house!" Anita said with a smile. "I would need to get a real job to afford a fantastic roadster like this! The College instructor replies. "Naw... I'd better stay with my old pickup."

Emilio and Anita stand at the side of her car looking at each other for a moment. Anita smiles bashfully as Emilio begins to embarrass her. Emilio found Anita breathtaking, 5'4 in bare feet, D-cupped breast and hips with a big, round and very firm booty, she is a classic hourglass. one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen! Emilio felt there was something with them, He wanted Anita to stay so he could learn more about her.

It was getting late, Emilio reluctantly opens the door for Anita. He observes the agent smiling almost flirting as she uses her left hand to place her long black hair behind her left ear exposing a small diamond earring. Her flirting brown eyes stay with his as she slowly slides her remarkable curves into her seat placing her right foot into her convertible, as she lowers herself into the roadster Emilio is captured by the fragrance of the driver's perfume, he found it as intoxicating as Anita's beauty and personality. "Wonderful!" Emilio whispers as he closes his eyes. "Huh?" Anita questions. "Oh..." Emilio blushed snapping out of his trance. "I didn't mean... your perfume.... it smells, wonderful! I apologize for thinking out loud. Anita smiles as she smooths her skirt as she sits, removing her backless navy shoes freeing her sexy red toes. "It's okay, it's called Chloe." she replies with a smile, Emilio found her smile beautiful. As the college professor admires the vivacious brown skinned vision as she positions herself behind the wheel, a flicker from the attic window grabs his peripheral vision. He looks up to find the attic light is on. "Huh.... That's funny?" Emilio ponders. "That light wasn't on before." "Which one? Maybe I left it on." Anita suggested. "No," Emilio responds. "It's the light in the attic, it just came on, I am sure of it." The partners look at each other, knowing what the other is thinking, but daring to not say it. "I could go inside with you to check it out?" The Realtor offers. "I'm sure, I.... probably left it on." Emilio uneasily answers, but he didn't sound convincing. "It will be dark soon, you should get home before it gets too late!" Anita smiles as she starts her Mercedes. "Emilio, it is beginning to cool off out here, you need to get inside before you catch your death of cold, I will call you first thing in the morning." Anita slowly pulls away from the young homeowner to cross the intersection before putting her foot "in it" to impress him, engaging the red convertible's bi-turbo 449 horsepower V8 engine. She was out of sight in less than 5 seconds.

Emilio looks at the attic window before taking a breath to walk into the old house. Anita grabs her smartphone to call her mother.

Ring.... "Hello?"

"Hey Momma, it's me!"

"So how did it go?"

"It went good, Mom. The house is beautiful!"

"Did you see any ghosts? "Boo...... !"

"Momma! Of course not and shame on you!"

They both laugh.

"So, what is the doctor like?"

"Well.... Emilio is a Dean over the Architectural Technology department at SUNY Orange Community College. He's maybe 5'9, beautiful brown eyes, salt and pepper hair, I think he is a runner, he has a nice ass and...."

"Emilio.... huh?"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing... Dr. Gonzalez sounds cute!"

Anita pauses, "I doubt I'm his type.

"And what's wrong with you?"

Nothing.... I just think he'd probably consider someone else.... that's all."

"Someone like who?"

"You know what I mean Momma! He has a PhD, He's smart.... and funny, and I am, well, just me..."

The conversation goes quiet.

"Anita you are a beautiful woman! You're smart, funny and you would make any man a good wife!"

"Thank you Momma! Anita rolls her eyes like she would when she was ten.

"Does he have kids?"


"Just asking..... You know I still want a grand baby, and honey, you are not getting any younger."

"I'm sure you know already Mercedes Benz called again, did he give you his check?"

"Hell yeah!" she says excitedly. "I have that "Some Bitch" right here in my briefcase! I will stop at the..." Anita looks at her passenger seat, the briefcase isn't there. "Shit!" she immediately exclaims.

"What's wrong honey?"

"Momma, I have to go back, I left my briefcase in that scary ass fucking house, it's on the dining room table.... SHIT! she screams again as the sun begins to hide behind the trees."

"Anita! Your mouth!

"You sure you don't want to wait until morning?"

"Momma..... I may not have a car in the morning."

Anita pulls unto the shoulder, waits for a clearing to make a U-turn. Anita fears returning to the old Gonzalez House at night. She has heard unsettling stories from other agents in the office of moving furniture, lights turning off and on, footsteps and cold drafts. With all of the stories told by neighbors, servicemen and passerby's. Experienced agents deemed the Gonzalez House unsalable, but to a broke, inexperienced novice, a 3-story colonial on a corner lot is a goldmine, haunted or not!

Emilio opens the front door and steps into the living room, "Mama? Papa? It's me!" He looks around the room and glances at the dining room table, Anita's briefcase was resting there, the professor smiles hoping she will return tonight for it. He surveys the rest of the lower level, everything seemed okay. Emilio has heard the stories also from neighbors and friends. Hector Gonzalez died from a massive heart attack three years ago, Angelina was devastated, she couldn't get past her husband's death. Emilio offered several times to move his mother into his modest 2-bedroom apartment across town near the college, but Angelina didn't want to leave her home, she mentioned not wanting to leave Hector, she would tell Emilio each time her husband would visit, the conversations they had and how they would dance. Angelina lived happily in the house until her death four months ago. Emilio had stopped by on a whim to visit the day he found his mother in bed, the master bedroom was freezing, she looked happy and peaceful.

Neighbors would call Emilio to inform him when there were lights on in the vacant home. Emilio comes to the old house to cut the grass, clean the lot and check for vandals. He would usually spend weekends there to get away, other than the occasional creak, he has never seen or heard anything, but this evening the light is on in the attic.

Emilio walks through the house, everything is as it should be, but the temperature is colder than normal. Emilio stops at the top of the staircase at the second floor, he looks at the thermostat, "71" he says to himself. Emilio surveys the second floor, he feels that he is being watched. There is the sound of footsteps above him, someone is walking in the attic. There is a lump in Emilio's throat as his anxiety begins to form. "Ma.... Papa?" Emilio reaches for the drawstring to pull for the ladder when the light comes on and the closet door slams closed in the master bedroom. Emilio nearly jumps backwards out of his skin almost peeing his pants and falling backwards down the stairs as he hears footsteps scrambling above his head a second time. Emilio stood shaking, afraid to move. He listens, soon the house becomes still and the temperature returns to normal. Emilio decides to forget about the attic for now, he was also afraid to look in the bedroom fearing he may see his mother sitting on the bed.

Anita pulls in front of the house, she looks at the third floor, the light in the attic is now off. She gets out of the car, the porch light comes on giving the realtor a sense of security. She hurries from her car into the house, Anita goes to open the door and it opens for her. The realtor expects to find Emilio on the other side of the door, she smiles. "Hey, I forgot...." Anita looks up to see Emilio standing at the top of the stairs. She paused realizing he didn't open the door for her. Emilio looks down at the realtor, he looked like he was scared out of his mind.

"Emilio, are you okay?" Anita closes the door behind her. "Yes... I believe so, I heard a noise." Anita started up the stairs not wanting to be downstairs by herself.

Anita quickly ascended to the top of the stairs reaching Emilio, she grabs his left bicep with both hands and pulls herself into him. Emilio took in Anita's scent. With deep breaths over and over ingesting his partner calmed him, she made him smile. "I believe they have left." Emilio whispers to a frightened Anita. "How do we know?" Anita whispers back. "The temperature, I could see my breath when I topped the stairs before you arrived, also it is quiet. Emilio leads the couple to the master bedroom. On the bed there were two shoe boxes, both had two envelopes on the lids. Emilio and Anita looks at the boxes, around the room and then at each other. "What do you suppose are in the boxes?" Anita inquires. "Letters.... love letters actually." Emilio answers. "Mama, you sly fox!" the professor whispers. "They want us to read their letters." Anita sniffs and wipes her eyes. "Emilio, I'm sorry but, I can't do this, I need to pee and I am scared shitless! 

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