Bit 11 The Man Next Door

Susan Riley has often wondered what it would be like, to be with a black man. Sure, she has heard the myths. She has a friend who knows a friend and so on, but she would like to experience it first hand. "Do they all have big peckers?" They all seem to in the porn videos she watches secretly on her tablet and smartphone nights when she feels like walking on the "wild side". But porn isn't real she reminds and there is no romance, and because of that she can't get off watching it.

Susan moved but home to live with her widowed mother Lynnette, she was married for 44 wonderful years to Wyatt, until the day he died. Lynnette at 62 has good days and bad days as she tries to survive without only man she has been in her life, Susan was hoping to travel the same path, but Susan's trail took a treacherous turn to the left. Her divorce from Jack still has her stunned and heartbroken, she thought they had beat the odds once they reached their 20-years mile marker. Jack, an over the road truck driver decided one night to just let it all go. He no longer cared or wanted any of the things he held dear. The dream home he wanted for his wife and drove 17 years and over 2,000,000 miles to pay for. He even sold his old Classic and Great Dane flat bed after 12 years of dedicated service. He now delivers produce for a small local company, he cashed in his retirement for a small mobile home, an old used Silverado and a Tracker fishing boat. His desire for a change hit Susan like an Acme Anvil from the sky. Susan fought at the advice of her friends to ask for everything. They all said "he wouldn't leave if he couldn't take something with him, men love their toys and would soon die than lose them." But they were wrong, he relinquished everything without a fight. Susan had the house and its contents but, eventually sold or gave it all away. Memories, I guess.

Susan and Lynnette talk more like sisters, both sharing everything, even their intimacies. Lynnette told her daughter she could never involve herself with a man of color. She said she would remain alone before that. Susan at 44 years old seems to think about it more and more, maybe because of the man who just moved in next door.

Floyd Martin, a retired truck driver also just sold his 379 to nephew Andrea, who wants to follow in his uncle's footsteps, he has looked up to his uncle all of life. He watched him roll from rags to riches! Purchasing a nice home for his wife and children, putting them through school. The kids are grown now, they are estranged to the their father being that he was never home to share any of they're experiences, which upset his now ex-wife Sandra at birthdays and holidays. The day their youngest son graduated college she asked for the house and a divorce. Terri didn't contest her, she has everything. The house he worked for, the nice car, her children are educated. Floyd found the nice little house next door and now spends his nights on his back steps with his old Martin acoustic guitar singing old blues songs, Robert Johnson, Muddy Watters, John Lee Hooker. Lynnette and Susan usually sit and listen from the other side of the privacy fence, sometimes they dance.

Saturday mornings Lynnette and Floyd usually take advantage of the cool weather and cut their lawns, this Saturday morning was not different accept Lynnette's push mower will not start, she stands in her driveway wiping her brow after a long session of repeated drawstring pulling. "Hey Miss Lynnette, what wrong with your lawnmower?" "Good morning Mr. Martin!" Lynnette addresses him formally each time they talk. "I am not sure, it was just serviced. Maybe I flooded it." "Do you mind if I come and look at it?" he questions. "No, I would appreciate that. Thank you!" Floyd nods and goes to his shed. He grabs is toolbox and an old rag.

Floyd walks over to the mature lady and her lawnmower, he could help but notice Miss Lynnette's small pear shaped frame and red colored toes in her dollar store flip flops. She was wearing a sleeveless embroidered denim blouse, and denim shorts, Miss Lynn had nice legs and small hips. She wears her hair short, clip on shades cover eyeglasses, she wore no makeup. "Miss Lynnette , wear are your shoes? Feet as pretty as yours should be protected!" Lynnette looks down at her toes and gives them a wiggle, "I seldom wear shoes Mr. Martin, but I thank you for your concern." Lynnette's voice was direct, her lawnmower is the focus, not her feet. Floyd takes his spark plug wrench, to remove the Champion plug, and wipes away the carbon. He returns the spark plug and stands. "I think this should do it!" He holds the choke in place and gives the drawstring a pull and the old mower starts. He releases the choke. "Sometimes gadgets need a man's love, like a good woman." Lynnette looks offended at Floyd wanting him to reiterate his statement.

Floyd stows his tools to return to his mower, he didn't notice the annoyed look on Lynnette's face. Not waiting for thanks he walks away.

Lynnette stands on the back porch with her cup of coffee when Susan opens the screen door to join her mother. "Good Morning!" she says with a smile. Lynnette doesn't return her greeting. "Mom, what's wrong?" "The lawnmower wouldn't start this morning, Mr. Martin offered to look at it. Long story short, he got it running. He said it needed a man's love, just like a woman. What did he mean by that?" "Mom, I'm sure he was only trying to be funny or something, I doubt he meant anything by it. Lynnette took her last sip, "No, he was trying to insinuate something" "Mom you haven't been with a man since dad died," Susan admits. "Maybe it's time." She turns back toward the door, I need to run some errands, we can stop for breakfast if you want to come along. Lynnette stands looking at the manicured yard. "No you go ahead, I will start dinner.

Lynnette watches as Susan drives away. She still wants an explanation from Floyd Martin, for some reason she cannot let it go. She walks on to his front porch, there is music playing inside and something that smells mouth watering. She rings the doorbell.

"Miss Lynnette," Floyd questions, "is there something wrong?" there is an agitated look on her face. "Where are my manners? I am sorry ma'am please come in!" He opens the screen, but Lynnette will not enter. "Mr. Martin, I came over to ask you to elaborate on the statement you made earlier." "Miss Lynnette, I was making breakfast, would you mind coming in so I don't burn my sausage?" Mr. Martin, I don't need to come in, I just want an explanation!" "Miss Lynette, are you too good to come in or afraid to come in?" Lynnette's face reddens, before she could rebuttal. "Miss Lynnette, my door is always open to you, walk in whenever you want." Floyd hurries back to the kitchen.

Lynnette stands fuming at the front door. She turns to leave, then changes her mind. Lynnette looks around her street before cautiously going into the house.

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